Whew! If men acted like the feminists are training women to do, what a more chaotic mess we would be in! It is as if men think they must try to remain stagnant in order to keep women liking them. If men acted like women these days, the women would not like the men. But how revealing it is indeed to see that women won't examine themselves to see how they are behaving towards men the way they would not tolerate men doing to them. And women are the fairer sex? Sure they are....if one blocks out all the truth!

Archived E-mails

These are some e-mails sent to our site (Motivatemen@live.com) . We don’t usually respond to the trash that some people say to us, so most all of those haven’t been saved. But these? Since they are close to our mission and hearts, we thought they were worth it!  To protect their privacy, we have removed their names and e-addresses.  Enjoy!

From an angry man who made threats against us:

“If I ever catch you hitting as women (sic) for any reason, I will beat your ass so badly that you will regret the day you were born. I don’t care what you think, it is NEVER OK for a man to hit a woman. It takes a small man to hit a woman.”(sic)

Our reply:
“1) Careful! At least one of the original MOTIVATEMEN owners/backers is a woman. Are you threatening her? If she merely fears you over your threat, according to the VAWA that overzealous men like you let feminists slide into law under the radar, you can be tracked down and be made to pay dearly. How soon you forget.  It is women that can hit and punish men for whatever reason they claim, not the other way around.
2)  By being “born” did you mean ‘not being killed by our mothers during our gestation periods?’”
3)Actually, we used to be just like you.  While we knew we were right about our prerogative to scrutinize the other half of the world’s population, we always steered clear of self-defense for men because our fathers, too, told us that we were never to hit to women.  Then, our outlook changed when a woman we knew was being very difficult (to put it nicely) when her husband turned to her and merely said to her, “You think you can be a little nicer to your family today?” She tried to slap him (when his only “crime” was asking her to pipe down—-that’s all!!—-and she later admitted she was being a bitch….her own words). But he dodged her attack and in doing so he knocked over a large pot of boiling water in the kitchen which flew onto both of their bodies scalding them both.  He also, in the mayhem, landed his arm on the stove burner.  He still has the burn scars. When asked by his 2 children (boy and a girl), why didn’t he “fight back?”,  all he could say was that a man can’t hit a woman.  With puzzled looks on their faces, his kids replied, “why not?” All he could say in a monotone, dry, puppet-like, obedient, and empty voice is that “you aren’t supposed to hit a woman.”  He never really justified his words which seemed canned,  as if it was some automatic cross he had to bear because he was male. That was enough to convince us that men being foolish enough to blindly “tow the line” about having to let a woman beat on them even when they should defend themselves (and decide for themselves when and why as they see fit to employ their right to self-defense) is just plain stupid!  In today’s changed and flipped-over world, that is the only way to put it—-STUPID!

…. And you’d be surprised at the number of females that want to say, “Well, if he had just let her slap him (since he ‘deserved it’) then the water wouldn’t have been knocked over.”—-which proves our point about those kinds of oblivious women.  Nothing is ever their fault and they always blame the man—-even when he dodges her assault!
4) If you have really read our site, you already know that we condone no unnecessary violence between the genders, either way.  If you have not read our site, but jumped like a pre-programmed, spring- loaded wind up doll (PPSLWUD) at the chance to beef up your manliness ego, then please do so now. Scour the site and you’ll not find one—NOT ONE—instance where we have spoken about men hitting women in times other than their evaporating right to self defense! We are firm and committed that hands-off domestic arguing is not just for males….that both EQUAL participants must be mature, civil, exercise decorum and self-control—-or the UNEQUAL  situation speaks entirely for itself regardless of opinions. This matter has nothing to do with who is the strongest/weakest.
5)   Did you know humans are the only species that try to unnaturally train males to not fight back when attacked by a female?  Think of one other male mammal that lets females rough them up?  Just one without natural self-defense! Go ahead! Try it.”
6)  Look, if you were to catch us hitting a woman, the irony is you’d be hanging out with men that don’t put up with disorderly, unladylike women challenging men and losing their own dignity and safety by hitting men. Actually, it is precisely because we aren’t with women who act so stupid, that we generally have very, very few reasons to hit one. If we have bad words for each other, it is hands off for everyone—-a tenet of TRUE EQUALITY.
7)  True story: There was a man who intervened into a fight between two women and a man.  The beast was sort of restraining one woman while he had to shove off the other when the “good Samaritan” (PPSLWUD) happened upon them. Seeing this go on, he couldn’t believe it and “had” to do something to help the poor abused women.  He managed to hit the man over the head, knocking him unconscious. The two women ran off. When the man came to, the PPSLWUD learned that the women were working in concert to mug the defender.  Thanks to the meddler, the two female crooks made off with his wallet and his watch in which they had KICKED HIM IN THE GROIN in order to subdue him and steal. And when the man was “fighting back” he wasn’t even hitting the women—-even though he wished he had. He lost an expensive  gold watch and over $200.00!
8 ) If you think you are going to intimidate men like us into submission, you are real funny. (We needed some good belly laughter….Thanks!). Seriously though, under the tenets of equality, neither gender has the right to hit the other for purposes other than physical self-defense. We simply are not going to let a bunch of overzealous, overly-competing-for-women suckers (misunderstood as “respecting” women, but actually is more aptly called ‘competing for women’) determine for us when we can and can not defend our own bodies.  We will never defer to people like you for guidance on how to stop abusers from hitting us. You are not in charge of our manhood and make no impression upon us whatsoever….and if you attack us, you had better kill us.  We’re not big bad bicep–brutes with the meanness to beat up everyone, but we do know how to make you miserable—-which of course we feel we would have the right to do for your meddling into something that is none of your business: our own self-defense. Having NOTHING to do with physical strength, NO animals should (have to) let others beat on them—regardless of gender! And that is the point….the only genuine point.
9)  You and we used to share similar views. Care to know another way how we men came to realize that a man can, after all, defend himself against an abusive woman?  Never mind, we’ll tell you anyway. It was a woman one of us worked with who told us that “When even a scorned woman hit’s a man (besides self-defense), she is throwing away the safety almost automatically provided her just because she is a female. She is in effect saying that all rules are off, no diplomacy is required, apparently no shame in behavior either given her own actions thus far, and that she’d rather fight him.” She also said, “It cannot matter how her hand is positioned…fisted or open” and “that the man can’t be the only one responsible for checking his violence.”

So help us God, a woman told us that awakening truth. Of course, she was a very fair-minded and dignified woman because in her view, 5=5 not 3= 5.  Either you are equal….or you’re not….and lies won’t help.


It is sad to see honest women like her disappear…but how telling it is indeed when feminists are glad to see her fade away.  Most feminists won’t actually say it, but it is as if they want women to be able to hit men and think they should get to act punitive and violently all because they are female.  They just simply do not understand (indeed many don’t have the capacity to understand, ie, oblivious) that the SPT they expect, is shouting mountains aloud about how unequal women know they are when they try to be identical to men but just don’t want men to make them swallow that truth.

And weak men who bought into all the hype about what men “must” do and “can’t” do, fall in line—-just like good customers.

We don’t buy into any of the feminist lies foisted on us all. Nor do we entertain empty, erroneoulsly thought to be group-owned  “manhood” lies. Period.

How can you not see how this male socialization we human males foolishly do to ourselves that lets women get away with bad stuff is why women are now disorderly and controlling men’s behaviors? As a man do you like being disrespected and controlled by bitchy and abusive women?

One final thought reflecting on your comment that “small “ men hit women….Do you honestly think that you’re a much “bigger” man for blindly adopting stupid “manhood rules” that more than anything shows you sucking up to disorderly women only because you’re “supposed to” and don’t even have the guts to question your socialization that makes you behave so stupidly?  What kind of “big” man is content with acting like an idiot!? What good is a “big” man with a tiny brain?

Thank you for your e-mail because it had elements in it that are exactly why this site exists and why we spent so much effort responding to you.  Men can change this and MOTIVATEMEN is going to not only help them realize it, but that they had better make some changes in their psyches and behaviors or darned wish they had—-else the world amidst radical feminist chaos with all that it still has yet to inflict—-will only get worse!

You know, instead of spending your time trying to be a good customer, why can’t you just admit we are right.  If you can’t bring yourself to defend yourself against a violent, punitive female, then don’t you think it would have been time better spent if you could at least admit that we are right about the women having to employ self-control maturity….just like the men? If men started enforcing equal, no-violence maturity for females, it would make having to respond with his own self-defense a moot point. So are you really for making women safer?  Just how is that?”

….yeah, he never wrote us back….probably ran off squealing with his tail between his legs like a scalded dog! Or….maybe he ran to his woman hoping he can get beat upon so he can prove how easy it is to “take it like a man.” Probably thinks it makes his balls bigger—-but the truth is self-evident that women own his balls! But if his idea of manhood is letting other and older men impress upon him that he can’t defend himself, then it is MOTIVATEMEN’s duty to set him (and them) straight. Things not only can change, with us, they already have.


“We read your piece challenging the media to a live, unedited  program of debate and truth. We congratulate you on that brave suggestion. But we think it won’t be as good a ratings thing as you suggested because the usual “must please the women“ attitude will prevail .”

Our response:

“We thought of that too.  After considering removing the media challenge from our web page because we thought it might be wasting space with something not as helpful as we had hoped, we ultimately decided to leave the piece intact. We did so because at least WE are asking the questions that need to be asked.

We thought that such a televised venue would finally expose feminists for the lying, idealistic, exaggerative, truth-warping, misfits they are. Within the requirements of the proposed program they would be required to answer with no chance of avoidance, deflection, and ignoring like they usually do when asked nitty-gritty, truth-revealing questions such as those in which they know ahead of time they have no real, valid, believable defense. Anyway….at least we asked the questions.

We agree that it should be one of the most popular programs to air in the history of TV because it reflects so accurately and profoundly the peril all of us are in if things keep going the way they are now. We also agree that many, many people would be interested in such a topic that affects every person in the world.

But here is the kicker and our elaboration of your reply to us.  If women watch it in which so many of them will have problems with losing (and they would lose), then they wouldn’t want to see the show any more. Most every man having lived with a woman knows that women have a real hard time with self-evaluation especially when they are afraid they will see things about themselves they don’t like seeing. Those women will write to the producers which will create a pity-party full of SPT for women, thus the show will be canceled.

There is more. Many men would love to watch the show while not in the company of women.  But men have trouble with winning fair and square when it comes to women.  They think men are supposed to lose so the women can be happier and thus in turn, like the men better. If the women don’t want to see it, the men will allow the channel to be switched to something that pleases her—-else the men are in the doghouse that ironically their own customer–like behaviors (they are taught since birth) help to build.

The end result is that only all–male crowds will watch it but will quickly switch the channel when a woman barges in on their male time—-and while most men are happy to let females have their girl time, many women love to rob men of their time with only other males (so there will almost positively  be at least one woman having to belong in the crowd which obliterates genuine male camaraderie—-and the women don’t even care….even though they love to ridicule males who hang out in girl-times).

Reasons like the above are exactly why MOTIVATEMEN has put so much into our efforts to get men to see how important it is for them to try and change—-NOT their love for women—-but how they go about displaying it and attracting women to themselves. We’ve said it before and will say it again as many times as we need to: This in men can be changed since genetics cannot dictate our post-birth behaviors relative to how we evaluate and try to attract women. Sure men, like all males in the animal kingdom, are competitive but the distinct intelligence capacities of Homo sapiens says male humans can do much better and wiser than they are choosing to stubbornly cling to.

Thanks for taking time to read our material and for writing  us.  We appreciate and value your contributory input immensely.”


What follows is a series of mail we received that is so close to our purpose that even though it is too long really, we decided to include it. Bear with us, this is very important.

“My name is Bobby.  I am 12 years old. I go to school with girls and hang out with girls. They don’t bother me like they do you.  My mom says you do not like girls. Why do you not like girls?”

Our reply:


Thank you for thinking enough about this important subject to write to us with a question.  Also thank you for looking at our website at your early age. You many not know it now, but you’re going to be so glad you did. This website writes about mature subjects of strong importance to boys and men and their futures even if they don’t know it yet.  It looks like you are ahead of your friends and are maturing a bit sooner in some ways.  Good for you! You should always remember that you can inspect female behavior any time you want.  In fact, you’re supposed to do that even if some adults disagree and might not tell you that you can.

Since you’re only 12, it might be wise to get a grown-up to help you understand our answer to your question. If your dad lives with you, he might be a good person to ask and so that the two of you men can talk. We can’t help but speak with words and in ways that might be a little tough for you to understand right now, but we’re going to try. The complete answer is long so you must like to read. You’ll need to set aside some time for this, OK?

Another reason why we are going to answer your question is because we want to use your question to help our other readers understand the same thing.  You didn’t realize it, but you have helped other people who have the same question as you did.  Thank goodness you asked.

To answer your question completely, we do like girls and also when they grow up to be women.  At first appearance, it may seem to someone that we do not like females.  But it is also important to remember that when loving girls and women, we have to accept the truth that we must tell them “no” sometimes when we should.  Just like girls and women tell us men and boys “no” , we males are allowed to tell them the same thing.  But they don’t like us males to be that fair and think all because they are females they get to go by different rules—but only when they want to.

But we say the rules must be the same if what they’re saying is true when they say that “men and women are just alike and equal.”  We hope you will agree that if some rules are the same for everyone, then all the rules have to be the same without females getting to pick and choose which rules they like and throw away the ones they do not like all based on whether or not they get to win when it comes to matters this website deals with.

It is generally understood and proven that in general (meaning not every last person, but an OK way to generally group people so that we can talk about these things) that the brains and hormones (meaning… stuff inside our bodies) of males and females are different in some very important ways that some women don’t want to admit.  (There are many scientific studies with findings and books on this matter but might be a bit too hard for you to understand right now.  But as you get older, remember to read these books written by experts in the field). You may not be getting told this truth in school, especially if you are in a public school, but there is a lot of proof about the brain and natural behavior differences between the males and females. You’ll learn this as you get older and see for yourself. These differences are about how males and females think and naturally behave.  We bet you can already think of many differences between boys and girls. There are many more you haven’t learned yet that follow the same natural pattern you can already see.

Females talk about unfairness in the world so much but they refuse to see the unfairness with letting the truth be broken into two pieces: one for us males and then a different one for females (and perhaps can’t see… due to the very real brain differences and how they affect feelings and distort reality within themselves). The truth must be the same for everyone. You do understand that concept, right? They want special treatment for females but refuse to call it help that they won’t even admit they need if they are to keep up with men in most all the ways they are trying to do these days.  So it is females who are the most unfair, given the ways they prove it every day in the mature world of feminism with them going up against nature, God, families, commonsense, and men so much.

Can you remember some times when you wanted to do something so badly, but because of other responsibilities you had, you couldn’t do it  (which as adults we sometimes call these responsibilities:  sacrifices)? Sure, you wanted it badly, but you were told that it was not best for you even if your feelings got hurt badly and you just couldn’t understand.  As you grew more and began to understand more, haven’t you agreed that the right approach was taken regardless if how it made you feel at the time?

Well, many women (and girls) have trouble so much in this area.  Most females understand and  “see” the world through their feelings in ways they aren’t likely to be aware of easily (especially with the stuff on this website).  This makes it hard for them to be responsible as a top goal, so they change the rules for themselves. In general, without knowing it, they become less truthful and tend to go more with how they feel.  This means that they let their unhappiness keep them from doing something when they should  (or not doing something when they shouldn’t).   But to be fair about it, they should still have to do it—-just like we males have to accept for ourselves in most all areas of our lives too. The problem happens when women get mean and selfish about this no matter how badly it affects the world and those around them.

Females are doing this a lot these days because they place as more important their inner feelings and wishes above that which works best overall.  By “overall” we mean what helps people have real and complete families that have mothers and fathers, with kids all living together. That’s true even if it doesn’t make some mothers feel happy. Sometimes what works best doesn’t feel good in the same way that yucky vegetables aren’t as tasty and fun to eat but our bodies are unhealthy without them  (as you probably have learned).

Look at it this way.  If you haven’t seen one, you probably will soon.  There are T-shirts out there that some girls wear that says, “Boys are stupid.  Throw rocks at them.”  Surely you can see the problems with girls feeling this way and getting to say that.  Also, surely you can see how this might affect the happiness of boys. But did you know the grown women in charge of this horrible t-shirt meanness (and other t-shirts similar to these) think there is nothing wrong with a message that says girls are to do violent things to boys.  But you do understand that throwing rocks at people is a violent thought even if not really thrown, right?

Now, consider this and compare it to the shirt described above. If you wanted to wear your own shirt that said, “So many girls, why settle for liking only one” or even  “Girls are stupid, throw rocks at them.” , you already know that you would be told to remove it and also you would likely be punished.  Surely you can see the unfairness in all that, right? If you can’t wear your shirt, they shouldn’t get to either.  But the girls and women do not see it that way.  They want to wear what they want but also control what boys can not wear, while they do not want males to tell them what they can’t wear.  Isn’t that’s unfair! Of course it is unfair.

Now compare the previous lessons above with this website.  We go up against the feminists (this term does not describe all women, but tells about only the women and some girls and a few males who think like girls… all who won’t be fair about truth, nature, duty, and sacrifice), because they refuse to even try to understand real fairness that must treat everyone the same and expects all those who are part of the action to not get special help (unless they are handicapped or challenged of course). As a result, when the natural truth comes out that boys and girls aren’t really the same after all, the women and girls don’t like it.  They try to pretend that it isn’t the truth at all.  That makes them feel better.  Remember how we talked about female’s feelings?

Since the 1840’s some women have wanted to forget about being normal mothers and want to be just like men in most all ways. They say to everyone “It is time to treat women the same as men.”  But when we do that, they sometimes see how unequal males and females really are, so they get us to let them change the rules to say “What we meant to say was to treat us the same, but with special help in which you can not use against us for any reason no matter how true. And we get to do things to you that you can‘t do to us—-like hitting men.”  They won’t actually say all that, but they are good at getting the message across so they can win in these fusses with men. It’s like they want men to let them win all the time all because they are female and for us males to not think about all the many times that men and women are not just alike.  You do see a problem with letting someone win all the time, don’t you?  That is what many girls and women want to do. You do see a problem with not being truthful and with lying just to get others to like you, don’t you?

Well, the dishonest act of men acting like women aren’t wrong for avoiding the truth is what many men do these days so that women will still like them. Unfortunately, some men have been fooled into agreeing with women and not agree with us.  It is very complicated and you are a bit young for us to try and explain what appears to make men act foolish this way, but as you grow older, just try to keep your head clear and remember to make your brain the strongest part of your body no matter what and no matter what people will say.  A smart man is a better man. Always remember that!

We at MOTIVATEMEN find most of these changes unfair and use our energies to resist and try and stop such times that females truly don’t understand.  We get called all sorts of names and have untrue stuff said about us all the time by that crowd.  But believe us, we do not really hate girls and women.  They say those things about us because they want us to look bad since we won’t let them win all the time. We love them and we prove it in our lives every day.  Remember, to love someone doesn’t mean they should get their way, and as males, we must keep that truth in focus.

Please always remember this: that to love someone doesn’t mean they have to get their way. Also, not letting females win all the time, especially with the topics seen on our website does not mean you or anyone “hates girls and women.” We have a right to disagree with them, to tell the real truth, to speak our disagreement, and to do so without hating them as they wrongfully accuse us.

This can be a very long subject to talk about. There is more to all this than what time we have to say. We’ve tried to write this response on a  6th grade level and hope you have not had difficulties with understanding anything here.  If you think you understand most of it but have a few questions to help you with more, just write us again, tell us what you don’t understand yet, and we’ll try to write it in other words and give you some more examples that might help.

You are so smart for trying to understand all this information. Keep up the good work!  It is very important that you ask questions about this and talk about this stuff even if others want to make fun of you for it. Remember, their behavior is just them trying to get you to not see and say the truth we speak here.

Your mom probably will not like our responses here.  We say, of course she will say that we are wrong  which is proven by telling you untrue things like we don’t like girls.  Just go back and reread the stuff we wrote to you about how females like to change the rules for themselves and compare it to her behavior.  That will help you keep things straight in your own mind even if you have to fake it in front of her.

She is your mother and you must mind her, but not everything she says is true.  We are NOT calling her a liar, we just know she doesn’t really understand this stuff.  Even if she tries hard to tell you a bunch of opposite stuff than what we say, you are your own person and can believe the real truth we speak  if you want to.

You’re doing a good job trying to understand girls so don’t be afraid to ask questions and think on your own when you get answers (based on what your own real life really teaches you about girls and women).

Don’t be afraid to be this kind of man. The world needs more men like that.

Thanks for reading this long letter.

Good bye.  Good luck in school and study hard so you’ll do well in life.

________________     ____________________     ________________

Bobby’s mother, apparently having gotten hold of our response to him, and was livid, had this to say:

How dare you write to my 12 year old son.  I should sue you for interfering with my parenting.” (sic) You had no right to say all those lies (sic) to my child. Leave my child alone or else!” (She said a bunch of other  names, words, slurs, and slanders which we decided to omit due to a lack of decorum she vomited at us).

We said to her,

“It is a free country and until illegal (coming soon…but for males only…. if they don’t learn to fight back, that is), we have the right to speak and speak to children—-especially when they write to us first. Were you the one who exposed him to our site or did he get it from being out in the real world? —-something you can hide from him now but can not stop when he gets on his own.

We told no lies whatsoever.  We spoke the truth even if you disagree. You having wrote us this message filled with a vile lack of diplomacy proves to us and to many that we are right and we couldn’t have said it better than what your response proves. Thanks for supporting our point about women like you. Thank God all women aren’t like you.

Perhaps you can invest in internet filters to block out the truth we speak.  If you do, you’ll only prove it that women like you are socialistic–feminists who, while oblivious to yourselves, you want to employ the age–old socialistic principle of censuring  the truth away from those who deserve it.  You apparently take in the world via your feelings and your response not only proves it, but also highlights your selfishness and disorderliness.

Now, why not leave us alone?  Or are you also going to prove us right again? ….that women can speak whatever they feel no matter how disorderly, but men can’t speak similarly not even when about the things they know.  We forgot that we were supposed to let you win (wink-wink). Shame on us for being “less than” real men causing you to not keep us in your good graces!!

Give our love to Bobby!”
______________            __________________           _________________

Bobby wrote to us again…

I’m writing from the computer lab at the library this time, please don’t tell my mom. She punished me already enough last time. I didn’t do anything but try to learn. I just have one more question.  Why do men not try and stop those bad women from hurting families?   My dad who lives in an apartment said men should stop it.”

We said:

“Whew!  Bobby, you are a little man after our own hearts.  If only all other males would stop long enough to ask and really answer the question  AND THEN ACTUALLY HAVE THE COURAGE TO BEHAVE AS IF THEY HAD JUST ANSWERED IT. You are so brave to ask! …And your dad is right, but probably figured it out too late to do anything to help himself.  But he can help you…and that should be very important to him.

The truth is:  the reason men allow women to act badly is too much of a mature subject matter for you to understand right now.  Talk to your dad about this, but do it in secret.  Boys and dads are allowed to keep secrets. Until you are older and learn who to trust, don’t talk with anyone else about this secret with your dad.

All we will say at this time is this:

If not starting already, you will soon. But as you get to be an older teenager, your body changes in ways that cause you to like females even  more.  The problem with men at those ages is that they begin to confuse what it is to be a real man.  They confuse their girl-loving urges with what their mind tells them is right. They think being a man is to do whatever it takes ( no matter how unfair or wrong) that make females like them more.  Too, they are scared they will not fit in with other male friend-groups if they don’t believe and act just like what they see most all the other males doing….which is to make females like them most and that be more important than telling girls the truth.  You’re probably confused even more now, but that is the best we can do because you’re only 12.

We will tell you this little bit.  Then we will have to go.  OK? A couple or three years from now and beyond, always remember, regardless of what you’re told, that a real man, above all the other stuff said, that a man is judged by his honest character.  And on this subject, a man has no character but is only a copy-cat of others blending in, if he places as most important in all of the world, that of pleasing women and getting other men to like him as a result—-all this against his own inner sense of doing (and saying) what he knows in his heart is REALLY right, regardless if the women don’t like him as much.

This might not make sense to you now, but believe it, it will very soon.  Just be brave enough to remain true to yourself when it does.   You’ll know what we mean by that.

There is nothing wrong with liking girls even more than you do now…and you probably will. (We did too.)  But there is something wrong with letting that love of girls make you behave in ways that cause you to undermine yourself (meaning…without knowing it, cause you to work against boys ), and cause you to NOT live out your own life to its fullest potential—which certainly does not have to be only about women.  You can still be a real man if you choose to remain unmarried for as long as you want. And you have the right to speak the truth too.  In fact, truth, not lies, is what strong, proud, pure, real men actually do—-absolutely!

Now go live your life.  You have a lot to learn.  When you become 16, or 17, or older, write to us again and let us know what you have learned?  We would treasure getting to hear from you and what you have learned, even if you don’t agree with us.  Plus, wait until then, but if you talk to your dad about all this, and you should, then remember what he says and let us know that too.

Thank you so much!

Goodbye Bobby. Best wishes.  Remember to write us again when you get older.”
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18 days later, Bobby’s dad wrote us.  Here is what he had to say:

“If only men like you were around long ago when we needed them. My son showed me copies of  the emails you and him wrote. He is a curious little man. I am proud of him although we have his mother to thank for turning him on to your site. She probably heard she was supposed to hate you, (ha, ha).  I didn’t even know about it. Thanks for your hard work and sacrifices that you do to help the world be a better place. I have read most of your site (you are long-winded).  I agree with most all you say except a couple things.

The part about getting men to do as you said, not exactly in these words but, “snap out of the stupor they have been in for so long now that is making them behave yellow”  is a bit provocative and radical but good luck with it.

The other part I don’t know about is hitting women.  But as long as it is like you said to be used for a mans self defense, then I guess that has to be ok.  My ex-wife used to hit me when she was angry.  I wish that my son hadn’t seen it.  Letting women hit us is setting a poor example for children.

I can tell you have thought about this stuff a lot more than the average man.  Your pursuits may be unlikely to happen any time soon, but it is logical, and is more truthful than the lies we are shown by our fathers and then with a sneaky twist, tell to women.  You should be commended for thinking enough of our gender to help the way you believe is best.  I don’t agree with everything, but I defend your right to say it.

I will talk with my son about the truth, loves, perils, and pitfalls of women.  You have given me lots of great ideas. Thanks. Something else.  You have got some balls but  I don’t think you hate women.  I don’t hate them either.  Keep up the fight!”

Our response:

“Thanks for writing.  Just FYI, no biggie, but our site is not just by men.  There is womankind here as well but not offended when we speak in man-terms.   Fair women realize we have to speak in man-terms which can’t be effectively done without being  “sexist“ —-which we don’t recognize as a real word…because we don’t have to buy into their stuff.

If your son understood all that we wrote he is a very bright young man.  If he didn’t, it might be good to talk with him about it. When/if you do, may we suggest something? This is why we exist.

You and we have seen so many undeserving men get the short end of the stick when it comes to female violence and abuse, divorces, the family court circuses, discrimination, and just downright unfairness that leaves us practically family-less, broken, and robbed.

We know we have a lot to say (probably too much) but if what we have to try and get males to understand and change can be said in a short, simple kind of way, this is it.

Since we don’t want our boys to make the same mistakes we made, (which we say about every other mistake we made under the sun, but curiously not for this one!!), since women aren’t like they used to be anymore, then why not include a heart-to-heart, man-to-man talk with better advice and a more intelligent outlook on how our boys should see, pursue, and deal with women?  When talking about life with women, it is important that our side quit making the same mistakes over and over with each generation.  Our boys copy what we do and even if gone wrong, they think it is something they must do to be a man.  Their lives get ruined because of our examples. Further, the radical feminist movement destruction entrenches deeper and deeper each time males do not take decisively different action.

That is all wrong.  Not what we did, but our sons must begin to do what we say that came from having made mistakes already.  Through our own mistakes is how our boys should learn to avoid them. But that is not what is happening.  It is as if men refuse to even try to change. So they push their boys to in effect make the same mistake they made, hoping it will all work out for them better than it did for themselves.  And indeed it might turn out better for their go-round.  But what if it doesn’t?  (And it probably won’t.) We simply can’t take the chance.  Our boys must be better informed and equipped. It is our responsibility as men to help them with this.

While this “remedy” won’t manifest immediately or even in a generation or two, we are way behind in doing something (trying anything actually) to help stifle the radical feminist chaos.  Little by little, males will wise up…. especially when they see the consequences with not heeding this advice.  Let them look and see how other men fell victim to the same ole same old. But themselves being winners, they can be the examples set for others to follow. This is how change starts.

We believe that if men are going to help themselves at this late day in the game, they need to modify their approach to women and the whole “must-get-a-woman-to-be-a-man-or-else-thing” …must fade away.  It is simply not true that all men need a women to be completed so we need to erase the pressure for all men to fit that mold.

But for those who cling to thinking they need that, there are still many women whom old-fashioned men will love. When all that is left are the liberal women too numerous to find their own liberal, obedient, men-puppets, then let them be alone…reap what they sow.

This means that the rational men who shunned them might also be alone.  Men can’t win if they aren’t willing to try some sacrifices like this.  In the great scheme of things is it really better to “get the girl” (when it is one of those type females), only to have it all sour, things go very bad, lives get ruined, and end up miserable, often in poverty, and estranged from your kids? (You are lucky you get to interact with your child…many shut–out, but deserving fathers do not).

This is our point. Speaking in general terms, not at you, but when each man fails this way, in an overall way, all men fail. By not trying to teach our boys to do better about women and not make the same mistakes about women that we did, it is undermining ourselves. We need to stop it.  Men should get what they want and not be pressured (by anyone, for any reason) to settle.  It is better to have nothing than to have and be stuck with something we don’t want.  Love women, but do it right. Quit selling the farm!

Doing it right means knowing that us and our boys have complete, independent, full worth on our own and that we shouldn’t have to apologize for being male just to get a woman to like us and keep on liking us. We should teach our boys to grow and be man enough to tell women the truth but to accept the consequences if the women can’t handle that truth.  It will be OK. It simply isn’t true that all men will be miserable not pairing up with a female for life and begetting children. There are millions of perfectly straight men who remain single all their lives who are genuinely happy and have rich, rewarding, fulfilling lives doing so many other things besides chaining themselves to women and kids.

Because of fear of change, we are put down all the time, but we are not putting families down.  In fact, it is the dissolution of families that has gotten our attention.  But feminists started all this, and men can do what it takes to win also, even if it is to fight fire with fire. Don’t misunderstand, we love children and women.  We really do! …And we’d be doing that too if our fathers hadn’t sucked at refusing to be guinea pigs for the cruel experiment of unnatural feminization that has thrown badly needed and stabilizing sacrifices by women into the trash.  In our opinion, those men caved in way too easily! We blame them more than we do women.

We are different because we just don’t think that throwing it all away for a steady piece of tail and to obsess over our own egos are the main ingredients for what makes up a real man. The love of women is only part of manhood—if it belongs at all. There is much more to being a man than having to be a loser such as what is required of males today.

Friend, we could continue writing but we won’t.  Since you’ve read our site already and said you are kosher with most of it, then we trust we have not offended you. We hope you find your own way to talk to your son, but whatever you do, we hope you respect his future enough to do/say whatever it takes to get him to not make the same mistakes so many of us keep making. Do this for his sake and for the sake of all men. Our boys—the future men—are counting on us to direct them properly, based on what we have learned, not what we wish were still true.

Women have changed.  When men change, the world changes with them.

Stay in touch.  God bless you and best of luck.  Pass on our appreciation to Bobby.  And thank you.”

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