Folks, masculinity is vanishing! Feminists hate it almost as much as they do the truth. They are working subversively to eradicate both.

Joke Feminism


Well, wouldn’t you know it? We do have a sense of humor after all. And we are looking to spread it. If you know of jokes that fit here, let us share them.  Just e-mail us with your submissions.

How does a female astronaut have her period?

Answer:  Hang her upside down!

(On a more serious note, be sure and check out female space travelers).


A woman enters the “man shop”, a store where women can shop for men. There are seven floors with the “qualities” of the men increasing as she goes up.  She can choose a man from any floor or she can ascend to the next level but once up there she can’t go back down except to exit the store. On the first floor, a sign reads: men with income. But she wanted more, so she went to floor 2.  The sign said: men with income and who adore children. That’s nice she admitted, but she wanted more.  On the 3rd floor, the sign stated: men with incomes, who adore children, and are extremely handsome.  Excited but unsatisfied, she climbed to level 4: men with income, who adore children, extremely handsome, and helps with housework! She’s tempted, but can’t resist her affinity for more.  Number 5 read: men with income, adore children, extremely handsome, helps with housework, and with powerful romance feature!! “Oh my stars”,  she wailed! “But wow, further up will be even better!!” On floor 6, she was greeted with a sample man who had an income, loved kids, was unbelievably handsome, clad in only an apron, was housework-ready, and when he removed the apron she could see he had a strong romantic character, and lastly, he was well-endowed!!!!!  With all this good stuff, she couldn’t wait to see what lay up a floor. Up there, a sign read: you are visitor 984,785,931. There are no men on this floor. This floor exists as proof that women are impossible to please!

Indeed, she looked for an 8th floor, but there wasn’t one.

(Poor thing!…  Probably thinks it is all the men’s fault too! Darn it!).

(This tale may be a joke, but every man knows there is a lot of truth to this tale.  So the thing for men to do is realize that feminism is nothing less than an aggregate of women and feminized males acting in concert…they’ll never be satisfied either—NEVER—mark that word!!).


Leave the toilet seat up! She is responsible for her own toilet experience!  Besides, she may not even be the next one to use it.


What do you get when you put 25 feminists  in a freezer?

Frosted Flakes

What do you call a feminist with half a brain?


How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

Just one! She’ll hold it still and wait for the world to revolve around her.

How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?
None, it’s not the light bulb that needs changing.

What do you call a feminist with two brain cells?
Pregnant. (Hope she doesn’t kill the baby!)


Why don’t feminists answer questions? (Have you ever noticed that when you ask questions which wittingly challenge feminist idealistic dogma, there is never any genuine attempt on the part of feminists to actually answer those questions.  They’ll treat you like you hate them for asking legitimate questions)?

—Because, when stifled  by the truth, it is easier to just scream “Sexism!”
—Because YOU are obviously under the bigoted, patriarchal  misconception that truth trumps politics. (We told you…. they hate the truth).

Perhaps feminists do not answer questions because they believe they are immune from criticism. And MOTIVATEMEN says they think they are immune from criticism because men are customers and too cowardly to tell them the truth—to make them be able to take it if they want to dish it out!! It is men’s fault that feminists can turn away from the truth!


Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl,”Will you marry me?” She said “NO!”

So, the guy…lived happily ever after, rode motorcycles, fished a lot, hunted often, played a lot of golf, drank beer and scotch, chased women, left the toilet seat up…and farted whenever he needed.  The end.


Two feminists and a man are standing by a fast river when the grim reaper comes and says to them that “either they cross the river or he kills them.”  The first feminist dives in and drowns immediately. The second feminist jumps in and makes it half way across but still drowns. The grim reaper says to the man, now what will you do?  The man says, “Me? I’ll go across the bridge.”


Two male cousins at a family reunion were talking.  The first guy, appearing confident, manly, and outspoken said to the other guy who was 43 years old and still never married,”So, you’re having ‘women problems’ huh?” The second guy, looking matter-of- factly returned, ” No, I don’t have a woman trying to run my life for me, so I don’t have women problems at all.”

..and of course, he moved to another part of the reunion since he was offended by someone probing with sex questions laced with veiled accusations.

…We all know women come with baggage and lots of it.  They will not only have problems with most everything you do… and don’t do….but they will dump all their own, often self-derived problems onto you as well. From past burdens they carry to  THEIR periods (it is “THEIR” bodies to kill the babies that didn’t belong to just them, so it is THEIR bodies (and THEIR problem) when its time to bleed…fair enough? 10-1, a woman will have a big problem with you not helping absorb her own menstrual chemistry…as if its your fault and your responsibility…she’ll want you to do HER chores for her, for example…but never, NEVER the other way around should you dare have an interfering chemistry issue of your own.  Instead she’ll mock you, jab and pick at your manhood and apply a completely different standard to you).

MOTIVATEMEN is not insensitive.  Rather, as the equals they purport to be, we just expect women to be able to handle the biology of their own bodies, keep it together,  and since they want to be equal, then come to the “equality table” ready to do their part as equals instead of thinking men owe them something and should “catch” them when men clearly see them failing to be truly equal.  With exceptions and SPT granted so much for women, the brutal but truthful fact remains: there will never be true equality. But men will be good customers and make up the slack FOR women—-again and again…..

We know we are supposed to be joking in this section, but we just can’t help ourselves. When the truth shows itself, we look at it. What’s wrong with honesty? And of course, not ALL women expect men to have their periods for them, but it is a general trend, huh?



What’s the fastest way to a man’s heart?
If you’re a feminist….through his chest with a sharp knife.


If you know of jokes about feminists and women,  please submit them via e-mail to our site. If you send us something, we pledge to not “ruin” the funny moment by adding our own wit and charm.

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