How in the world are we supposed to respect a group of people who abandoned their responsibility as men, lost their bearings, turned yellow, and basically went to pieces as soon as a few disgruntled misfit women started whining about having to be female and having to make their fair share of sacrifices for the good of the species? How can we respect males who think it is just fine that the traditional family be destroyed and replaced with something synthetic and filled with lies, and that pits women against family even to the point of killing innocent babies if that is what it takes to achieve what feminists call "equality"? How can men hand over superiority to women and still think their boys will respect them? How can we muster an ounce of respect for males with crap-eating grins derived from gender-traitorous behavior, who cling to losing as long as they can have a lot of sex? How is it respectable that male orgasms are more important than the boys' masculine futures? How can we have respect for males who fear the truth? Afraid of being called baseless names, how can we respect grown, so-called "men" who obsess over their egos and images by placing all their paramount manhood-achieving criteria into something that they wear on their sleeves in which they allow it to be mocked and used against their own gender in ways that makes them look like fools?! How is that we are to respect men who would apparently lose so much in the trade-off with women? Cowards command no respect. The face of courage and the role of men have changed. When males relearn this and defend it with vigor, we will respect them as men.

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Respecting men.

Often centering on having not maintained their bearings better (and long enough) when women began to let their envious and feminist-misguided feelings take over their own commonsense approach to sacrifice for families and the needed female contributions to life and society, MOTIVATEMEN is harsh on men for not remembering all of their manly duties. We really do think men caved in too easily because if one sees what we have today, it can be honestly surmised that such changes men allowed so quickly were lacking in rightful forethought.

All one has to do is look around and observe the rituals now ever-present that men must do in their lives if they are to satisfy women ( and preserve their own male images as men who “respect women” which has today, grown into not even being able to tell women the truth anymore), who are driven by the misunderstood idea that men had it better than women.

(While of course, some things really were ridiculous treatment of women, men and women had it different, but not necessarily with men having it better—-that, according to many older women having gone through much of their lives with men as things were back then.  Also, that is a conclusion that many women today are finding out as women pseudo-successfully replace men in much of the many requirements previously mandated to be the duties of men —-whether men liked it or not).

Women (and men) may not realize it but the things feminists have achieved already and what they want to still change has provided women with superiority. It may not show up in all people’s minds readily, but if one “steps back” and looks at the big picture not so attached to their daily lives (which often obscures or distorts reality), it is easy to see how, objectively speaking, women have the power now and men don’t.

Revengeful, synthetic replacement of what used to be is what feminists have on their agenda.  Not just that, but they seem to have no trouble releasing all their retroactive and gathered wrath onto the men of today who ironically are the very generations completing a long inter-generational bout of men giving in to women ultimately—-or else the feminists would have failed.

Face it, women can’t physically force men to do anything.  It is men caving in to women, despite their not agreeing with many of the feminist changes, that has propelled the feminists—whether they care to admit it or not.  The blunt and pure truth is that if women didn’t have vaginas, wombs, and bodies that turn men on, men would have had very little reason to do for women other than what they do with men…  which is to complete with them—-even to the point of death sometimes.

So, there is power after all in women even if this power strongly resembles a prostitution/customer phenomenon with male behavior being the currency.  Women may not like it but the truth is the truth. Even if not all men feel this way inside, (or dare admit it to women) every man out there knows—-YES, KNOWS!—- that even though women can certainly have great minds too, it is the love of their bodies (coupled with being scared not to… for name-calling, ego reasons) that caused the majority of men to buckle. This reality might upset men and infuriate women but like it or not, if women were just other people without special stuff about them, then the feminists would have gotten nowhere. Simple arguments alone were not enough to make men allow so much change that adversely affected everything they had sacrificed for, for millennia. It is pure commonsense!

We do respect men for all of the millennia-proven bravery, nobility, stamina, and forethought on matters they had passed on to them in which they HAD to manage that has contributed at least their half of the sacrifices for successful living such as protect our families, physically build our cities, fight the wars, kill big animals for food that they shared. (Heck, the way some women act today, one might think that if women had the power then that they do now, they would expect males to feed themselves…  and more!  Think about that before you automatically blurt out disbelief.  Really think about it!).

However, our overall respect for the average man wanes when considering how relatively easily they lost their bearings and fell apart due to the wrath of some women. And any vestigial respect gets obliterated when men refuse to change… when it can’t be all that hard to do.  (MOTIVATEMEN and the millions of new-age men have done these changes within ourselves with relative ease).

Something men had been used to and had managed well for a very long time, when the wrath of some women (coupled with the first time in history that women could truly begin the process of living without men protecting them as much, feeding them, housing them, working and earning money for them, providing for the offspring, etc.), suddenly in the historical blink of an eye, men sold the male gender down the river with absolutely little regard for the changes in boys’ upcoming lives as men.

Fathers made no or too little changes in the things they taught their boys as preparation for a feminist-changed world that changed even more with every generation—-leaving boys to figure out how to manage new, radical, alien changes on their own. Not having near as many strong traditional male examples, the boys quickly found out that the easiest ( misconstrued to mean the ‘best’) way to please women was to copy what their fathers did and turn it up a notch as each new generation continued.

What men did do was show the boys the erroneous notion that if they are to compete more effectively for women now, they have to let them have their way more so they pretend (lie) that there is nothing wrong with women abandoning the families to take on more selfish, collective endeavors that actually tear apart the families in the great scheme of things—-many things that males do not agree with due to respected millennia-proven, solid wisdom…  and in which boys could see their fathers give in.

Taught to them by their fathers and on back since the beginnings of the feminist movement in the 1840’s, men began to be overeager to please women.  However, those were the times that men should have started a familial-protective movement to counter the antifamily movement that the feminists disguised as the women’s movement and shoved down everyone’s throat—-even those of uninterested women!!!  Feminists did this bullying until they had too many of them, men and women, practically eating out of their hands!

MOTIVATEMEN loves the female body too. (We just don’t let it own us and knock us from our bearings). However, instead of men clinging to the flawed notion that a “man” is defined as a male who must cum inside a female (the ultimate kernel-in-the-nutshell-description of how men view manhood…nasty, but very true! Most men won’t admit this… to women, that is), we wish men had organized, put their collective heads together, thought all the changes through, and listened to predictions that antifeminists were making about the future (in which we are living now with astounding accuracy of adherence to what the people were warned).  In the ways that matter, men didn’t seem to put things together…  that as women gained more and more power, the things that helped society remain stable so well and for so long and were indeed admirable in those times, no longer had as much applicability… eventually being almost totally irrelevant.

Still, even today we see the men, pretending nothing has changed with women, hoping to latch on to the fragmented remains of traditional familial desire (that is supposed to be all-pervasive if hadn’t been stolen by feminists) in some women, to try and have the family that men had put so much of their lives into procuring, protecting, and dying for. Although men can clearly see that things have grown much worse for themselves and the boys, they still cling to behaving as their fathers behaved, and their fathers, and on back.

Knowing darned well that the odds of creating, perpetuating, and completing a successful family from births to adulthood, men have proven themselves very slow to change even when antifeminist entities (coupled with their own inner sense of wisdom and commonsense), reveals thorough examples as to why men should finally embrace changes for themselves relative to how they should spend their energies these days.

In other words, even splashing the awakening truth into the faces of males today by the wise, coupled with what they already have figured out about women the hard way, males still prefer to cling to copying mistakes lived over and over in the lives of males before them because, clinging to the erroneous fear of being dubbed “less manly”, they let other losers set the example for their lives as  “men”… as if manhood is group-owned or something.

We respect the natural desire to want a family—which is the ultimate reason men pursue women.  A family is what men want from women. We are pro-family. We do not knock men for wanting families or for wanting women. We are traditional-family-oriented. (Traditional families didn’t HAVE to change to the neo-situations people are trying to call families today that almost always end up in males (and children—-especially boys) losing out in several very important ways).

However, knowing that families of yesteryear are but relics in our minds, men act as if no changes have happened, thus no need to reorganize their thoughts on womens’ behaviors.

So, what we do criticize men for is how they are going about allowing so much destruction… not caring enough about their own gender…  which includes the boys. There is a right way to do everything in which there is no reason to think viewing and procuring women should be excluded. The correct way to do things changes over time. But men remain stagnant.

Men cling to the same ole same old for the sake of clinging. They are afraid to change due to what they suspect will ensue afterward if they do.  They are afraid of, (and let bother them to the point of breaking) the ‘diminished-manhood-accusative-cruelty’, childish but untrue name-calling that many oblivious people get hung up on doing when faced with people who use their brains to dare sense the need for and embrace changes for themselves.

In other words, males who are smarter than most, and prove it with their observed ability to take better care of themselves by straying from the status quo, tow-the-line mentality, get called all sorts of ridiculous names nowhere even close to the truth. Weak men who don’t know anything else but to obsess over what other jealous people think about them, and call them, succumb readily to a system or plan for their own lives but made and copied by other men who should have been able to learn from their own mistakes and dare NOT to pass it on to the next generation.  Thus, MOTIVATEMEN calls such behavior “stagnant.”

Despite all men not being alike, it is as if men still are trying to be as alike as possible—-which is ultimately causing them to not outwardly and publicly resemble anything not “necessarily” riveted to must-get-the-girl, so-called manhood requirements. This ego-satisfying, security-blanket behavior ultimately undermines themselves and the boys badly because it ignores the many other things that comprise the complete makeup of men as a whole while stupidly providing a blank check to feminists.

That is not right.  It is not manly.  Men can do better! Males do not have to have one–track minds.

In short, it is causing men not to fight radical, horrible, third-wave feminism, but instead marry into it, making them have to accept it in their lives—-or else not “be a man.”  Men clinging to the yesteryear promises of family and ego-imagery is not showing the sacrificial bravery needed to help themselves and the boys. The traditional masculinity that made a male a man in yesteryear has almost completely vanished due to the prodding and punishment of revenge–filled feminists combined with the apathy of older males.

Sure, no excuse really because the familial–destructive proof was already manifesting, but one can partly see why it was easier for men to not heed the mere warning signs of then.

But NOW!

With today’s proof that things aren’t right, with the almost complete dissolution of families, with being socialistically censured in public and at work, with abortions amok, with massive disrespect coming ironically from those demanding respect (!@#$%^&*), with female violence that both men and women refuse to call violence…  (women for oblivious reasons; men for chivalrous–competitiveness) and so much more chaos…  if men couldn’t manage to organize and fight with the then–predictions as their ammunition, why does it have to mean that men still can’t oppose the destruction NOW?!!

The evidence supporting the dire need for change is straight in front of mens faces!!! For crying out loud, how much destruction?  How far are today’s men going to go before they snap out of their stupor that apparently overwhelmed and blew over the men of yesteryear and was passed on to those today in which males act out with stubborn obedient mimicry of the mistakes already having been made?

This can’t go on!  It just can’t!

We expect today’s men to finally start to make the changes within themselves by clinging NOT to the ways of their fathers, but to more intelligent means patterned from a learning process (duuh) that proves males are Homo sapiens too with superior brain intellect…  that of course, just like in women, men can override any supposed mythical “hardwiring” that supposedly existed.  Things do not HAVE to be the way they are now and men can do something about it.

MOTIVATEMEN knows it is difficult to break the cycle of passed–on– “manhood”  but with the way things are now, with a bleak future for the families, masculinity, and for the truth, men have no choice really—-not if they are going to salvage some measure of stability and have at least a few things their way… which of course they are entitled to have… of course they ARE!

It is time for men to see that opposing radical feminism is not synonymous to “hating women” or “being less manly” (… in the variety of most–often–untrue ways cruelly exploited), in which propaganda–loving feminists and clueless women and men often resort to and retort as a defense mechanism against those (including even women who analyze modern female behaviors) who dare to rightfully and rationally scrutinize half the world’s population.

It is time for men to wake up and embrace the truth they have been pretending is not the truth. This is where we begin to question men. Men can do better.  Sure they can!

We know it is provocative of us to call men cowards, but what else can the lacking of collective courage to do what is right be called? We tell the un-fluffed, unapologetic, brutal truth. We know we are hated for being this outwardly truthful, but we stand our ground that men know better and can do better if they will put away their ego–mandated, manhood excuses over women that they irrationally cling to preserving.  Women are important—darned important, but not to the extent of letting everything unravel. Come on!

By telling the bare and blunt, often inconvenient truth about both sexes, we are trying to motivate men to grow the courage to admit their mistakes, vow to not reproduce them, and at least try to take on new and organized approaches to how men accept women. If women must approve male behavior, then under the tenets of equality, men can scrutinize female behavior too—else we have a situation likened unto prostitution, with no way around it.

After all, cumming (and the ego-boosting imagery) is very important to men. But should it own and control men like it apparently has?!  We think for men to place their orgasms, (and the social imagery of attaining them) as paramount and letting the world fall to ruins while they walk around with competition–laced, crap–eating grins on their faces, is unmanly, immature, weak, sorry, and traitorous to their own gender and hellish confusion for the boys’ futures!

We expect more from men… creatures that love to call themselves “real men”. You bet we do! We are not going to apologize for expecting men to change. Call us whatever you want.  Make up whatever names your minds can manage.  Stretch the truth to dimensions never before attained.  Make up new ways to be mean to us! … but we are relentless in our plight to get men to see they must take on change, else be stuck in a stupid, stagnant, wheel-spinning mode.

Change for men is required now. PERIOD! Until you do, may you wear the indelible guilt of traitorous pathetic–ness all over your cowardly faces.

The shape of courage has changed.  Things are not like they used to be.  When men change, the world changes.

You may go through your lives not worthily respecting yourselves, or respecting each other, but if you want OUR respect (from millions of men and women who have figured out there is more to manhood than we were taught), you’ll HAVE to accept the challenge to be brave enough to shrug off ALL the obstacles “preventing” you from fighing radical feminism.

Aside from protecting your incomes (men, see what your fathers let happen!!), nothing—-NOTHING—- especially the letting of stupid, untrue, manhood–questioning, name–calling, bull–crap control what you can and cannot do… (that ultimately sets the tone between men and boys)…  HAS TO GO!

No ands, ifs, or buts!!

Either you have been hopelessly feminized or you haven’t! If you haven’t, you can no longer perpetuate that transparent “proof’ merely with your mouths.  You must prove it with your actions. Somehow, someway, somewhere, you must find ways—-big, small, hidden, overt—-whatever—-to help men get out of the hole the feminists dug for us and that our fathers apparently threw us into.

The face of being a man has justifiably changed! Are you in?

Prove it…  and then respect, TRUE respect, will naturally follow… from all walks of life… except from the  eternally unsatisfied feminists.

We badly want to respect men but find it very hard to do so when they read this site, yet STILL find ways to avoid having to face the truth, man-up, and invest in collective  changes for themselves for the sake of the boys’ futures. Until then, there is only one name suitable for pathetic males who are too lazy and apathetic, over–competitively chivalrous, and overly worried about misguided name-calling damaging their egos and their manhood images…  so much in fact that they’d rather let it all unravel as opposed to having to prevent the unraveling.

Men are afraid to be male anymore, except with their penises. What that is called is something other than “bravery.” Cowardly customers come to mind, huh?!

For men to throw away the millennia-derived truth that life with women and the world has taught them only to embrace the brainwashing, socialistic, synthetic, replacement scheme enacted and forced by the new-and-totally-changed-“truth” feminists—-and so fast!—- all because women have vaginas (which men erroneously think they must have in order to be “men”), is well,  completely undeserving of respect.  COMPLETELY UNRESPECTABLE!!

Real men can do better! You bet! They know they can too.  Yeah, they do! That is what makes their traitrous behavior so bad.
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