Males are being feminized at a rapid pace. Even if it used to be "a man's world" compare how men used to be with what we have now---from noblemen, providers, protectors, and fighters, and other hardened men who got their direction from"men" who now get their direction in life from females. "We will have weak men and disorderly women," said Tocqueville when he sized up the feminist movement in late 1800 America. He was right. And we all know it. Deep down, we know things are being feminized and masculinity is fading. It is hard for us to understand how men--- males claiming to be "men"--- can just go along with the whims of females based on pity and sympathy and set in motion by the love of vaginas. In yesteryear, real men wouldn't be caught dead like this. Men, what are we doing?!! You need to snap out of these stupors and embrace the change our world direly needs.

Not hate, but legitimate opposition–you bet!

Logical reasons to oppose feminists

We at MOTIVATEMEN think all of you out there can think of several reasons to oppose the feminists’ unnatural, synthetic, socialistic, revolutionary changeover.  But we also know many of you will resist admitting any of it to yourselves. Plus, many people are clueless about just why so many people (including many women) oppose feminists so fervently.  Shrugging off the propaganda-like, poison-laced teachings you have likely been told, we do not hate women either—just like other women who also scrutinize women’s behavior but are not mired in hating them.

Since the 1840’s things have changed.  We have seen our world turned nearly upside down. Initially, most women adamantly opposed any form of feminism.  It reared its ugly, anti-family, masculinity-hating/envious head via only a handful of misfit women who—mistaken about the supposed always-glamorous privileges of males—-were mad they weren’t either born male or that they couldn’t live the lives of males.

This disorderly group, a pack of socialists (a proven fact) set out to undermine this world with the infamous socialist Karl Marx helping organize and mentor their efforts.  Little by little, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, they organized and eventually infiltrated the minds of normal men and women who up until their indoctrination, had seen the roles of women as something to be sacrificially defined by what our species needed  most—not by what would help them abandon those sacrifices and take on roles best suited for males. (For example…how would a family have survived if the women worked endlessly all day behind beast-driven plows while the more muscular men stayed home to take care of offspring and keep the home fires burning?  How would the infants have fed; there were no bottles, leaving only teats on females to obtain nourishment?  This is but one of many thousands of examples as to why normal women accepted their roles—subordinate as they were.  It was just plain commonsense. Women were lovingly unselfish this way).

The feminists succeeded in their brainwashing tactics to make most all women and many men  see things their way. Now, look at what we have–a mess–brought on by feminist infiltration into every domain of life as well as by men being feminized too and weakened to the point of  (erroneously) thinking that to be a “man” and to respect women, they must let women have their way about everything while they abandon their own gender and help create and undermine its uncertain future.

We think this is weak of males and we are ashamed of them for failing to prioritize correctly.  We believe it was and still is a man’s duty to protect the world (and all its domains) from anything threatening to change our existence—especially from the whims of feminists who erroneously claim to speak for all women.

Think about this!  Are we supposed to just fall in love with all the chaos-inducing changes?  If we had spent the probably $ trillions (cumulatively) on other problems society had instead of helping women change to be more like men, then we could have had so many of the worlds ills corrected. What were we thinking?

Duuuuh!  Uh, ok …we must be stuuupid!

The changes we stability-loving people (men and women) are having to endure are many.  We will not be able to cover them all, but are resigned to state a few to provide the theme, the template, the basic framework for why we think fighting radical feminism is a cause darn well worth it and probably one of the most important things sensible people can do.

Abortions. Heinous, hideous, violent, anti-human, anti-motherly, abusive, and holocaustic. Our children are being killed by their mothers; We are supposed to notice this!  Enough said!

Procreation power diminished for males. This is a serious and damaging outcome erected by feminists’ hatred of truthful nature and of natural masculinity. Men have no other options but to go through women for procreation.  Feminists hated these kinds of subordinate requirements for themselves, but curiously (not surprisingly however) find it fair to treat men the same way.  The procreation situation men have to live these days is a shut-out and it is laced with many tiers of cruelty. MOTIVATEMEN is trying to light a fire under the asses of men to try and get them to see the importance of preserving some procreation power for males too. But males are asleep at the wheel—worried more about looking like feminist-approved “real men” than doing what real men are supposed to be actually doing…protecting and teaching their children.

Our jobs. Men are expected to be ok with fewer jobs available for them to earn for their families (something historically of profound importance for men), since about half of the jobs now are mandated to go to women (affirmative action afforded for women when in fact they have NEVER been a minority—the deserving groups AA was created to help).  Of course feminists exploited men’s affinity for pleasing women here–of course! What have the feminists not exploited in their relentless quest for power and superiority?  WHAT!? Name it!

Single mothers. This phenomenon has overtaken our country.  Our family situation has been ruined. Except for our sperm and money we make to give to women, the government is replacing the justification for men altogether  (a proven socialistic principle and expectation of socialism). In the past when stability was the norm, hardly any single mother situations were needed.  Now, it is the norm in many areas of the country.  This presents hostile to males in that males are left out of the value-transferring, role modeling they are naturally entitled to have with their own children.  The feminists are cruel and ruthless to goad weak men and thus deny one-half the population their natural right to father children—which means more than merely financing the single mother phenomenon known as mandated child support. Scheming feminists do not want males to pass on anything they find important. They want women to be the only ones having that power.

Schools. They are the breeding grounds of liberals—feminists definitely included.  The administrators are more concerned with social problems (something that wasn’t near as a problem before when parents did this home-training at home.  Now the mothers are at work, leaving their children for strangers to raise.) For government to take on parenting skills and to replace academics with it, it is a reflection of  village-style socialism—a well documented occurrence. Public monies (education allowances) are spent on trying to change the world instead of competing with other world markets by adhering to academics first.  A plethora of shallow excuses have been made by the cleverly manipulative feminists to (pseudo) justify why our children need social change over that of academics. But sensible people do not buy into any of their hype—hype generated and fostered by the many changes feminists foisted onto everyone starting in the tumultuous 1960’s. Many of the problems we have now with our children can be traced back to the changes made when feminists thought it more appropriate to embark on a new see-as-we-go, experimental plan for everyone.  Our schools are in ruins and are not likely to improve under feminist dominion because we as a species are moving in the wrong direction. (Men and reasonable women can fight back by home-schooling their kids.  But they had better hurry, the feminists are sure to close in on this too.  Give it time, just like most women, they will NEVER be satisfied.  Mark that word!).

Male bashing. One can’t turn on any media source (except for conservative talk radio–thank God for this small attempt at balancing the gargantuan “ownership” of all other media outlets by feminist-minded gullible types compliant with the lace curtain’s sneaky, subversive—(the feminists)—dominate and control tactics). For our society to take on such meanness directed at males and for males to just sit back and laugh apathetically at it, is indescribably ridiculous! (Men’s refusal to address this crisis is a form of competition for females—a good reason why women should not be superior). Men never bashed women this way.  Sure, most—not all—women were subordinate—and had to be—and themselves would have had it no other way, since the families, then, would have fallen apart or perished.  But men still never openly and brazenly used public media to hurt women this way.  When feminists claim this abuse is justified (as pay back) it reveals a lot about how their minds work—exploitatively, grudgingly, and revengefully!  It proves our point about many women indeed as revengeful, impulsive, overly-emotional, irrational, out-of-touch, abusive, oblivious, and plain wrong for any kind of leadership-exampling whatsoever. If this is what they are going to do with their power, well then, it speaks volumes for itself. You don’t have to take our word for it. If the feminists were really as smart as they claim, they would speak to their media subordinates and genuinely try to get it to stop it—else late albeit and damage done already—but this will all backfire on them somehow. They are too busy erroneously claiming people like MOTIVATEMEN are filled with hatred.  What they need to do is look in the mirror. MOTIVATEMEN has the courage to push that mirror right up in their faces! But will they look!  NEVER! But they will hate us for trying to get them to see the real truth reflection. They, in the back of their minds fear ahead of time what they will see—they’ll never look. It is up to men to stop the public outrage of male bashing. Hardly no one else cares. If men don’t, well then,  no one cares. Men, you think this is right? Have you checked your britches lately (or your minds)? Are you still male? You sure?!!  (See our boycott section).

Much less sex overall. Sure married people still have sex—obviously. But with the feminists’ intrusion into and the God-face-smacking-reorganization of the once-sacred, religious-defined rules of marriage for men and women, women are now making excuses more so than ever.  Many married men report having had no sex for years—even decades sometimes!!! How is it that women think it fair for this issue to revolve around primarily themselves as evidenced by stooping to exclude men’s emotional connection with women as well as their mockery of the male need to ejaculate frequently?  Then, get this—these same women, lost amongst their own obliviousness—find it appropriate to say men don’t meet their (many) emotional needs! (!@#$%^&*!! Duh!) Well, go figure!  No wonder!  Look at the example set for them—by women—that SELF is more important than one’s spouse—something NOT originally factored into the concept of monogamous relationships.  Women need to realize that men, while having their own perfectly-working brains not being strapped and limited to hardwiring, are still wired to some extent to have an affinity for sex.  Look at all species of animals.  Many times, not even stopping to eat, sex is the sole purpose of males.  How can women who claim to be intelligent not see something staring them smack in their faces? It is almost as if feminists and some women are resentful of males’ natural maleness. Independent men, many times, are said to have more sex than those men who are married.  This is great for us independent men, but how do the feminists think it makes married men feel? Why don’t these women pull their heads out of their own asses long enough to see that there is more to the world besides themselves?  (Surprise, but women, you are NOT the center of the universe. Imagine that!) And the doghouse syndrome, that is plain ole abusiveness mired in female obliviousness to it being prostitution—the currency being the males behavior. No wonder a growing number of men are running away from the concept of marriage? (See prenuptial agreement trend  helping men circumvent the feminist-minded domination of living with women.  Prenupts force women to understand the concept of 50/50—real, true, actual 50/50—not the “pretend-so-long-as women-quit-bitching- “50/50”).

Abuse. Many women think it perfectly fine to abuse men (the less dignified and oblivious types, that is).  This abuse comes in many forms: sexual, physical, emotional, financial, child abuse, overbearing control and domineering, and much more—NONE of which they would approve of if directed at themselves—NONE! When these women are faced with having to look at themselves and their own behaviors, they won’t even call these behaviors coming from themselves abusive.  These dingbats think they are entitled to do all this punishment to and manipulation of males and other stuff all because they are females!

How is our society ever going to rid itself of abuse if the feminists and women in general won’t admit the mutuality of abuse and the joint-effort it will take to help stamp it out?

Being sarcastic, but here’s how, enlist the VAWA to help change it all in favor of women.  With the radical-feminist-created VAWA monster, men can always be blamed for whatever, while women have a different set of rules and “truth” to follow.  Do this long enough, beat men down with these laws and sooner or later, men will start to believe what they are being oppressed with by the VAWA itself—whatever will please the women—of course! What a wonderful way our society is gravitating.

(Actually, the VAWA should be vehemently fought against by fair-minded people.  There is nothing wrong with trying to protect women.  But does it have to be geared so maliciously abusive of men and masculinity and filled with hatred for the supposed patriarchy, laced with anti-male legislation? PEOPLE, wake up! You need to read and oppose this feminist filth dominating the eager-to-please male minds of our congress.  Does congress not represent males anymore?  It sure as hell doesn’t look like it does!  If given a choice, everything seems to always go in favor of poor, poor, pitiful women—and to hell with the men! Often, things are not as bad as they seem at first, but many women get hung up on exaggerating.  It seems to be built into the fabric of their minds. And they want to be in power?  You’re kidding! Right?  And men are just supposed to let them? This is mind-blowing!)

The divorce rate. Not entirely the result of feminist changes, but it is clearly linked to much of it. It was a feminist in the state of New York that first convinced a court to grant divorces (late 1800‘s). Since then, it has spiraled out of control. The statistical facts are in and are now common knowledge: most marriages end in divorce (more than 50 %).  When asked in college by the sociology professor “testing the waters” in the classroom, “Why so many divorces?”, one person answered, “ Because marriages now have two leaders and two heads that often disagree, which eventually manifests in the two parties going their separate ways. “  I thought the answer was dead on the money as did several others.  But the impulsive outcry from many of the women—who immediately, with NO thought at all—revealed hatred in that response—which changed the mood in the classroom—taught us that many women do not like the truth about stuff like that.  Perhaps they just do not see this real truth or perhaps they do, but nonetheless, they do not like it, probably because it doesn’t represent their conveniences.  (After the class was over, several other women convened and agreed with what the man said about why so many divorces.) Anyway, how is it that people can expect to remain together when the fabric of the template they are expected to use is torn to shreds and resembles practically nothing it originally was meant to be? Marriage has been infiltrated by the feminists in which the sacred rules have been reorganized around what they prefer to think is the truth—whatever makes them feel better.  The tenets of marriage, spelled out in the Bible (or other religious equivalents) are sacred and were devised by God—regardless of whether or not certain parts of our population like it or agree with it.  But it is all changing now—to reflect what misfit women didn’t like about the original.  (What if men changed the religious requirements they didn’t like?  Where would our species be then?) The point is, divorce is not only the feminists’ fault, but they sure have amplified the process. Divorce leaves kids awry, lives in ruins, dreams shattered, vows mocked, families torn, and courts overwhelmed. It threatens keeping one’s job. It is depressing, filled with anti-commitment to solemn vows, anti-wholesome, and just plain wrong!  Taking advantage of “irreconcilable differences, ”  the process has gotten so very out of hand.  There is no order to marriage anymore.  The situation seems hopeless. ( Why the hell would any thinking man want to get married?  Because they are supposed to?  These days given what it has all become, such adherence to “what we are SUPPOSED to do” is laughable—hysterical indeed!).  We at MOTIVATEMEN like marriage, family, and traditional loving relationships like that, but since these things are on their way out—largely at the shortsighted hands and minds of the feminists, then why indulge?  It will likely result in failure and despair, making us miserable and broke.

Dying in wars. The selective service still requires only men to register for a potential draft that if enacted could injure, maim, kill, and/or vaporize only the males, but while the women look on, many drooling about getting to run the show.  It is just plain wrong to let women lead, but not also expect the same gender to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country. (Men, this is protecting women gone to the extreme. It is a spineless watering-down of real masculinity! Women must learn and employ responsibility for having equality).  Being a man was never glamorous, and to say the least, the supposed “privileges” granted to males came with stiff, un-shirkable responsibilities—NONE of which women want to endure. This smacks and reeks of ridiculous, downright stupidity-laced unfairness.  What if men just decided they weren’t going to fight and die in wars anymore and let the enemy run our lives? Why not!? Equal humans—called women—are getting to do this? It is shameful  that men must die while the women remain alive to vote and control, hold elected offices, lead the country, and basically run nearly everything—all the while not wanting to have any burdens interfere with their plans or have to make any sacrifices such as letting babies live. Men are required to represent dying, but women in the face of their own equality pursuit, aren’t required to do anything at all—not even replenish life that men died for. Men owe women nothing, but the burden is all on the males. MOTIVATEMEN hates to resort to sending women to the front lines intentionally, but it seems as if we have no choice.  It is grossly unfair to allow women to lead, but not expect them to share in the burdens too. It is either women shut up, about-face, return to the sacrifice-laden, stability-sanctioned sanity of yesteryear, or else they fight like the rest of us.  Either put up or shut up.  Heck, the very least that can be done to erect a token smokescreen that feminists understand responsibility too, is for them to just-as-adamantly push for women to be required to register for the selective service…non-combat…option—else be denied federal benefits too and be sought after as evaders. What is unfair about that!?  WHAT!?? Men still be required to die, but the women get saved.  Nothing is unfair about it—-nothing! But it seems as if women don’t want to have any requirements at all—and men—weak and vagina-stupored as they seem, just turn a blind eye!

Socialism. Feminism is socialism —for socialistic principles are deeply woven into the fabric of feminist wish lists and changes. The evidence goes as far back as the beginning of the feminist movement itself.  It is irrefutable unless one attempting such has not done her homework or is otherwise mired in self-centered, obliviousness-instilling denial. We are not going to debate this fact.  There have been books written, articles written, accounts told, analogies performed, and numerous proofs that feminism IS socialism.  We at MOTIVATEMEN are capitalists.  We don’t enjoy the threat of a hijacking of our social institutions and customs that result in the weakening of capitalism and the strengthening and infiltration of its arch enemy. Starting with Karl Marx, Fredrick Engels, and Elizabeth Stanton up through Franklin Roosevelt, Betty Friedman, and Hillary Clinton, they are dingbats, pure and simple.  There is just some fundamental things they just did not get. Sure they are/were educated and  intelligent, but that doesn’t make them right about their socialistic changeover that flies in the face of human motivation, commonsense, tradition, the forefather’s intentions,  and nature.  We at MOTIVATEMEN make no secret that we are capitalists and will do all we can to keep it that way—including telling the generally more socialistic-brained women…NO!

(There are more reasons to discuss but unfortunately we must limit our discussion to just one more.  If you have contributions to this list of logical reasons, please e-mail them to us. We will consider adding them here if they are warranted and applicable. What follows is one of the most important reasons for opposing feminism—each, any, and every way you can.  This is yet another way to state why we here at MOTIVATEMEN, while not against women working and fundamental stuff, we still must go after all of feminism broadly, inclusively, and completely.  While having no problem with TRUE EQUALITY, doing what we do is the only we know how to stave off…

Female superiority. Do women like to be inferior to men? Do women like the notion of male superiority?  We all know that answer, don’t we? So why is it strange to some people that men would find unacceptable the same thing—the concept of female superiority? Plus, given the naturally-derived dominating nature of males in the animal kingdom—humans included, it should be understandable why human males would naturally resent and resist upsetting the balance of things that nature prescribed. It is not in our natural male nature to just hand over power—let alone give most of it to females.  And using revenge filled excuses such as, “Well, men used to be “mean”to women (it wasn’t “meanness.” It was loving women the only way they were taught to…the only way they knew how), so now it is men’s turn to suffer” is not in keeping with finding real MATURE, RATIONAL solutions to the problem women had with female and male equality lacking. If we are going to embark on changes that attempt to solve problems that some think are prevalent, then we owe it to ourselves to be honest about the process and truly search for ways to make things right. We are changing most everything around, damn it. Thus, it is critical—downright imperative—that we scrutinize it well and completely.  Plus, we are naturally right to be suspicious of changing the built-in power structures  of our species and hand it over to those with no practice, and who are more inclined to be emotional, illogical, irrational, short-sighted, and impulsive. (We didn’t say all women are just alike, but it is safe to use generalizations here since many women speak of these traits in themselves, and common in most all women, as reasons why they shouldn’t have power—in general). Also consider the fact that males have been at the top of the power hierarchy for several, several millennia now.  How is it that shortsighted, (historically-wise, impulsive) feminists think it will just be fine and dandy, to yank the momentous rug our from under everybody —that males, or even females— will be ok with this shakeup? Before discrediting this point, before leaving the discussion, it doesn’t take a genius to clearly see that many of the changes foisted by feminists indeed have resulted in superiority for women: family courts, affirmative action, child custody, procreation, having our free speech censured at work and other areas of the public, feminist domination of the media, the school situation, the VAWA, increased voting block power (due, largely in part of  men dying earlier from natural causes as well as in war, dangerous jobs, etc),  and more…the list goes on and on and on in which females are getting the upper hand. Why should a man be Ok with something like thatTo not want to be dominated by women does not spell hatred. And what is in it for men (sex?) ? Why should he just move over and let someone trample him like that?  Right or wrong, natural or not, men have ruled since the dawn of civilization.  We couldn’t have survived as a species if men hadn’t.  (Anyone not agreeing with this is in dire need of a brain scan–the proof is just toooooo obvious).  So it is a natural reaction for MOTIVATEMEN to resist experimenting with a massive shake up and changeover!  Real men—-that is, the masculine ones, mind and body, having not been feminized and weakened to believe whatever feminists tell them—will have a serious problem with revamping everything to revolve around the whims of females… because they know darned well doing so threatens our very existence ultimately. Letting it all fall apart like it is, IS NOT MANLY—–never has been—-never will be. It looks like males have largely forgotten (or been slowly brainwashed) what it is to actually BE a man…probably still hung up on thinking manhood has something to do with their penises…and trying to please all women…and fitting in with other males who do the same wheel-spinning things. Meanwhile, the world is falling apart!

MOTIVATEMEN will NOT just sit back and watch this travesty disguised as “helping women” take its course.  We are fighters, preservers, and truth-soldiers.  And we will do this until we die!

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