You have been warned!

Socialism is creeping into our great American experiment (capitalism) at an alarming pace.  FEMINISM IS SOCIALISM TO ITS CORE!! There is no way to separate the two concepts since well, they ARE the same concept. The early feminists even used Karl Marx as a mentor.  These facts, while hidden from mainstream public view, are not hidden altogether.  See for yourself. One of our biggest issues at MOTIVATEMEN is when staunch capitalists don't see, or refuse to see, the incoming socialist missiles aimed directly at them and their principles by feminists---which get by with this since they are women or males who think caving in helps women most. Wake up capitalists! You are about to be dominated and changed! The upcoming "Equal pay for 'equal' work" is a RUSE! It is also a classic example of how capitalist themes are being erased in our society and replaced with socialistic concepts.  Don't take our educated word for it, research it for yourself.  When you do, be sure to examine the unpopular, politically incorrect, "bad" arguments not in favor of it and that unapologetically defend the power contained within the male body which is not reduced to equality with the secretary of, say, a mining company among many, many other examples. The feminists are clever to name this pursuit "equal pay for equal work."  But what they do not tell you is that they consider the secretary of a mining company to be of equal value and paid the same as one of the miners deep underground and dying for this country to have a strong energy infrastructure.  Sound equal to you?  Doesn't to us either! Sure, the secretary is equally important, but not equal to the danger, long hours, and hard labor that males must do while deep underground???!!!  Men, you owe women NOTHING here.  Now, if women want to work underground and accomplish just as equally much as men without any smokescreens or omissions based on "trivial' insignificance, then of course they should be paid the same. And men, you need to keep your bearings---not get knocked catawampus by creatures with vaginas. However, if women secretaries want to change places with the underground men since they are equal according to them, we support that. But we also know it will take a lot more women doing the same amount of work that only a few men can accomplish (feminists, fearing the truth, usually pass over this fact hoping it remains obscured). Be sure and oppose this legislative initiative when it rears its ugly head under the Obama (socialist) administration. This is one of the best way men can help their boys' futures---don't sell them out!

Feminisim IS Socialism

The proof is self-evident, historically substantiated, and well-written about. Why do classic, hard-nosed capitalists rant on in support of capitalism (indeed the best plan for innovative commerce and society), yet don’t see the inherent socialism deeply embedded, (in fact inseparably reticulated) into the fabric of feminism and that of men trying to keep empowered (but irresponsible) women pleased?

Hypocrisy? Cowardice? Ignorance? Hardwiring excuses?

What follows is a piece we wrote not only about feminism being socialism to its core, but also spotlights other issues about intensely-flawed feminism.

Radical feminism is synthetic, socialistic, selfish, and short-sighted.


Rad-feminism is not natural at all.  It is synthetically derived from misfits getting things mixed up based on their misguided envy, feelings, and wishes.

Nature had a plan for us all and it was being carried out via the familial structures ever-present in yesteryear.  Men, women, and children lived, grew, and learned according to commonsense guidelines set in place by nature—which used to be respected. Sure, some unfairness existed and could/“should” have been avoided, but it was happening for both sexes.  Unfairness was a fact of life and before feminism, we didn’t worry so much about the little things.  Keeping our families intact and continuing whatever sacrifices that made families most successful, regardless of how they made us feel, was the most important thing to sensible adults.

That was true until the time came that advances in technology and innovation happened when a few misguided women wanted to emulate men because for the first time in the history of civilizations, due to things like levers, push-buttons, dials, and other facets of working outside the home became commonplace, making it easier for women to compete.

Since then, families and thus, communities have fallen apart.  Marriage is not the sacred institution is used to be. Divorces are more common than successful marriages. Baby murdering abortions are plaguing our society with alarming pace. The workplaces have gotten chaotic and are shadowed by thousands of new laws aimed at men negatively. Once capitalistic-employers now must abide by bad laws of socialistic principles that cater primarily to women and discard the natural powers of males. Our courts have been over-filled with relatively trivial issues. Super-zillions of money has been spent on trying to placate those women despite so many dire problems needing our intention instead. And the spending has only begun!!

In the start of feminism, most women, of their own volition wouldn’t be caught dead endorsing anything having to do with a few examples of unhappy women abandoning all rational behavior to take on the world to try and change it to suit their feelings.  Little by little, the anger-filled and disrespectful feminists beat it into the heads of many more women, (and unfortunately some weak men too) convincing them they were miserable and needed to join forces with them to overthrow the world. It took over 120 years to get women, on a mass scale to go along with their scheme.

That is a lot of self-resistance and for darned good reasons.  If it hadn’t been for the feminists seizing control of our public institutions such as public schools and the media—-places where we learn and get our values and information from—-then most all women even today would still fervently and adamantly refrain from feminized behavior and thought.

Fast-forward to our time. While these changes are very real and can not be excluded from reality, it is still important to understand that these alterations are synthetic.  There is no way that nature and/or God  wanted everything to be shook up, flipped over, and shoved down our throats. These changes derive from too much feelings-based, non-sacrificial, stability-mocking, hatred of the natural, real truth. Neither evolution nor God would ordain the changes we have seen foisted on us —-all in the name of making women feel better while simultaneously causing masculinity, traditional principles, and cornerstones of our lives to be ridiculed in every turn we take in our contemporary lives.

This unwarranted and immature revenge may feel better to some, but it is madness!  And things will only get worse if allowed to remain on this synthetic highway spiraling rapidly out of control more and more so with every passing day and especially with each generation.  Enough is enough already!

But the feminists still aren’t satisfied and there is evidence they never will be. They simply have great trouble with understanding that success is not what feels better, but what works best (objectively defined by nature and commonsense) regardless of how we feel. We should not reduce ourselves to our feelings, but that is exactly what feminists have done and weakened men have allowed.

If one looks, it is easy to see how we are on course with a synthetic replacement scheme derived and driven by the misguided.  There is no way all this is natural.  No way!


Women these days will do unthinkable amounts of selfish behaviors that in yesteryear (not too long ago either) would make any self-respecting woman go to her knees and genuinely weep until she was too weak to cope.  Hideous practices of familial abandonment, birth-control abortion murders, hitting men and then being emotionally and sexually abusive and one-sided about it to men, life-long reputation-damaging false accusations against good men, child abuse, hogging procreation issues as something women-only should control despite it being our only offspring–system all of us have, rampant divorce patterns initiated mostly by women, unjustified alimony and over–payment of child support, hijacking the court systems, assaulting our military and police–rescue institutions making them be weaker then having the audacity to ignore the ramifications, and so many, many other things women will now do all with the no-couth gall to not give a darn how it undermines all that millennia-sustained truth has taught us.  What else will they do?  Or perhaps better said, depending on perspective….what else will they not do?!! Apparently, there is no limit!

Feminists have convinced ordinary, normal women to obsess over their inner feelings even to the point that no behavior is seen as off-limits as they go about converting the world to conform to their wishes and feelings.  The law according to Lorena Bobbitt is an excellent point.  She was upset, so she cut off his penis! Never mind that we have laws and a penal system to punish offenders like what she claimed her husband was—-and should have been able to prove  if she were telling the real (wink-wink) truth.  Who needs an objective law system when they can take the law into their own hands—-literally—-but only for women!

One would be extremely hard-pressed to find any feminist changes having been made that honor and help other groups beside only women—-including men and children. The $$Billion$$ per year-awarded VAWA anti-male “encyclopedia” of new laws caters only to women with no regard for the times men are abused as well.  Women refusing to admit that their violence isn’t even violence and in their warped minds, punitive actions toward men happen because men “deserve it” (to use their own words) is an example of the spin-off resulting from this unchecked feminist mayhem.  Furthermore, their “stop violence against women” ONLY campaigns smack the faces of men who are abused by women.

Abortion murders (as birth control) go against men, the millions and millions of unborn humans, religions world-wide, the Hippocratic oath sworn to by each and every physician professional, and more. The refusal to call a baby a “person” yet (disregarding they are humans already just like each and every one of us that got to live) only because it hasn’t exited the womb is a blatant example of how abortion-murdering women refuse to even consider all humans in their insatiable quest for unnatural power. It is like if you aren’t on their side and don’t see things they way they feel, then you will get run over—-even the children—-literally!

The very act of a mother killing not just her offspring, but that which rightfully belongs to a man also, and acting as if her plans are more important than the lives of children, is THE most hideous example of extreme selfishness that has ever existed.  If is isn’t selfish for a woman to hog procreation, erroneously going up against the sound knowledge of science proving it is human whose life began at conception, NOT BIRTH, and that it is a developing human with distinct DNA and is in no way a part of her body….for her to discount that vulnerable and dependent life as nothing more than a glob of flesh, treating it as if it is a parasite putting a damper on her plans to behave more like men, then there is no such thing as selfishness, leaving the concept to be nothing more than a figment of our imaginations.

MOTIVATEMEN says this: May the blood of billions of babies be splashed across your ugly, selfish faces and you forever wear the torture that you have given to so many innocent human beings. If you think you can stand before God almighty with your pseudojustifications  and get passed His scrutiny, then you are sick and there is no way that you can be a person of religious following. The spent-in-vain blood of innocent babies can not be reconciled in God’s eyes. Nor is it possible for good humans to accept you into the realm of decency. You are beneath the filth that clogs the spaces between Satan’s cloven hooves. (This statement probably will not have a single impact on these murderers because they have to be distant from any form of heavenly religion.  How these hypocrites sit amonsgt the devout and pretend that God doesn’t see their hatred for truth is another example of just how low these people will go to run from truth).

This holocaust of the unborn is enough to prove the selfishness of those women and nothing more should be needed to substantiate that fact.

But there is more. A lot more!

Workplaces to change so women can inject more of their selfishness; censuring mens (and dissenting women) free speech in public (politically correct….which is actually incorrect); wanting to vote, be President, and hold other offices, yet their gender not be required to make the ultimate sacrifices for the country they want to control; undermining their own boys….essentially being traitors to their boys; exploiting mens natural desire for women and the fact that men are slow to change away from how they are getting socialized to cave in to women; accepting SPT but not recognizing it as real help for those claiming they don’t need any help doing everything men can do (a bare-faced lie); and so much more. Nothing is off-limits as they go about reversing nature and erecting their selfishness disguised as poor, poor pitiful, “oppressed” and “hated”  women.  (If they are so “hated” why then do most all men cling to them even when many don’t want children?)

Even if God appeared before their very eyes to say, (and had scientists, history, and commonsense to back Him up), “that the things women are doing to society are wrong, backward, harmful, selfish, subversive, short-sighted, and unnatural”, feminists would turn their minds away from His words.  They, not caring about anyone but themselves, would act as if He must hate them and would still amplify their efforts to change everything up.  Indeed, these days even without God’s visual proof, no matter how adversely it affects families, children, men, jobs, etc, no matter how much investment it takes, they still go on damaging the world with their synthetic scheme in which they are oblivious to. They simply do not care about anyone or anything but themselves and their appetite for power and control. Nothing else matters to them no matter how harmful. If you are normal, you are in their way!

It is easy to see how “selfishness” is an understatement! Yet most of the perpetrators are completely oblivious to themselves and their expensive chaos.  Along traditional lines of stability that our species direly needs, feminist-minded women don’t want any requirements, sacrifices, or accountability be made of them but they sure want to run everything—everything!!

That can only be described as unbridled selfishness.


Karl Marx would be so proud as would thousands of other socialists and communists.  It is no secret that socialistic philosophy and thought is what drives the schemes of feminists and especially radical feminists, including gender feminists.  (However, most feminists hate for the public to see their socialistic attitudes, expectations, and origins.)

The early feminists sought Marxist advice and indeed many were mentored by Marx himself.  This is engraved in stone and has been proven over and over.  It is not up for debate.

Some feminists have come out of the closet and admitted their socialistic templates and attitudes. The only thing good that can be said about this crowd is that at least they had a bit of character to be truthful about it.  Now, if we can get them to be truthful about so many other things, and to quit inventing and re-inventing  (their version of) truth, trying to cover up as-they-go the many examples that shed light on just how unequal women are to men when it comes to trying to be identical!

Pregnancy leave with pay (but only for female parents and even though almost none of the 12 weeks they get is to be used for purposes other than a bonding vacation with child—-just like men would like to also do with pay, that is) is a good place to start when describing the socialism of feminists.

“Equal pay for equal work” (which to them, means that an office secretary of a mining company should be paid exactly the same as physically–demanding, unhealthy, and sacrificial work done by men such as the actual underground mining of coal, for example, with no regard for the dangers and increased sacrifices miners take every day) is a classic illustration of the freakiness they sneakily pass off as “equal pay”….all because both workers are “equally important” to the company—-a heap of nonsense when it comes to pay scales.

(We say, OK then, let the secretaries and underground mining men switch places, since they are so equal.  That ought to shut them up….but it won’t because they will never see the truth nor will they ever be satisfied).  They just don’t like the truthful fact that most of them couldn’t begin to compete with males underground (and also maintain our nation‘s energy infrastructure), but also don’t want to be paid according to their abilities.  They always have “equal abilities to men”….until they see that they don’t….then they don’t want us to notice it (wink-wink).

They disguise their demands as palatable initiatives but when exposed, they are anything but! Anything that gets the common, collective public to absorb the cost of their expensive idealistic ideas, they are for. They are against anything that rewards harder workers, productivity, and other advantages for those who work harder, put in more hours, and/or contribute in ways they can’t because of their biology—-the same biology they say is exactly equal when it benefits them but cry foul when it is time to not be so advantageous, read….everyone having to let them win.

They insist upon getting the custody of children but when it comes time to work with all the problems that arise by juggling both, they want special preferential treatment (SPT) to help erase the “unfairness” that they often (not always) foist onto themselves.  Go figure! Just another way to spread about the costs to make them feel good. They often choose this life for themselves, but when they get a dose of the reality and “unglamourousness” of it all, they get men and society to pick up the pieces and help them. Pure socialism!

Socialism in our faces!

On this subject, we have a favorite saying picked up by one of us when younger.  It is a general statement not meant to characterize all men and women. But it does work for our purposes in this context.  It goes like this.  Men are generally capitalistic. (If you are confused, get the feminists to explain. They have said this in most of their diatribes about yesteryear men).  Women are generally socialistic (also a general statement, and thank goodness not all of them are!)  But here is the kicker. If men are so staunchly capitalistic and defend the principles of capitalism and business, then why is it that they go home to sleep with socialists or otherwise cave in and let socialistic thought and destruction overrun nearly everything they have built?

Isn’t it a bit more than hypocritical of men to allow so much deterioration of their beloved institution even if it is done to placate females? This speaks mountains about the weakness of males and who really has the power—-always have really. Men do know better, but they do it anyway and pretend there are no other alternatives—-which we’ll be damned if there aren’t! Hell yes there are alternatives!  It is called being man enough to speak the truth to women no matter what it costs and what it has to mean—-period! So are they capitalists or are they just a bunch of horny phonies worried about their “manly” egos?

Take a look at Europe, South America, and now other continents, including North America (Canada) where feminist initiatives with socialistic twists are overrunning most everything else. As an example, Brazil, as do so many other socialist countries have quotas to fill legislative seats with a minimum number of women regardless of and despite the general public’s voting patterns.  This is just the beginning. Things like this are coming to America soon if the femi-socialists, changing the great American process, get their way—-and they will sooner or later, unless men grow the balls to fervently oppose it. So much for democracy; that’ll be a thing of the past if they succeed!  They whimper about so much of congress being comprised of men, but let the Whitehouse and Washington be filled with only women and they would not have a single compliant to bleat.

In those same socialist countries, feminists forgetting their own feminist beginnings with free speech, the internet, the media, and the public outcry against feminism is slowly (often under the “radar”)  being censured to “protect” women, because women “fear it.”  Think it can’t happen in this country?  Think again! Unless men and sensible women stop this outrage against free speech and expression, there is no telling what will be demanded of government in the name of “helping women” —-those same creatures who aren’t supposed to need any help (wink-wink)!

This socialist–minded trend is already starting in America.  Just the other day, we were surfing the web and came across a “Petition for the US government” to shut down an antifeminists website.  It appears that the antifeminists spoke so much truth (or even if they didn’t, they did not threaten women physically at all) that the petitioners just couldn’t believe it was getting to be on the internet (a domain of completely free speech, supposedly) .

Never mind that such a stupid petition can’t be legally recognized and enforced (yet!!!), those socialist freaks, with their minds full of the way many women think and feel (and apparently, are oblivious to themselves), in their mindset, they really believe that it is fair and honest to rid others (key words: others) of their right to speak just because they didn’t like what was being said.

In their fear of the truth, they wanted to silence it instead of putting up solid evidence to support their counterclaims. That is a classic example of how the socialist, feminist mindset infiltrates, inoculates, and indoctrinates those who don’t see it their way.  Thus, such forces–that–be are poison. Femi-socialism is poison!

This is an excellent reason to oppose radical feminism and is one of the main reasons we do oppose.  Our opposition has nothing to do with “hating women.”  It has everything to do with protecting traditional institutions that are soon to be wiped out if men don’t take consolidated action quickly!

Quick action!  That is correct. MOTIVATEMEN is darned surprised they haven’t come after us yet—-to do just like socialists love to do—-silence any and all opposition to their dominance. There are just too many examples that can be cited to prove this is how they think, feel, and act.  If you don’t see it their way and let them win (although they wouldn’t call it that) then they just know for sure, just because you sing a different tune, that you “hate” them and should be stopped.

In other words, we should silence ourselves or they will do it for us while they swear up and down we “hate” them.  We “hate them” whey will lock arms and chant, even though we have never stated we hate them, never intended physical harm, never endorsed any violence other than self defense, and never had the traitorous-filth-mindset to try and silence them—which is the precursor and indicator of true hatred for all to see!

Not endorsing violence, we just disagree with them. Disagreeing sides should have full, unimpeded run of press and speech.  This should be true for as long as there are humans.  But watch them.  Watch them prove they are selfish, short-sighted, socialists.  Don’t take our word for it! Watch them show their hatred, while they point fingers.

But do rush to help us should they attack our website with censorship. Yes, we expect America-loving, democracy-endorsing, truth-telling, ball-owning men, and brave women to help protect us should their eradication equipment–beast rear its ugly, oblivious, and socialistic head.  It is just a matter of time.  They will come!  Mark that word!

There will come a time, 2 decades, 200 years, or 2 millennia, that most men will wish to speak out against radical feminism–selfishness. If men do not protect free speech now, they will in effect, be silencing themselves.  No matter how hard it is to resist women, no matter how good the sex is, no matter how great the family, and/or whatever, men had better stand their ground against free speech censorship or they will likely be forced to oppose women, but probably not peacefully. No matter how far men will slump in their overzealousness to please women, they should never trade in their free speech—-NEVER!

Protecting themselves is what real men will do. Men, if you can’t show your manliness that should protect others besides just women; if you can’t stand up for America, if you denigrate the spirits and sacrifices of millions of men who have fought, been maimed, and died valiantly for this country and its founding principle of free speech for all, then you are pathetic excuses for men.  You will not be real men.  How dare you call yourself “men” when you have NOT the courage to substantiate that very word. “Coward” will be stamped across your faces and every other conceivable part of your body.  May you reap the curses that you ask for! Even if you vehemently disagree with our site, you had better have the balls to protect our right to speak it. There is nothing manly about letting women squeeze and torture, then sever and own your balls!

Everyone should have the right to speak unless they incite direct physical harm to others. The definition of “harm” has to be limited to physical harm —-else it all be subjective–based in which everyone will/can be harmed (duh!). (Note: The feminist/selfish woman doesn’t think this way; She thinks you are supposed to let her win.  That is the way their minds work!).

Many men might disagree currently, but the time will come.  If men ever let them take away their right to disagree and speak it, then depending upon the formidable resistance powers in place at the time, men likely will have to shed blood to get their human right back.  That blood might not be their own, but from those whom ironically they have been trying their darned best to not fight….who, if things continue as-is, women will dominate men in virtually every aspect of human life.

Men, tell and defend the truth now to defend your own right to speak.  Do legally whatever it takes to save it! You must not fail here.  The consequences will be too numerous.  If you let your right to disagree and speak it out loud, you will have become the fools of all fools.

It is unfeasible to count on feminists ( most all women by then) to be fair and nicely decide to give men freedom of speech again. Don’t expect from women what men did for them when men let feminists speak. You see, unlike men, they won’t “have” to abide.  In fact, this is our point MOTIVATEMEN makes for why we exist—-to help men before it is too late!

When they come to remove mens verbal opposition to their synthetic feminist plans (like good socialists WILL do), they will present their sugar-coated wishes as very palatable, tiny, “not-so-big-a-deal” changes.  They might disguise it as “respect” for women.  Or, perhaps they will use the oft-abused “rider” law-making plan which sneaks laws into existence via letting them be attached (almost not noticeable) to other completely unrelated major, sure-to-pass laws.

They’ll expect men to let them have their way—-else men “hate” them!  (Those are their versions of logic). Whatever their manipulation, men will be tempted to agree.  But make no mistake, when/if men ever agree, then they will be silencing themselves and their boys! Now just how manly will that be?

It will be interesting, but too late, to see if men still think “pleasing women” no matter the cost, should be the most important thing on earth for “real men” to do!

Whatever you do, men, don’t EVER give up, or let be whittled down, changed, hijacked, or whatever they try, your right to disagree and speak because the day will come that males will be so unhappy, that most men WILL oppose radical feminism and will wish they hadn’t sold the farm right out from under themselves.

Don’t let them define your right to speak either, for they will modify it to revolve around their wishes—-something they understand as wrong since they would never tolerate it being done to women, but will have no problem erecting such meanness onto men.

Unfeminized men, if from this website, you take only one thing, whatever you do, PLEASE let that one thing be this:  DO NOT EVER LET ANYONE MODIFY, DEFINE, CONTROL, OR ERASE MENS RIGHT TO APPOSE AND SPEAK IT ALOUD! You’ll be so sorry if you don’t heed this warning. Other than the animal (and certainly HUMAN) right to self-defense, unless men deliberately incite physical harm to women, nothing feminists do or say can justify deleting or limiting mens right to speak in dissent.

And should some antifeminists websites endorse unwarranted violence toward women, only those specifically “guilty’” should be reprimanded, leaving the rest of us and our websites completely untouched, intact, and free to continue.

Wipe those self-serving, crap-eating grins off your pathetic, feminist-soiled  faces! Men, will you man-up here or will you continue to traitorously undermine you own gender, selling your boys down the river?!! If you continue, males living then will despise the males living today.  Mock and laugh now, but mark that word! Do not do the silly behavior of shortsightedness, which brings us to our last point to make in this section.


Unless it is for women, feminists do not think in ways that are long–term for society….and even when for women, they suck at really depicting how adverse their synthetic changeover scheme will become. All they know is what they feel, having very little regard for anything and everything not on board their boat named “oblivious manipulative meanness.”

Don’t take our word for it, but after you have visited our site for a while, briefly tap into their sites and see some of the most hair-brained ideas ever to darken the doorways of our minds.

One such ding-bat idea from a few of their ranks actually endorses a social security benefit plan for women who stay at home and raise kids (but only for women, not men…. but of course!!).  They suggest this even without any means for those women to contribute to the system—-which is the only way to finance such socialistic government programs unless we increase taxes to astronomical heights!

(Perhaps, this mentality, collectively with all the other feminist changes and initiatives in socialist European countries, is why their taxes are so extremely high.  This is yet another example how feminists ARE socialists and think that it is the government’s (society’s) collective cost to bear the burden to help poor, poor  women who according to the double–talking feminists, aren’t supposed to need any help being and living just as men do).

History, their own track record, has proven that the initiatives feminists seek, before long, spin rapidly out of control. Among the many, abortion is a perfect example.

At first however, there were hardly but a few feminists to be found who endorsed abortion as birth control.  (Perhaps this public absence of abortion-“wishfullness” was just a public cover-up to entice others to find their wish lists more palatable, causing their audience to eventually side with them. Who knows? It is hard to tell what is churning in their selfish minds until the fallout ramifications manifest!).

Older feminist literature is replete with numerous examples of then-feminists having nothing to do with abortion legalization or even hinting to such a hideous practice.  Not until feminists succeeded in convincing a teetering majority of women and some cowardly men to join their ranks, did more inclusive things such as abortion make it onto their devious planning tables.

Now, if you are a feminist, odds are that you endorse abortions for whatever excuses selfish women insist. (Not all feminists believe abortion is necessary and seek more intelligent and humane ways to stave off  unwanted pregnancies. We apologize to these women for not recognizing them more, but after all, they are hiding amongst the feminist crowd—-something they do not have to do). Not only support for, but the legalization of this cruel and supremely oppressive practice has taken place.  Millions of abortions take place in this country every year.  If that is not enough, feminists are famous for fighting conservative’s plea to at least counsel and warn the women of what they are about to do, leaving untold thousands and thousands to regret their abortion murders.

Abortion-murders have become so commonplace that the practice has literally been shoved into our faces. It has made its way into videos taped live to scheme and help remove the stigma associated with these murders, in which the star reality-actresses don’t even flinch.   “Miscarriage” pills, morning-after “emergency” pills are pushed like drugs.  Even the political arena of a governmental (socialistic) health care bill requiring those not wishing to pay for abortion murders to collectively pay one way or another (mark that word) for this holocaust, has come to pass.  What’s next? Who’s next? Who knows?

One thing is certain, even if the early feminists didn’t have in their cruel sights that of baby-murder-“freedom”, one could (and did) easily predict that abortions and other horrible afflictions to society would manifest from the likes of women who thought they should get to do whatever they wanted.

It was just a matter of time, the indoctrination of their help-for-women-only ideas would replace not only the then–mentalities of seasoned feminists but also those of many regular women that have now become not–so–regular—-certainly not normal. Abortion isn’t the norm currently, but give it time, if the feminists get their way, abortions will become one of the most–used “medical procedures” of all.  There will always be women who are against abortion–murders, but like everything else shortsightedly overlooked, more and more good people will start to lean that way.

On a different angle, feminism is shortsighted in that it has hurt women in ways the oblivious feminists are not aware. Take, for example, when women hit men.

The minds of feminist thought are too shortsighted to see that making women safer ultimately does require women to understand that provoking and tempting men is not only stupid but very unsafe.  This is where feminists fail women tremendously!  It is as if the feminists don’t want women to miss out on any and all chances to control men and to control the situations they find themselves in with men, that they silently endorse women to stay in harm’s way and hit the men instead of cooling off elsewhere—-for her own safety.

Feminists should be teaching all women to not hit men save for their own physical protection (not to include their easily–hurt feelings however )—-to remove themselves from harm’s way in heated arguments with men. Instead of this commonsense practice, by absence to the contrary, feminists cling to teaching women that they can hit men and have every right to expect to feel safe afterward and in fact, to continue badgering and physically abusing his body with no accountability or punishment for her actions.

These kooks really believe that women should get to start violence but rely on the unnatural social training men are subjected to that tries to keep them from defending themselves against female attackers. (They don’t call it violence.  With them, the way their minds think and they defend, it is called her right to punish since “he deserved it”). These shortsighted women fail to see that it is monkey-see, monkey-do.

Just like women, men are not perfect and despite most all of them accepting the idea that they should not hit women, still, they mess up.  Their “don’t hit circuitry” in which they have post-birth and unnaturally been rewired to be, goes awry when, in the heat of the moment, they lose it! Very real scenarios just like this one can be completely avoided if women would stop and think that they too, (AS EQUALS….remember that pursuit?), are supposed to be mature and self-controlled against impulsive reactions.  They cannot admit that to hit men as punitive action is wrong. They fail to see that hitting must be reserved for physical, imminent self-defense only.

Most men would never hit a woman, that is, until he gets hit himself.  With this, there are still many men who won’t hit a woman back.  But the reality is that many men not only WILL, but have a human/animal right to respond defensively when hit upon.  The animal instinct presiding in all of us humans is just too natural and prevalent for our efforts to make men let women hit on them work every time. It is irrational to expect such unnaturalness to take hold in the minds of everyone everywhere.

No one at MOTIVATEMEN is saying “women make men beat them” such as what oblivious feminists cry out when all we want is for women to quit hitting men. (Please, give it a break….you’re only showing how stupid you are when senseless feminists spout such transparent and intelligence–lacking mind–farts. You know? People do see through your tactics and see the proof of just how shallow many feminist minds are. When silly feminists state such tripe, they are really showing how unable to accept responsibility they are. They prove antifeminists correct. Like children, nothing is ever womens fault! Just like a good feminist, women aren’t even partially responsible for their own provocations).

What we are saying here is that it is shortsighted for women to ignore the dangers of physically much stronger males and actually hit them but expect them to never return fire so women won’t have to admit their female bodies are generally physically weaker.

Look, we know feminists have trouble admitting the truth.  And God knows they don’t even think the truth, as we all know it, is really the truth (their, synthetic version of it).  Nonetheless, the example of hitting men is ridiculous! Ridiculous is all we have to say at this stupid behavior to which they cling.

Moreover, there is irony here. Men can be shortsighted too sometimes and in this context, especially when they are feminized “men”—-part of the feminist movement themselves. These freaks of mind–nature weak–ass puppets are part of the problem with feminism overall.

The shortsightedness of these weaklings is likened unto men teaching women to shoot guns, (helping them with feminism) in which the women they taught/helped, in turn, point at men and shoot them (duuuuhhh!!).  A personal example is when someone we know who was staunchly pro-choice (meaning…. pro-abortion,  since those with that mindset think it should be legalized), but when learning he had just become impotent and having previously recently impregnated someone he loved, but she wanted and did get an abortion, he had to endure the hell of his only shot at procreation being robbed from him by someone who could manage to think only of herself.

Finally, him having the enlightenment that he was fighting for the wrong side, he has become a strong advocate for right-to-life endeavors. We are sorry he had to actually lose his child—-his only child—-his only hope at having his own child, as what it would take before he could finally wise up and see that his past actions were horribly unfair to men, children, and many times, to women also.  Like so many men and women who were once in favor of a woman killing children, they have been hurt by it so tremendously that they will forever be on the side of saving the lives of innocent babies from the selfish meanness of oblivious women.

Latch-key kids, stranger-run daycare parental replacement centers; out-of-control children born and/or raised from the single mother phenomenon currently sweeping the nation; teen pregnancy increase; disrespectful girls who say and do whatever they want and often get by with it; women wanting to run the country but not have a single sacrificial requirement made of them; vagina monologues; college campus socialist–feminist militant training camps disguised as “womens studies”,  the list goes on and on detailing how out-of-touch feminists have helped generate and foster what we have as a daily reality. It was predicted by smart men of yesteryear that things described above (and more) would come to pass if feminism wasn’t brought into check.  It was said in so many words over and over that things will unravel if we turn the reigns over to feminists and especially if we don’t chaperone them.

The smart people of this planet are predicting that if the feminist runaway train isn’t brought to a screeching halt, and soon, then the gender distinctions that characterize men and women will disappear.  If the feminists have their way, people won’t be able to tell if they are talking to a male or female. The process has already started. Many women now have boy names, feminists want us to dress our boys in pink, and armpit and leg hair for women are seen as a “womens right” initiative (!@#$%^&*). If one tries, it is easy to see how the feminists are racing fast toward a genderless society, one in which unisex is dominant.  Such a world will be boring and extremely unnatural.

Review their scheming manipulative plans and see for yourself.  Crazy things will come to pass if sensible people don’t reassert themselves and stop the madness.

The chaos spawned from the shortsightedness of feminism marches on anyway.  Just  look at what we have!  A mess! And it will only get worse if the ones opposing aren’t gathered together, solidified, and geared to fight something that deep–down most all of us normal people KNOW has to be wrong—-something  selfish, socialistic, synthetic, and shortsighted.
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