Feminists fear the truth. It is prevalent when they mock it, mock anyone who endorses it, and mock the very foundations of it---even if stemming from nature and/or religion---and even if both nature and religion substantiate it!! Under their guise as merely questioning the truth, they are really trying to change it. Seems impossible to change the truth, huh? But they are doing it everyday, little by little. Their synthetic replacement scheme is working on the gullible, which unfortunately vote.

Power of Truth

Reasons men won’t fight feminism and things we all can do to help.

How many times have we men while not in the company of women, talked about the problems with the way women are, they way they think, their behaviors, their general inclination for selfishness, emotionality, and irrationality, how they are not suited to do all that men are and vice versus, and all the other reasons they cause us so much grief?

Seeing what they do now in our world, we’ve heard so many older men now say they “wish they had resisted and fought harder against feminism.”

While definitely still loving women, most all men in the world in two’s, three’s and more gather amongst themselves and do this natural scrutiny. The fact that this is happening, especially what is often said, proves men aren’t agreeing with women over feminism.  Most men do NOT think feminists are right. It also proves that there are some dishonest reasons men won’t say these same things to women that they will say to other men.

There are a few main reasons that men are too scared to speak up and tell the truth to women that would help the women see how wrong they are when it comes to feminism’s lies. We have talked about most of these reasons elsewhere on this site, often integrated with other issues. Here, we spotlight the main reasons (many would call excuses) that men refuse to do what they know in their hearts is the right thing to do.

Collectively, and in a broad sense, these reasons are reputation, jobs, families,  sex, laziness, and pride—- not necessarily in that order yet so intricately intertwined. We will discuss each one of these independently and then show how in an integrated way, they all work in concert to strongly inhibit men doing what it will take to save themselves, speak up for their boys, and to preserve beloved institutions that have made our civilization great indeed.

None of us would be here if men hadn’t made the contributions they have and if women had abandoned their sacrifices even earlier than they dared do. We all know that…  yes—we—do!!

(We know we are long-winded when it comes to writing (because, among other reasons, the enormous subject of feminism together with its history, problems, and manipulative character is a very broad, all-encompassing subject that just can’t be done justice by cramming it all into a only few paragraphs or even pages!). With this writing, we will try our best to be as succinct as reasonable, leaving yourselves to fill in the context with your own commonsense and initiative. If you want elaborations, our site has a bunch of those. If you want more information about this from us, and to see it related and intertwined with other issues and subject matter, you’ll just have to read our site.  For those of you who have read other places on our site, this writing will serve to explain why/how we have arrived at the conclusions we have when it similarly relates.  You are in the right place; do read this!)


The egos of men are powerful things. The ego can build up a man—-or it can tear one down. Often, the one responsible for the former can also, if manipulated, misguided, or employed wrongly, can bring about the latter.

For example, consider the pressure put on males to make sure they are perceived as men….“real” men. Our fathers do this to us men (and the mothers chime in too).  They teach it to us via the examples they try to set for us to emulate.

Our dads were handed the same thing. Their fathers were too. We living today are just the next domino to fall in a long line of historical dominoes.  The situation seems to be self-perpetuating  (but it is not really; it can be changed and is why we are spotlighting it). It seems as if these rituals and rites males go through to prove themselves worthy of other mens respect are unchangeable.

So we go about our lives thinking nothing can be done about it.  We see so many things we as men should speak up about. But if doing so requires us to forsake our reputation importance, then unless you are one of the very few men with that courage, chances are you’ll likely crumble instead. Hiding amongst the safety of keeping quiet seems to satisfy us so we can have our reputations as we want them to be. Men are afraid to rock the boat for fear of upsetting the women they want in their lives and for fear they will not fit in with most other men doing the same thing.

Under the umbrella of reputations we find such concepts as women, sex, image, manliness, and so on.

With women, men are held in a state of imprisonment so to speak. Not to say that loving women is to be in a prison of sorts but that keeping women in our lives the way our fathers try to dictate requires us to be ball and chained to ideals we otherwise know are wrong and in which we would almost never do for each other as males.

We treat women different.  We are told we do this as a measure of “respect” for women (it actually stems from competing for them with the one most “respectful” usually getting the girl to like him best).  If we don’t like to be seen as “raised in a barn” with no softened manner for females, then we avoid doing anything that will cast that shadow of “unmanliness” onto us.

This traps us into behaviors that we know aren’t right overall but that which keep us in the good graces of females. Make no mistake, men are severely limited by this in that their desire to fight feminism (that most males do NOT agree with) gets shut down by it.


Sex.  This is extremely important to males, (regardless of how feminist, out of their envy and hatred for masculinity, try to define males as “not needing sex any more than females.” This hype is pure feminist baloney! The transparency is obvious). All men know it too!

Like all males in the animal kingdom, procreation and its power belonging to both sexes—-not just the females—-the natural pressure put on males to spread their seed, to pursue females so they can be the ones to impregnate females and father offspring (or in our cases, at least to have sex with them) has a strong presence in our lives.

As human males however, our reputations seem to depend upon sex, what kind, with whom, how much, to be a good lover, the whole gamut.  We have placed so much stock into how we are perceived as sexual beings that it is hard to imagine our lives without it.

Sex makes us feel good.  If women’s method of feeling good is via their feelings, then with men, it is with sex.  Feminists hate this truth, but men emotionally relate to women through sex.

Sex relieves stress.  It makes the world more palatable.  When completed, it allows a man to focus on other things. No one is positively sure why it is this way for men, but one thing is for sure, men do need it. Like it or not, hate it or not, but men need sex.

So when they find a good “reservoir” for sex, they do whatever they can to keep it available.  Unfortunately, many men (not all of us however) allow themselves to be weakened by the love of sex.

In their haste to not tamper with anything related to their sex lives, its frequency and all, they sometimes let other issues be “on the back burner” and even sometimes forget their responsibilities as men. Knowing that being “men”  definitely has more to it than sex with women, they still fail to be the men they should in other areas of their lives.

Some, with crap-eating grins wide enough to scare even a seasoned traitor, knowing the male gender needs them to be fighters for its principles, they instead sell out, clinging to the love of orgasms and satisfying their egos, while simultaneously blocking from their minds that of what they should be doing in some circumstances. Hence, these type men (numerous) won’t fight feminism if they think it will interfere with their calm, steady flow.

It didn’t used to be this way….the apathy and caving in. Men somehow kept thier bearings when it came to women, the world, the families, the rules, the commonsense. But when feminism reared its selfish head, men buckled, lost their bearings and threw it all away!

It is this problem with men specifically that MOTIVATEMEN has with men in general.  Some of us, while thinking, dreaming, and wishing for sex just as much, we have beaten the rap of loving sex and orgasms so much that we  let it control us adversely.

We believe all men are capable of this change.  We believe the answer lies in our socialization and how our  parents (particularly fathers) need to quit clinging to losing when it comes to embracing changes that will make theirs, and all lives ultimately better—-even if some don’t want to admit it.

Make no mistake, the category of sex as a measure of reputation, according to perceived normalcy, has to revolve around pleasing females.  Most men cringe when faced with their reputations as sexual creatures be mixed up with other males, even vaguely, erroneously, and often greatly misunderstood.

If he allows it, one can take the straightest, biggest, baddest, meanest, strongest, most respected, loved, and prominent man on earth, and reduce him to sweating and practically tears if his name is mentioned in conjunction with anything said about homosexuality—-even if he has never had, (never could have, never will) entertained a single momentary thought of wanting sex with men—-which by very far, most often the actual truth is that he’s straight as an arrow).

The origin of this fear is probably well-intending religion in which only a few accounts of it are mentioned in the scriptures (at least for Christianity).

But men themselves, hating the notion of it, “couldn’t help themselves” when they subconsciously decided to artificially make it, unofficially and without being spoken aloud, the most horrible sin of all…  even though it doesn’t have the prominence of a sin such as, for example among others, what adultery does, given that adultery is a named and dedicated commandment.

In the minds and eyes of many, but not all males, being “abnormal” is the worst thing that could happen to them—-or even if very untrue, even said about him—-because that is what others impressed up on them to auto-believe.   Even questioning that belief is sure to bring about shame and mockery for him.

(One quick note: in our society, we will find all kinds of people who go around lying several times a day if they “need” to, committing adultery at least once in their lives, greediness and wastefulness, and doing basically seven out of ten commandment–breakers. But let those same people get the opportunity to speak out against behavior not like theirs, and they pretend to be the ones “ trying to be like Jesus.” Suddenly, even though they have not lived lives that walk in Jesus’ footprints, they use religion to gather hatred for people not like them—-or not like who they are pretending and lying to be).

Also important and more related to our discussion here, is the fact that when rumors of male orientation abound over a specific individual, even if proven beyond all shadows of doubt to be false and malicious, or at least born of ignorance, the same effect on a man’s inner worth and how he is no longer respected and perceived by other men and women will bring him to his knees with fear and shame.

To be on the safe side, most perfectly normal males won’t PUBLICLY (not including unmixed company) dare touch the subject of  the wrongs of women even if they do think about it in their minds often. This is what we have done to our males.  We have stifled their desire to fight things wrong by creating a false system of security that overpowers their ability to do and say what is right.

This is a very powerful inhibitor set against men (and women, when they criticize males similarly) to speak up about female disorderliness because as soon as a man dares to scrutinize females, other people look on with contempt and disgust—-looking to find blame. Their blaming-curiosity lends to dreaming up all sorts of fictitious—-even malicious—-ideas about his character that they otherwise would have no inclination whatsoever to do.

In their haste to judge him, (and stop him) they make unfair accusations against him. Suddenly, all because he sees something others prefer to ignore or lie about, in their eyes, he is an “antisocial, mean, women-hating” creep that causes him to lose his social standing and friends (out of shallow fear of association), in which his beloved reputation suffers greatly.  He is ostracized and alone.

If not already, sooner or later, even if he surrounds himself with women sexually, if he still hasn’t stopped the scrutiny that others don’t want to accept, he becomes the mocked target of orientation cruelty—-all the above stemming from as if there aren’t any other notable, worthy endeavors that comprise the makeup of real men.

Without others actually thinking about it this way, but it is as if he must abandon the truth he sees about women, and lie to women because getting a woman to like him is so important if he doesn’t want to be called names.

Men, forgetting that only one thing—ONE—can make them gay…. which is their literal sex-actions (or wanting to, but afraid of it), this phenomenon that men have brought onto themselves serves as a huge blockade to men using their wit and intelligence to oppose the wrong things women can do sometimes.

In the great scheme of things, it is not very smart at all for grown men to act this way.

This same concept of “reputation fright” that clouds the subconscious of many males is what will drive a number of  these men to marry even when studies show that a growing number of men (soon to be the majority of younger men) really don’t want to marry. For several reasons including not wanting to accept feminist-minded women into their personal lives, more and more males now want to remain single and some of them childless too.

But they throw away their own independent worth to concern over how things may appear to others if they don’t fit in and act like others—-all taught to them by their fathers (and society in general).

We have so many males marrying into potentially lifelong unhappiness even though we all know that marriage proves nothing whatsoever when it comes to men (and women’s) inner secrets they possess over sexual adventure.

In short, many men marry because they know if they don’t, someone might think they are “less than real men” even though we all know that anything short of genuine, strong, love for the other person is the only reason that justifies serious marriage vows and bonds.

And make no mistake, many scared feminists (and some women in general, forgetting that shallow people could call them man-hating lesbians for being so critical of males ) definitely exploit this phenomenon just to get men to appear to agree with them rather than the men risk their reputations.  It is called “squeezing his balls.”

This is likely a major player with feminists and other like–minded, oblivious followers. Since they can’t really stand up to scrutiny and defend the stuff they call principles, they must drag down their opposition.  They lower the bar so they won’t have as much work to do to foist their synthetic, replacement plan onto everyone.

Using this tactic reveals their dishonesty and desperation to remake the truth (actually an impossible task, but said another way…  to erect their distorted version of it and entice most everyone to believe it without question—-a deception feminists are very good at doing simply because they know men are “supposed to” need their bodies).

Also be it known that men have done this to themselves, for when they stupidly wear their manhood on their sleeves like this, they allow so many to get at it, attack it, and destroy their inner sense of worth, which they seem to automatically accept as the engraved-in-stone truth without so much as a tiny bit of scrutiny applied to its feasibility. This serves to keep them quiet.

Regardless of the “noble” “reasons” for men holding in such high regard their reputations, allowing women (and other men) to hurt men this way and indeed harm all of mankind, is a sign of cowardice, like it or not.  It is something men can change and had better start very soon because radical, truth-distorting feminism is not shrinking, but will soon engulf most everything.

Men need to learn to let these vicious attacks on their manhood run right off their backs.  Many men have succeeded with doing this and no they are not mean, women-hating punks! Get over it!

They are not what people say, but they are also not stupid either! They have weighed the alternative and decided what is most important to them—-saving their reputations OR trying to save the world—-at least stand up for what is right. The future holds what it will be for the other males. Somehow, someway, we need to pump this courage into males all over the world.

That is what MOTIVATEMEN intends to do, that is, if ordinary men will let us help them and their boys. We are not trying to make men “turn gay” (if that is even possible….such a stupid notion! Either they are already that way, or they’re not!) ).  We do NOT endorse that lifestyle here. We are not trying to get straight men to have to set up close-as-brothers, endearing friendships with gay men. But we refuse to bash gay men because overall, it hurts all men everywhere!

It is not hard to see why we men need to, but will men show the strength to not letting it dominate them, or will they cower like scared wimps worried about baseless names that afraid-of-the-truth-and-desperate-about-it-others who are apparently oblivious to themselves, might call them?

A perfectly normal man, if internally secure and powerfully set in his ways—-ways he knows to be the truth—-can indeed take every bit of this intended harm, cast if off, and not let the malice stop him from doing what he knows in his heart is the right thing to do regardless of what it costs him at the hands of shallow, transparent, and desperate others.

Let us see who is man enough…and who isn’t! Reputation nonsense is where courage plays a huge role concerning how easily men can help themselves against feminism!

Laziness and Pride

Men don’t want to oppose women.  They do not want to put aside their ball games (MOTIVATEMEN likes sports too but refuses to let them drag us from our other important responsibilities as men) long enough to tend to issues about women. Their favorite pastimes do not revolve around scrutinizing the wrongs of women (this should be a concern of all men, but sadly, isn’t). Simply put, men are lazy when it comes to being tidy with responsibilities that hamper their fun.

This does not reflect well on men. Even if mentioned to men, some  say ” Yeah, oh well!”

Similarly, men do not want to fool with things that hurt their pride.  Men know darned well that males are losing the gender war. But consistent with males’ competitive nature, males like to win.  With women, they have made concessions even though they know good and well that the things feminists want for all women are selfish, anti-male, and growing rapidly out of control. Men would rather not address something if to do so makes them appear as the losers—-especially over women.

Men tolerate this so that women will like them better. Additionally, their sense of pride isn’t as damaged since they don’t draw attention to it.

Said another way, men will lose even if they have to lie about things for the sake of female appeasement, but just don’t want it pushed into their faces since they know it is cowardly (completely lacking pride) to let all the lies they tell to women dominate their actions—-or lack thereof.

The concepts of male image, manliness, sex, apathy, and egos are reticulated, complex, and expansive.  We could go on and on about this, believe us! But we think you get the point here. Men have created a system of manhood that serves to work against themselves in modern times as soon as women stole power best left unto men.  Instead of men doing what they know in their hearts is right, they cower at the mere thought of it, and rush to do the exact opposite no matter how it hurts the world and its overall sanity.

No, it is not true that men refrain from fighting feminism and opposing women all because they supposedly agree with such a phony replacement scheme derived from misfit envy. It is not because most men think feminists are correct.  We have just proven it. Men allow feminists fallacies to fester because they think they “have” to—or else!

That is what MOTIVATEMEN seeks to change—or else….!

Having explained that well enough, now, our focus switches to jobs and families. These two reasons men refrain from telling the truth about women aren’t defined by a lack of courage (cowardice), but find their origins grounded in serious problems for males if they dare to be honest. These obstacles can be overcome or at least diminished if measures are taken in the right way.

The men-as-providers concept is so important to males. Since nature had it that men were to dominate, but to also accept the not-so-glamorous-after-all responsibility for themselves and others, it is understandable how much importance males place in having jobs. (Responsibility is something the feminists and apparently most women shrug off as not important for women too….unless you “hate women”…so they continue to bleat).

Men don’t even have to like their jobs at all. The need for them stems not from satisfaction, but derives from responsibility. They need an income to provide for themselves, the women, and the children.  Without jobs (or similarly in yesteryear, without over-working their hearts to a much earlier death on homesteads, etc. doing hard-as-hell and usually too-hard-for-women work ), as individual men and collective men, they failed.

It has been nature-pressed into the minds of men all over the world for as long as there has been civilized humans that if male, you have duties opposite females and are tied to the overall success of everyone. (Women have had similar but opposite duties naturally and self-imposed upon themselves and accepted them just fine….that is, in yesteryear when they knew if they weren’t responsible and sensible adults too, doing what the men didn’t have time for and in which women were better equipped to do anyway, that all of humanity would suffer.  It was nature, not “male meanness” that dictated these duties.…truth that feminists hate, distort, and try their best to obliterate. Real men and real women see right through it—-easily!)

Even today, men must have their jobs. They will not likely do anything that jeopardizes their jobs, including refusing to criticize women since they now have to work with them outside the home in which if they do speak this truth, they will likely in one way or another lose those very jobs—-given that many women have abandoned their familial duties and now delegate that to government, daycare strangers, and other means of avoiding, so they can live lives everyone knows is naturally best suited for males.

This means that socialistic censorship has infiltrated the once–capitalistic workplaces to effectively shut men up, preventing them from speaking the truth.  (Men, see what you have done to yourselves by “protecting” women to the point of allowing feminist law–makers to go unchecked.  This is serious infringement on the human rights of men that men will not recover easily).

It is a double-edge sword, a rock and a hard place, a catch 22 for men. For men to dare speak about female selfishness, irrationality, emotionality, biology, incapacity, self-gratification, jealousy, envy, self-objectification, or tell the truth in any way at all while at work (or in public that can be later stretched to supposedly be “hostile intimidation for women at work“—-boo hoo!), then all men know sooner or later, they will lose their jobs or suffer in some related way.

Women would never tolerate this, but decisively employ these very things they would hate for themselves in their attempt to steal natural power from men. Feminists are so driven, amidst their obliviousness, to do whatever it takes to flip the world to something gravely unnatural, that they will stoop to using whatever works regardless of how it makes them look or makes men and boys suffer.

Consistent with feminism to its core and from the very beginning, women care about themselves. To hell with men, families, and the world. The world must now revolve around what women want regardless of how it adversely impacts everyone everywhere.

It is as if women expect men to let them win, let them shake it all up, change it all around, or else they claim men who don’t auto-comply “hate women” , but in which it is actually the other way around with women hating the men who won’t give in and let them “win.”

Tied to job losses, men know that their families will suffer. Stemming from that, their imagery as “men” suffers. Their egos go awry.  Their lives fall apart.  Most men are so concerned for the welfare of everyone but themselves that they will fall into a horrible depression if they fail to keep it all working properly. You can bet everything you own that this effect stifles males’ capacity to fight the very things that are causing  the world to sour.

A man must let the feminist–derived chaos overrun everything.  If he doesn’t, in personal way, his familial life, his finance, his ego, his sex life, his reputation, all that he knows and means so much to him begins to unravel. Defying the powers-that-be to speak up publicly for men and against radical feminism will catapult him into an unknown, hostile, uncomfortable world that frankly, scares the hell out of him.

In other words, if married (or similar) men don’t do all that the certain oblivion–saturated women want to be done and said, then those poor men will lose the right to live with their own children. They’ll have to settle for being in poverty themselves while the women take off with everything and sanctioned by the liberal–minded courts (circuses). It could be pure hell for men. No wonder they won’t fight back! They are trapped.

But in a sense. Men have trapped themselves and continue to so with stubborn ferocity! They cling to what their fathers exampled for them no mater how stupid and foolish it makes them look when it all falls apart for them too. It is as if men would rather end up looking like losing fools as long as they “tried,” rather than having the courage to set new paths for men as options.

This is all wrong! MOTIVATEMEN is dedicated beyond your wildest imaginations to fight back.  We intend and are prepared to educate men in ways they have never dreamed.  It is our mission to combat all things radical feminism that inhibit men from flourishing as independent males or as married males (who still have some power).

It is going to be a lot of work in which we will be extremely hated from both sides of the fence, but we are driven in our wish to restore as much sanity as possible to a world gone bad.

The only way we will be stopped will be for our foes to kill us…. for we will never stop until we die.  If they shut down our website, we will still find a way.  Dwindling, but there still are ways men can fight back and we will legally do whatever it takes to continue our purpose. This sacrifice is what we are here for and why our lives have been chosen to carry it out.

Feminism is wrong, it is filled with envy-derived lies—-and everyone, whether or not they have the courage and fairness to admit it, knows it. Too, early feminists didn’t have jobs to lose like men do now.  Plus, they knew no matter how much they complained, men would still seek their “services.” No one was going to throw women out of the family if they complained about  men.

Those are the real reasons why feminism prevailed.…not due to the strengths of women, but as a result of men’s weakness and allowances.  Said another way, if women didn’t have vaginas and wombs, feminism would have dwindled into nothing it resembles today.  All men, even if trying hard to not say it in front of women, know this for a fact. Feminists won because they have vaginas (and male feminists might as well have vaginas too).

Help for men and boys

What can be done to help men and boys?  There is not enough room here to mention every thing… but for starters in an all-encompassing way, men are going to have to embrace change for themselves (which is what MOTIVATEMEN is about—-so don’t fight us!).

Since MOTIVATEMEN is not intending to reverse history and make women go back into the homes and be good mothers again, our approach to helping the world, men, women, and children…families… is to get men to see the flaws with yesteryear ideals about achieving manhood that do not match what men need today.  They are outdated in which clinging to them serve mainly to kick men’s own butts—-lending power to feminists for their wicked attack on humanity, making it change to suit only women.

Men are going to have to deliberately rearrange their socialization, the way they win women over, the way they relate to women, they way they overzealously compete for women.… for this gets at the very core of  civilization and whether or not our species survives as we know it.

Too, males are going to have to reorganize how they see themselves as real men and accomplishing respected manhood. We simply can’t go on like this with men thinking that our reaching manhood is limited to pre-approved sex, women, staying in their good graces, families, and crosses to bear—-all just to get to be “a man“—-then die our earlier deaths! It is insane for men to not want to change to accept the very things that will make their lives much better in a changed world.

Males need to be reminded that their bodies, souls, hopes, and dreams have complete, independent, unattached worth all of their own and to learn to hold these pursuits in the highest of regards.

For example, when fathers teach their boys not to hit women, they must also make sure that the boys know their bodies have worth too and that a man doesn’t have to let a woman make a punching bag out of him.  Women need to be talked to by males before marriage in ways that let them know that they are never to hit the man for punitive, abusive reasons and such will not be tolerated.

If she runs from this perspective husband, let her. Watch her fade away over the horizon never to interfere with his intentions again. He needs to see and heed the writing on the wall that shows she is oblivious to how a mature, equal, self-controlled, and dignified woman is supposed to behave—-in which she, running away from this truth, is refusing to be. Why pair up with someone who already shows signs that she might abuse and set that example for kids to follow?


Similarly, boys need to know that marrying and trying to have kids in peace is only an option for males and that any males who decide they want to remain free and perhaps childless can still be just as much real men as those who act like puppets and do all they are “supposed” to do. Our boys need to know that their fathers and mothers will love them—-no matter what, and that having grand kids for them isn’t one of their most cherished pursuits.

Notice we said nothing about getting men to not like women anymore or to “hate women.”   THAT IS NOT WHAT WE ARE ABOUT—-NO MATTER WHAT AND HOW MANY LIES YOU ARE TOLD! Sensible women are not the enemy, but over-the-top, radical, superiority–for–women feminism is the justified enemy.

When we teach our boys to be modern men, it is not the power of our err-laden examples that we need to rely on.  The sky is the limit relative to the different ways we can teach our boys to do as we now say, not what we did. This will be a tough assignment given how our fathers and their fathers have sold us down the river, allowing ill-intended radical feminism to be pervasive which is deeply entrenched in ways that automatically provide feminists power.

These changes to our male socialization can be changed, for genetics can not play a role in how we learn, post-birth, (if we survive our gestation periods, no thanks to selfish aborting-murdering women) to chase women and allow their destruction.  And a man—-a real man—-has always known that failure is always better assimilated if he first tried.

To find out we lost (if we lose) but on the other side of having tried our darned best—-whatever it takes—- is what a modern man has to do…. for the shape and face of courage for males and their challenges have changed. Things are not like they used to be and men need to quit resisting and pretending it will all be OK.

It will not be OK if men let women—-especially feminists—- change and run everything. The proof is already all around us.  Just look and see it.  It is right in front of you! Chaos and new hardships spawned from feminism are staring you right in the face! Be brave enough to look, see, and do something about it.

Other ways to help men and boys revolve around letting us at MOTIVATEMEN and other antifeminist entities do what we/they can to help.  This needs to be done without male and sensible female intervention. Besides trying new things when it comes to socializing our boys (yes, to still like women, just do it with a new goal intact), donations to male causes would certainly help too, as would to continue talking in men–only circles about how unfair and irrational women can be at times, then bravely find ways to get these messages across to women.

Unless she is a proven conservative with a track record that makes conservative men blush, don’t ever vote for any woman—-just don’t!  Similarly, track and stop wimpy male public servant candidates who cave in to feminists and perpetuate the shameful practice of gender–traitor behavior.  These things are the very least you can do politically. There is so much more!

Start your own websites that center on helping men and boys in so many ways they need this help.  There is power in numbers. MOTIVATEMEN, while not agreeing with all the stuff on every antifeminist website, we do agree that the sheer number of their commonality proves men are starting to see what is expected of them in order to preserve tradition, sanity, boy’s masculine futures and more! Join this movement. Support it by talking positively about it whenever you can.  Defend it when shallow, scared others try to interfere.

Support the men’s movement (the real one, not the sneaky, feminist–derived decoy).  Support, join, and attend, the concept of a national convention for men. Show women, and especially feminists, that men aren’t OK with feminist mayhem and that our penises and sperm banks doesn’t exist for them to exploit when they feel like it—-then take off with our children while men be required to finance the mayhem.

Condoms!!!!!!!!  Condoms, condoms, condoms.  Secret, defense-providing pen cams!  Both of these devices can keep a man free of vicious women’s intentions.  In fact, a father should buy his boys the first package of condoms and throw in a pen cam too. Then let her try and snag her a man by deliberately becoming pregnant or hurt him by falsely accusing him of rape.

Men need to wise up like this. It is stupid of males to not partake of any and every measure of protection.  Would they rather be stuck with a woman they didn’t want to marry or end up in prison as innocent men?  How is it that being a fool like that is more manly?!!

Give of your time, energy, money, stamina, etc, to help boys such as big brother programs, boy scouts, and increased sports involvement (if you don’t, the women will move in, take over, and do it for you!).  Stand up for your boys whenever  feasible. Speak to these boys about the pitfalls of women.  Lift them up, but be ready to tell them the truth about women too.

We need more unfeminized male teachers in our public schools to serve as mentors and influencers of how men think things should be too.

As fathers, we need to stay involved with our boys as much as possible and do everything in our power to not let the feminist–run and chivalry–saturated family courts circuses rob males of their right to parent and teach the offspring that, yes, belong to us men as well.

As we have stated elsewhere on this site, prenuptial agreements with women are a great way to even the playing field.  Don’t let a woman tell you feeling-saturated excuses like “If you can’t trust me, well…” and “How dare you insult me with….”  Those kinds of women don’t know it, but they are telling on themselves and how they have not a clue to real fairness since they just turned down a chance to make things 50/50—-the most fairest of all.

All women have to already know that the cards are stacked against males now when it comes to marriage, divorce, custody, etc. So, if she tries to play you, and you fall for it, you will be your own little fool.

Don’t complain about how miserable you are when the woman you really believed was a fair person turns into someone you hardly knew come time to separate. There are just too many examples in which during separation and divorce, the women can barely be recognized as the one the unsuspecting man fell in love with. Millions and millions of good men have this horror story to tell. Think enough of yourselves to not let yourselves be next.

Do you really want a woman who can’t manage to let a man have some sense of security in writing?  Why is getting a girl to like you something that causes you to act so stupid? There are too many fish in the sea, many in which are already offering to sign prenupts and do this of their own volition. Why settle for less!

Finally, as fathers, teach your boys to screen perspective women partners for things that are anti-male, anti-family, anti-goodness, or otherwise wrapped in female selfishness.  Teach them to not be afraid (and will have your undying support) to risk not getting the girl if indeed the girl he’s considering isn’t what he wants in a good wife.

Things like…does she believe in abortion, Lorena Bobbits, and hitting men…. should be on men’s lists.  Want-to-be husbands should test women on every matter they find important that would serve to break them up if allowed to manifest.

The men need to really think this through and go with their better sense, for if they don’t, the very things they knew they should have talked about (and eliminated) will the same problems that split them up, rob them, and make them miserable. This is called looking before leaping….which requires the ones looking and seeing to not leap anyway—- like stupid fools.

The list is endless and men are going to have to use their imagination.  We simply can’t list every resource and change/help method here. We don’t have all the answers to how fathers can rethink and teach their boys.  We don’t have a complete list of Qs and As, trials and dilemmas, ups and downs that fathers (and other similar men in the lives of young males) need to speak up about.  That will have to come from your own minds and unique situations.

But at the very least, if you can’t manage this smart, manly task on your own, then even if you have to slip him/them a secret note with MOTIVATEMEN.com on it, then do it! We certainly have the guts to care enough about males to help them in these ways and any other way we can.

After they read our site, they have the freedom to believe or not and try for whatever seems right for themselves—-which is their right to do Don’t rob them of that right. Men are not auto-driven pawns with only one direction to go, then die! Good grief! Love your boys more than that!

Sometimes the reason men won’t return fire to feminists stem from cowardice, sometimes it doesn’t.  This means some of it can be readily changed while other things perhaps can not so easily. There are so many ways to describe why and how men do the things they do when they allow women to control their behavior and ruin everything in the name of “respecting” women and obsessing over women’s distortion–filled feelings.

Women are not supposed to win all the time.  They are not right all the time.

If we as the human race are going to allow the unnatural feminist version of truth and “equality” to permeate, change, and control everything that good men and good women have built, then men deserve some power too.  Men should have some things their way.

The power of men should not be thrown away to make room for women to abandon sane living and self-placate their own feelings in the process, and to hell with everything else! All things said and done, some things co-lived will be what women want, other things should be what men want.

(But all men, most having lived with women in one way or another, know definitely for sure that many women, and especially feminist types, want their way all the time. Real men will not allow that. Success should be gauged by what works best, not what feels good).

With all this change comes the responsibility of men to ensure that as some women feel better, females also must be required to share in the responsibilities, sacrifices, duties, and hardships that doesn’t always feel as good—-might even kill them. Coming with this package is the requirement of women to admit when they can’t be as equal to men that they thought they could in which their feminist leaders lie to them and the world about.

Erroneously seeming like men “had it made” in yesteryear (the truth being that “being a man” was never glamorous at all), if women want a piece of the world like what they have an insatiable, envious appetite for, and men are obliged to allow it, then men must make women bear half the burdens of what all this so-called “glamorous freedom” brings with it.

The flip side is men should have fewer responsibilities since women absorb them too. And men shouldn’t let any grass grow under their feet accomplishing this. Men are already far behind.

So far, that is not what is happening.  Men are caving into women in ways that lets them have it both ways: the benefits without the accountability and sacrifices. It is MOTIVATEMEN’S intention to not stop women and make them return home, but make them be truly equal in all ways regardless of how it feels.

Equality is what they said they wanted, so, given the dynamics between males and females,  it is MOTIVATEMEN’s and all males’ right to prevent their quest for power from resulting in superiority for women. That is what is coming very soon if men don’t learn to fight back on a unified, mass scale.

Having said that, now we are left wondering why feminists have so much  trouble with us.  Perhaps they are telling on themselves and their real intentions which we all knew and still know was/is for women to be superior.  But over our dead bodies, will women be allowed to prevail with such a goal.

On this note, for the life of us, we can’t fathom how a solid, pure, real man can dare vote for a female anything, let alone for President.

Now, given that women will do things to men that men can’t do to women (because weak men allow it), and in a broader sense think that “women can, but men can’t” (again, because men allow it), then if you didn’t before, you do now…. You know why MOTIVATEMEN is here to help men and boys.  Sensible, men with their brains engaged will help, not hurt our efforts.

Men and reasonable women, join our efforts! You’ll be so glad you did.  Don’t make the mistake of wishing or letting your boys wish you had.

While we can certainly understand the dilemma males are in, we also think it is about time that men embrace change for themselves.  Men, all over the world need to realize that there is so much more to manhood besides women, abundant sex, families, egos, images, reputations, and jobs, that of towing the historical domino-falling “manhood” line merely for the sake of doing it, and then die an earlier death. There has to be more to being a man!

And there is!

When men change, the world changes! It is that simple!
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