The boys of the future will someday look back on the men of today and of yesteryear to scrutinize if and how those men countered the negative effects of radical feminism. When they ask, "What did you do to help us boys keep some power and self-respect?", how will you respond? Will your head be hung in shame for abandoning their process. Will "coward" be written all over your face? Will you be able to give examples as to how you fought back on their behalf? That is what you must ask yourselves as men today. You can't just sit back, be apathetic, and let the world unravel just to keep your boat from rocking. If I were a boy of tomorrow, I would want to know that men did every last thing in their power to help me (which is more than teaching boys how to make a family and potentially end up miserable. Manhood is more than having sex, babies, and feeling manly about it). If you claim to be a man---a real man---then you are obligated to unapologetically defend maleness. Manhood, like it or not, requires two things at a minimum: 1) You are not allowed to lose your bearings over women, no matter what it costs you and 2) you must protect and defend your own gender, else have your inner manhood yanked from you, thus undermining your own capacity to even be a real man!

Why Be Active?!

Why activism?

—Because, while women ARE important to men, they aren’t EVERYTHING.

—Because if men don’t learn to stand up for themselves, their masculinity, their boys’ futures, no one else will!

—Because why should today’s males trust the males of yesteryear with our manhood “rules” when our near-powerless situation today indicated they were wrong on matters concerning the treatment of women and effectively fighting the feminist movement?

—Because it takes more courage and inner strength (i.e. ‘manhood’) to stand his ground, going against the norm, than it does to merely go with the flow, hoping to fit in better and be liked more.

—Because there is more nobility in dying writhing in futile resistance than there is to give up and succumb as a coward.

—Because even though the socialists (i.e. feminism) presents via females mostly, doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t authentically try to win a fight worth fighting—-whatever it takes.  Disagreements  come in all forms, but all must be addressed!


Activism at its best!

Private talk with boys—-man to man.

Here is a bit that we wrote to help reluctant, inexperienced, or tongue-tied fathers (and responsible mothers who aren’t feminists betraying their male offspring) speak to their boys about how to view girls in their lives.  We can’t possibly include everything.  If we think of more, we’ll add it.  If you think of more, e-mail us and we might include it.

This will help males in the long run since it is filled with “advice” and examples for how men should be and can be, when it comes to viewing, relating to, and chasing women—-or—- learn to live without a major woman and/or kids in their lives and still have great independent happiness as a result. The motive is to instill in men and boys that they have complete worth on their own—-with or without women, kids, and families.

When it comes to men taking a back seat to feminism, this lesson is intended to level the playing field which should make the women listen to and comply with some things that males want in relationships too.  It is like men should be getting some things they want too or to not do it at all—-for it is better to have nothing than to have something you don’t want and be miserably stuck with it and in which the relative laws are greatly stacked not in your favor—-no thanks to the males who forgot what manhood was really all about.

1). Women are optional.  Kids are optional.  No longer is manhood defined as something requiring males to make sure they get women to live with them permanently, try to keep the women pleased, and try to have kids with them.

Feminists have misused our democracy while simultaneously exploiting the eager-to-please nature of males to create what they feel is “equality” but that in not-so-subtle ways add up to actually be superiority for women. No man should have to comply.

Let your boys know they will be loved no matter what and you will not think horrible orientation trash about them if they don’t act like other boys/men and copy them. Use the power of examples to illustrate to them what they should not be doing such as repeating the same mistake they see men make when it comes to making sure they get the girl…   and then wish they hadn’t.

Don’t misunderstand. MOTIVATEMEN loves families.  While we question the validity of modern, no-sacrifice-for-women, redefined “families”,  we DO cherish the traditional family (husband, wife, and kids) as it was the cornerstone that helped support stability and sanity in our society in deeply ingrained ways that is irreplaceable with anything synthetic such as what is happening today.

We are NOT anti-family.  But we also don’t think it is wise for men to cling to dreaming about the way families used to be as their drive to seeking families today because that is most often NOT what they get.  Instead, they find themselves settling for the irrational, female-feelings-based, feminist-fantasy “family” resembling very little of the dreams and hopes the men had, thus leaving them disappointed, broken, often miserable, and estranged from their children—-all this while still being expected as men to remain stagnant, chivalrous, obedient liars so the women can be even happier than what their self-service has already provided.

While some men who have been weakened by feminism think today’s rendition of family is fine, we believe most men, if they had the guts to be honest about it, aren’t as happy as they could be but are too afraid speak up about it, or do anything to help themselves (in which many pretend it isn’t a problem so they won’t have to fix it).

So, sacrifice is needed to teach all those looking that men will do whatever it takes to restore the stability of traditional families—-or learn to generate alternative happiness for themselves without it.  It’s called fighting fire with fire. Why should the men stay fixated on the past and act as the glue for stability when so many women won’t help them, but instead help themselves, leaving men to lag behind severely? As men, we can’t continue shouldering the burden for trying to keep the fragments of sanity and stability intact.  Our fathers already let it fall apart so it is time to move on.


2). Boys as future men, should learn to look before they leap (duh!) and when they do that, to heed the writing on the wall (duh) no matter what it might make others think about them. Teach them the difference between dumb and stupid:  Dumb is not knowing better and able to legitimately claim “ignorance.” Stupid is knowing better but doing it anyway. Teach them to not be dumb, and to be intelligent young men who don’t like being characterized as stupid just so they can fit in with others. Help them search for similar friends, groups, activities, or at least places they can go and interact where they won’t be negatively chastised by immature, cruel, copy-cat others who act like obedient puppets mocking those who are different.

Abortion, Lorena Bobbit, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Naomi Wolfe, Valerie Solonas, socialism, femi-socialism, femi-induced censorship of men (ie.,  political correctness), hyphenated or complex names, child custody, values, conservatism, value of men in society, Book: “Myth of Male Power”, history, traditionalism, politics, and on and on.  There are so many questions men should ask of the women they seek as wives.

Sure, most men ask some of these questions to women they are considering for marriage (or at least observe for the hidden answers).  But all men should, and all men should have the ability to separate their love urgings and longings with sensible answers to these questions and learn to stand their ground no matter what!

Many men admit that not all things were satisfied in their minds, but they settled (a MOTIVATEMEN “bad word“) hoping it was better for them to not speak up and refrain, than to risk not getting the girl and having the dreaded name–calling start up about them.  They admit to being shallow about it all…  often once it is too late.

Real men are smart men even if they end up independent.  Stupid men worry about fitting in and being compliant, thus accepted…   as priority over the things that should really matter to them and what their plans to spend their life’s energy on are. You only get one life.  Think ahead.  Stick to it!

3). Remain involved with your boys.  Don’t make the common mistake of thinking the only thing you have to do as a man is get married, have kids, put food on the table, clothes on their backs, and send them to school…   and that all else will work out somehow.  It just doesn’t work that way!

Being a parent is serious and has to include the sacrificial time needed to foster a strong bond between father and son with them doing things together but not with wife and sister(s) some of the time. (Other times will be used for complete family time.  Besides, don’t mothers and daughters get some of their own time away? So there; males can  too.)

Create a strong sense of trust in your boys.  Teach them to respect your advice and give them opportunities to learn and grow in ways that foster strong, proud, males who understand the need for male integrity and solidarity.  (The bonds between males was one of the things feminism subconsciously (or consciously) sought to eradicate because the process of feminization depends on destroying the natural male strengths in place already.  This way, it was easier to emasculate them… aka, feminize them).

4). Teach them to tell the truth and that their ultimate characters and the respect they will receive will depend on such imagery.  Most parents do a fair job of this already…   but with one exception.  They leave out one of the most important parts… to be able to tell women the truth—-no matter what.

Without them knowing it, many women need to be lied to in order to feel included and feel good, and to feel equal. They confuse their feelings with reality and thus, think that the appeasement of their feelings has priority over everything else.  Many women don’t feel “loved enough” if not treated this way. Women can take things way too personal, and be entirely too emotional, lending to the female irrationality commonly witnessed in relationships.

Even if this results in your boys not “finding love” because he was “too honest” then so be it.  Isn’t it better to be truthful but without, than to be with and be nothing short of a liar and end up miserable?!! Many parents do not think of it this way, but when they ignore the need to be truthful to women, they are hurting their children overall. It will be OK if their honesty results in no partnership at all for the males.

Teach them that to be honest, analytical, and selective when it comes to women (especially as potential wives) and that in doing so does not mean they “hate” women and/or are being “disrespectful” to women.  Truth is most important—-REGARDLESS!! We can’t end up with a society of liars—-which is what we are fast racing toward if we don’t interrupt the feminist process and force it to reconcile with the real truth.

5). Show them examples of alternative things they can be doing with their lives instead of towing the copy–cat line and worrying about not fitting in with others as much.  With the way things are going—-given the feminist intrusion, takeover, manipulation, and subsequent destruction of families—-there will be more and more males who naturally opt for life-long independence.

So being short of company will soon not be much of a factor unless you live in an area that values obedient copy-cat behavior over that of internal honesty and has little tolerance for anything different. Consider moving if you have to…  whatever helps your boys grow up to be and live how/what they want to without feeling pressured to join in with those that choose to lose.

6). Prenuptial agreements. We have said this over and over on this site as do many other pro-male sites (and we will continue…  whenever necessary!!)  These contractual, legally binding agreements are becoming more and more needed and popular amongst the not-so-rich-and-famous too.

If your boys still opt to get married (and they probably still will, no matter what you try to teach as options)—- trying for a family that hopefully doesn’t fall apart at the hands of selfish, misguided, and often irrational, even abusive women, then fine. Hopefully they will get a good wife. But what if they don’t?!!

Thus, it is important to do it right—-which has to include some things the man wants too (in writing) and not only everything be her way in which she isn’t really even aware of herself.

More and more evidence is found these days that many reasonable women, if fair to men, are willing to partake in these written agreements—-even of their own volition. There are too many fish in the sea so why settle for one that shows oblivious selfishness from the start just because you like the way she looks, has sex, and you fear “there will never be another one like her”?

Care about yourselves and your futures enough to not allow yourselves and your needs to take a back seat to keeping her pleased.  Your male body, mind, needs, and dreams have worth too.  Don’t ever forget that or you’ll be so sorry you did!

7). Use condoms until the males are ready to have children.  We can’t stress how many times we have heard (and you probably have too) that some women stoop to snaring them a man by getting pregnant with his child (and then, if the men refuse a shotgun marriage, the women sometimes kill the babies inside them—-the same “fetus” they thought was worthy enough to get married over—-that is, (wink-wink) if they had gotten their way!).

They do this snaring deliberately with deception in mind.  Perhaps they said they were on the pill, or can’t naturally conceive, or some other issue. But they scheme to get pregnant with the child of a man of their choice whom they are obsessed with having as their husbands.

Most women would never go this low, but some will.  Make sure you are not another victim of malicious women.

Besides, condoms prevent STD’s if used properly and consistently.

(Note: What?  Say the sex doesn’t feel as good?  GET OVER IT YOU STUPID ASS!! Feeling good cannot be as important as being safe and getting to live! No contest!  Period! Wake up!).

8 ). Pen cams. Many women are confused, or have short memories, or were just as drunk as he was (people act as if the male no matter how drunk has to assume full responsibility for both partner’s drunkenness—-which is NOT right!), when they commence (thus, consent) to having sex, so they claim they were raped.  (Of course some women really get raped, but you get the point here).

Males need to make sure they behave intelligently enough to carry and use pen cams (pen-sized cameras that record the transactions) to document that they indeed had consent as evidenced by either her words in agreement or her actions without strong unambiguous words to the contrary, which state the same thing.

Make no mistake.  Some women are vicious enough to have the good sex, climax wonderfully, but due to some conflicting feeling she might have about him or how he doesn’t see things her way, later claim he raped her.  This sort of abuse does go on and when it does, it can ruin a man for life even if he is as innocent as can be and God know it!

The feminists will shield her name from the public even if she is having great difficulty proving her rape claim. But they will let no grass grow under their feet to hastily post the male picture and name for all the world to see—-which forever damages the man’s reputation in public opinion “court” regardless if he is truly innocent. (Duke false rape accusation is case-in-point….  Did you know she, the false-accuser, wasn’t even punished at all—-a common practice of letting these vicious criminals off the hook…  because they are women).

The feminist-run (and/or chivalry-laced) court circuses and prosecutors almost always automatically try to agree with the female, even if the rape kit produced no solid evident to support her claim. So the male stands an uphill battle trying to prove his innocence. It should be the other way around.  But because men expect no accountability from women….

Don’t be a sucker! Use the pen cams stowed just perfectly to capture the truth.  But don’t abuse this process. Such actions are for protection only and never to be viewed as pornography, shared, or released to the general public.

As a safeguard, the pens don’t have to record the visual actions; all that is needed are time-date stamped sounds and audible proof! Keep yourselves from going to jail if you can. Be smart.  Gather the proof and do not be afraid to use it if you have to.  Set the example that the days of false accusations are over—-at least as far as you are concerned.

You can safely bet that the feminists are encouraging women to protect themselves with proof, so why shouldn’t you? You can’t think of one solid reason why you should go unprotected in a world hell-bent with malicious feminism.

No matter how horny, DON’T–BE– A–FOOL! Remember, you can always cum later (duuuh), but you may not get out of prison if events go against you.

(Note 1: Ignoring the truth as feminists are good at doing and care NOT about the ramifications thereof, feminists will stoop to the claim that the pen cam proof was “taped without consent” so such evidence may not be admissible in court, depending upon where you live. But still, don’t fail to use these handy devices because you can still prove your innocence to your family, friends, employers, and the world—-even if you have to spend undeserved time in jail in which the feminists know you are being punished without cause. (And they will!  You’re a man! Remember?) Very few would ever come to your rescue…  ever! Even if you have to go to jail because your evidentiary proof wasn’t admissible (!@#$%^&*…  that makes a whole lot of sense!), then this should ignite a coed public outcry (but especially from males, unless they are cowards afraid of female scorn) that will try to get you out of jail and make these taped evidences be accepted in court like they should be.

If men would push for more no-consent to-tape-needed laws when it comes to protecting themselves from false allegations, then more states would allow such evidence.  But you can bet the feminists will have a problem!  Don’t you wonder why? Just why would they have a problem with you taping (audio only) your sex with a woman in order to keep yourselves out of jail when you don’t deserve a sentence (and used only for this purpose)?  Answer that and you will start to understand the feminist mindset that says women must have special preferential treatment (SPT) so they can feel equal and that they can be vicious about it if they don’t get their way—-falsely claiming you “hate” them or otherwise ruining your image—-even undeserved incarceration.

(Note 2: Men, don’t ruin this for yourselves by using tapes like this to exploit illicitly or in any way make these critical devices actually hurt the freedom–causes of men. If you show these pictures to your friends, or anyone besides the authorities for innocence-proving only, then you will stupidly be undermining yourselves in which you will be hurting all males. Don’t be an idiot!

(Note 3:  If you really raped a woman, you certainly deserve to be punished. But if you didn’t, then you deserve to go free and shouldn’t have had your picture posted all over the media. There should be laws in place that protect the identities of both sides until and only if the court trial process has produced a conviction.

If false allegations are determined, then the female responsible should then have her name advertised and should spend time in jail serving the same sentence alongside her comrades that he would have had to serve as an innocent man that she would have put there.  But don’t expect the feminists to care about men. They have shown a strong disregard for fairness and for thinking of anyone besides themselves, thus will strongly oppose any such sentencing for criminal women. And this will never change until men care enough about themselves to make these changes in our rules and laws.  Men, the ball is in THEIR court.  Don’t be fools!).

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