Look! All MOTIVATEMEN is asking for here when it boils down to it, is for women to accept the challenge and see what equality HAS to mean----else be mired in self-mockery. Other men (and women) don't seem to have the guts to expect women to be truly equal. But we do.....And of course, the feminists and those who subscribe to their phony, feelings-based version of equality have a problem with us . Figures! Why are we not surprised! What are they hiding? Might it be something called the natural TRUTH----that men did not create---but that feminists despise a bit more than masculinity itself?


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Be a great antifeminist; heed these warnings and spread the word!

Susan B. Coleman foundation for breast cancer awareness and research fund raising is a pro-abortion advocate since they support planned parenthood— a front for fostering and influencing abortions instead of REALLY teaching planning correctly for families and/or the acceptable and humane prevention thereof.  Nothing wrong with wishing cancers can be cured and raising money for it, but the abortion connection makes us (and hopefully you) abandon entities that support feminists’ radical initiatives.

One thing to note about breast cancer, women, and raising money.  There is more interest, money, time, and effort going to stop breast cancer than nearly all other cancers combined. It is especially of concern that male cancers get nowhere near this attention.  This is probably the result of men who don’t place as much care, emphasis, and interest (ie. worth) in male (their own) needs as they do revolving it all around females. Too, obliviously stingy women mired in tunnel vision don’t help.

MOTIVATEMEN is not against breast cancer research, but does ask these questions…

Why is cancer in women several times more horrible than it is in men?

Why don’t men care more about themselves and their boys… as if males are disposable?

And finally, tied to the first two questions, what is it going to take to light a fire under the asses of men to get them to see the grave and ireversible mistakes they are making by abandoning and undermining their own gender?

“Hard wiring”  is not stronger than the HUMAN male mind—No way! That is a myth and an excuse. It is a lie  men tell themselves.


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