Many women will hate the word "equality" when the time comes for them to actually BE truly equal. What these women prefer is to keep getting the current "pick and choose" equality aka SPT-let's-all- pretend-equality. As it is now, females get to choose what they like and don't like about equality while the men remain silent, obedient puppets in the face of something they KNOW is wrong. MOTIVATEMEN is about TRUE EQUALITY since to have a different version is to lie to women and let the world slip more and more into a feminized, synthetic changeover. Weakened, feminized men will do nothing about this! And the boys just watch on, oblivious to being sold down the river by males who are SUPPOSED to be on their side! Aren't men males first? OK quit being oblivious too. We wouldn't want to be like the women. It is they that want to be like the men, right? Men---show some guts!

Oblivious Factor

Women be careful what you ask for!…You just might get it!!

I , the webmaster here, just like most all independent men, can do most(not all) everything a woman can do, and not only that, but better!  I can do ALL of my own cleaning, minor sewing, cooking, (tasty too), and clothes-washing.

When it comes to domestic chores, independent men can beat women hands down.  Heck, when the refrigerator needs pulling out to clean behind, men can do this all by themselves—whereas most all women must have a man or several other women help them. In this sense, not to say that women are only needed to do domestic chores, but women had better be careful what they ask for because ever since the feminists influenced women to get men to help out more domestically, the men actually are learning how to get along without women in this context.  Like it or not, but this leaves fewer reasons that men need women.

I understand cars better and can fix most of my problems there.  Being more powerful, I can chop wood better and actually move the heavy-as-lead wood stove when needed. I can add a room onto the house, (not just in mouthy bossing around, but in knowledge and hands-on capacity).  Heck, I can build an entire house! (To be fair, there are a few women who know how to build too, but ask them to actually do it…. to actually foist heavy beams up 2-3 floors and put them in place. You and they will find out, except for the rare, RARE beefy find of a female, (one no man should want since they look and act like men…scary), they can NOT build a house without the strength and help of men.

Assuming children come into the picture, men can do everything there too except nurse with real flesh teats.  As long as there are baby bottles, formula and milk, men need not worry there either.  Men can wipe snotty noses, soiled butts, and clean up vomit. Changing diapers is easy enough—stinky and uncomfortable, but so! These are the things that go with loving children. Men can protect children too, clean up their wounds and scrapes, deal with the crying, foster/enhance their mental development and whatever else falls under caring for kids.

The only things left in which independent men need women for are having babies and intimate, romantic companionship (completely optional).  Not to say that women are only good as “baby mills” (to use their exaggeration) and for love-making, but it is appropriate to say that these are the only things as to why an independent man might need a woman. This may not make women feel good, but what are men to do, lie to them?  Indeed many men do lie about this—most everyday of their lives in one way or another.

But MOTIVATEMEN will not lie to women or men about these facts. If women do not want to be needed for only these two “lowly” reasons, then why don’t they set the example and quit needing men only for their sperm, money, and lifting heavy stuff?  Deal!?? Equality is a two-way street, but getting women to actually understand this is real hard—to say the least.

Apparently, most all liberated men don’t want kids—in which nothing is wrong with that—no more than it is wrong for a woman to not want kids either.  This leaves the love-making and companionship as the only reasons these males might seek women to fill their everyday lives. Taking into account that modern women are participating in sex less and less these days because they are too tired from running around doing what men used to do, then complain about how men don’t help them with gargantuan piles of chores they have left over, then men can actually get more sex from chasing other women.

On the subject of bringing forth children,well, men may not be able to give birth but they can sure find other ways to obtain children and satisfy their fathering needs (optional for reaching manhood). Adoptions for men are becoming more common.  Big brother programs provide outlets for the adults as well as fill the needs for the boys in need of mentoring from older men.  Third-party surrogate mothers are helping more and more men obtain babies without having to share parenting with someone obliviously selfish. Men who go there can then find a wife who signs a prenupt on custody of the child who belonged to him before she entered the picture. Babysitting nephews and neices are wondereful ways to be with genetically-related children and pass on values.

And the companionship, the genuine loving of each others company?— it is out the window as well since most situations now are likened unto competition together, not companionship.  Many men do not want to compete with women—like it or not.  Some men may lie about this, but MOTIVATEMEN will not.

Perhaps us independent men not needing women anymore is why the notion of a man being independently free of a regular woman in his life is why many women immediately feel threatened or “hurt” by the presence of men like this.  Maybe this is the reason they go for our jugulars—-since they can’t control us, to tear us down, they seek to annihilate us by calling us names in which we actually bear no resemblance.

Understandably, women want to be needed for more than things listed so far, but by that same token, so do men want to be needed for things they traditionally were sought after too.  And we do not want to be ridiculed, or mocked, or told the reasons we need women are unimportant, oppressive, or even abusive.

But the feminists have sought to obliterate any remnant of genuine things men really needed. They have dismantled a system that spoke of men being needed and not only that, but needed in the ways men actually wanted.

These days many men settle for whatever they can get!  We at MOTIVATEMEN say a man should NEVER have to settle—NEVER! And we independent and motivated men WON’T…Period! We’d rather do without! In the scope of our own dignity, doing without a permanent female in our lives means more to us than does selling out to fit in.

Feminists instill in women to reach for egalitarian relationships. But like it or not, many men do not want this cluttering and changing of their own lives.  Many men see the profound logic and wholesomeness in having two opposite halves come together to make the whole. It was called a family—remember! Without it, many men simply want no part of life living with women.  But, while these men may “hate” the changes foisted onto them, this is not to say they actually hate the women specifically. Simply put, is not true that all antifeminists or independent men hate women.   But it is propaganda used against men.

Today, a man is supposed to move over, let the woman run everything mostly, watch as his being needed is whittled away by empowering the woman to do it all without him, and he is supposed to just be OK with this nonsense and stick around so she can make him feel almost completely useless while staying completely out of her way!  He is to not dare hurt her feelings by espousing the truth either! Besides, she does not want to hear it.

No wonder many men are running the other way! Feminists want women completely untethered to males, but will not even begin to see the equal fairness in men wanting to be untethered to females too. In their desperation, they call us men “emotionally insecure and immature.” How in the hell do feminists think that is fair equality?  From just where have they gotten their “logic?” Outer space!!?

So women, you had better be careful what you ask for, (or let the feminists ask for you). Letting feminists upset the natural balance of things (which while not perfect, WAS far more equal than previously thought by the minds of misfit, misguided feminists)—you just might get it.  And with independent men, YOU ARE! You will get exactly what you asked for—reason enough to rethink some of the bull and hype the world is now in turmoil over.

The feminization of males is making males more like women in so many, many ways—many that are beyond the scope of this discussion. This may not make women feel better, but like it or not, it is the truth.  And deep down everybody KNOWS it.  Yes, they do! So don’t complain when everything and everybody is in the emergency ward? And they will be!

But do blame the feminists, many of the men-want-to-be women, and ALL of the weak men who allowed it! We will all pay the price for those who are guilty of being liars!


Women's obliviousness example set by superstar icons: Whitney Houston's interview by Oprah reveals more than just a returning star.

Oprah interviewed Whitney Houston on NBC (liberal, liberal, liberal) which aired on Sept. 14-15, 4:00 pm.
Whitney is a beautiful, feminine, and intelligent woman with a voice to be cherished. She is truly an American national treasure we would not want to have done without. She has a certain quality that is unlike most women these days--a fading situation given the way feminists think men should flock to women who are chunky, masculine, bitchy, controlling, and revolting.
We take nothing away from Whitney's star. Our intentions here are to merely use a mainstream example (among many) of how even the best of women sometimes are oblivious to their mindset that reeks of "blame the male while ignoring the should-be-obvious about oneself."
Women often do this even without knowing it. Not knowing it in themselves, is the reason for many women's adamant refusal to accept that we are right. Men, all men, but especially the men who are exposed to these women nearly every day of their lives can definitely see it. Oh yeah!! Say this isn't true and we say you are not paying real attention!
Everyone has heard about how Whitney Houston sunk into a terrible life ordeal with Bobby Brown. We have all been lambasted with reports of how Whitney's fall from stardom is all Bobby's fault.
Sure he has a mean streak (but so do many women). Sure, he had to stand in her shadow. Sure he certainly could have behaved better just as there are many women who could do the same. While not being physically abusive to Whitney, he had many traits that seem intolerable to a mutually-loving relationship.
But the focus here is on Whitney and Oprah's refusal to acknowledge an important factor in the quest for the genders to get along. Oprah, did the classic feminist dodge-the-issue game, while Whitney obliged.
Not one single word was mentioned or asked of Whitney that needed to be asked: What were some of the things she (Whitney) did that irritated Bobby or influenced him to behave the way he did sometimes? Could it be that some of her own habits, ticks, and behavior contributed to the irritation of her spouse? Did she have bad days too and displaced her attitude onto him sometimes?
Surely we aren't expected to believe that Whitney was a complete angel the entire time she was with Bobby?
But coming from the interview, apparently Whitney was the innocent victim who endured a life of horrible cruelty at the hands of a terrible man. She the victim, was the enlightened one, while he was the villain. She could do no wrong, whereas Bobby could do no right.
Nobody here is saying she was not abused. Clearly there were patterns of abuse in Bobby's judgments---or lack thereof. But we at MOTIVATEMEN have the courage and honesty to ask WERE THERE THINGS THAT WHITNEY DID, EVEN UNKNOWINGLY, TO EXACERBATE THE SITUATION?
If Oprah had asked: How was your diet during those Bobby-days?, it appears that Whitney would have replied: Bobby was mean to me. Whitney just couldn't stop talking about how bad Bobby was, even when she was asked about things ancillary to Bobby. When asked, "What were those drug days like" (Whitney had a chronic drug addiction), Whitney replied, stuff like "Bobby this and Bobby that" (paraphrased of course).
Hello Whitney--- Earth to Whitney...Bobby has already been blamed for all of your problems...the question was about your OWN drug use for which you must take responsibility. Remember the first step to recovery is admission---and not merely just about the addiction but any contributing factors, self included.
We are NOT defending Bobby, but we also are not going to abandon holding women accountable for the things they can do sometimes to irritate men and help influence why men sometimes behave so badly. Some of the responsibility here has to lay with women too, for the men surely are not operating in a vacuum. Everything can't always be only the men's faults. Women are not perfect either, so there are things they do too that are disrespectfully abusive to men, the male perspectives,their needs as males, and that just might make many men take on behavior they otherwise wouldn't.
The message seems to be: We all are ultimately responsible for ourselves ...unless you're a woman...that is. If female, the responsibilities lie with all the bad, bad, men out there who are oppressive beasts deliberately being 'mean' to women.
Women need to accept responsibility and men need to hold women accountable. Everything bad is not always men's fault, while the women, innocent as they claim or imply, sit helplessly unable to affect any immediate positive change.
We are all in this together! Aren't we?