This is where we set the record straight. People are GOING to misquote us. In some cases they will try their darned best to cram words into our mouths, misrepresent us, remove from context, distort, bend, twist, tell half-truths, and state sheer outright lies about us, what we are for, and what we say. So let them show their desperation, for if they are going to quote us, then they need to get it right. (But getting it right won't represent their conveniences and warp the world to conform to their ideas for everyone everywhere--- so forget that!). Anyway, it is all here, in black and white---and a bit of color. See for yourself.

In This Context

Why we refuse to bash gay men….

First, defending those who are different does not imply, state, suggest, (or whatever), that we are also like them.  If wrong, then Presidents Clinton  and Obama must be gay, and all because you say so. They defended gays. But them doing so means absolutely NOTHING about their own orientation—NOTHING!

Second, who in their right mind would try to be gay?  Why are so many hung up on thinking gay people choose to have an attraction to the same sex? Just as heterosexuals developed with them being naturally attracted to the opposite sex, so did the same mechanisms operate and generate the same-sex attractions.

Why is genuine, strong orgasms denied those who themselves when their puberty started,  found out they were different?  And who has the right to be that cruel?

Third, defending them and helping our cruel society get over its bias helps all men in a very important way. It is the main focus for our refusal to make men look bad—-unless they really, REALLY have been bad. (However, homosexuality is not as bad as adultery according to the scriptures).

Here’s how and why we think it is commonsense to leave gay males alone in all ways negative. We are very serious about helping men and boys—- even to the point of going out on a limb like this to do so. We know what we are risking but to us it is worth it.  Knowing in our hearts we are not gay, we are free to take this issue on to help make positive change in the real lives of men and boys.

Every time someone bashes gay men, and particularly if male and gay, they do a terrible disservice to their own gender, actually undermining it, yet in which they are apparently oblivious.

You see, when we stigmatize and punish members of our own gender for something they can’t help, making them look degenerate and  “less of a man” , to others watching, it creates a prohibitive atmosphere hostile to any other males who (for other valid reasons) also might not strap themselves to women as their “must-do” manly achievement.

A man merely wanting to be a single, childless male, or if an antifeminist, or for whatever legitimate reason(s), he will stay away from those options because of the stigma foolishly perpetuated by other immature men when they bash anyone suspected of being different—-meaning any male not copying their “get-you-a- woman-or-else” mentality.  Standing out as needed to help our gender against the feminists—-at least show them that some males can be independent and free from feminist/female domination—- he won’t be as likely to do because someone while erroneously assume he is gay.

That is terribly unfair and short-circuits any chance that most men will be brave enough to fight radical feminism that deep down in their hearts they know is wrong.

Here lies the crux. We, as activists for male causes, understand that there are still a few narrow-minded fools remaining out there that try their darned best to stubbornly cling to failed thinking that all single, childless males, “must be” gay. Even antifeminists have this undue label jabbed at them too. For this reason, due to those clueless ones, many men wanting to live their lives in freedom, or dare scrutinize women’s disorderly behavior these days, get called all sorts of names, even “gay”—-even if they have never had a homo moment in their lives—-and don’t want to either.

But the smart, know-it-all’s out there…. they seem to have it all figured out for everyone. They sure wouldn’t want the same stuff made up about them just because someone doesn’t know them well enough. But watch them, they will go out and do this terrible labeling of others.  Can’t they just get a real life somehow—-one made of their own triumphs and accomplishments—-not deplete of them,  so they instead rip and tear at others—-to try and bring them down to their own level? Don’t they have any of their own substance?

We don’t like to bash gays because we want to help rid our world of the inhibiting effect of creating an environment where men are too afraid to stick out and stick up for male rights.  Or perhaps, some men just want to be single and free, not having to rivet themselves to a disorderly woman all their lives—-an ever–increasing trend these days. (And who can blame them!)

Thankfully, while living otherwise normal lives, there are some brave males doing it, but we all know there are many males who, being over-concerned with their “manly” reputations  and egos over that of helping the world stay stable, are going to never publicly tell the truth about women if to do so gets them labeled “gay” (“less manly”) by others.

They will state the truth about women and the way things should be while not in mixed company (we have seen this happen so many times with even liberal males many times) but the fact that they won’t tell these truths in front of women is very telling indeed. It is as if they must lie while in the company of women….for if they do not have the message women want to hear, then….

The men would never in a million years have sex with a male simply because the desire is not there. But they will let this fear-of-label control them when deep down they know better.

Thus, needing to make it easier for men to speak out and quit lying to women (the many who also know better), with grown men (and boys) bashing males who are different is creating ways for men to clam up and  is instead working against males—-helping the misguided radical feminists kick men’s asses.

It’s as if men are whipping their own butts in order to make sure that the world “knows” they are not gay. How can our egos be more important than the fate of the world?!  MOTIVATEMEN believes that in the great scheme of things, it isn’t worth it for men to place their “manly” egos as priority. We believe thinking men, who still have enough authentic maleness left in them, while of course not being flattered by the “presumed assault on manhood by gay men” should ultimately find it more worthy to not help stifle and undermine their own gender.

In short, perpetuating the gay stigma hurts all men and boys.  It is obvious, but many are oblivious.

These are great reasons for refusing to act immature about members of our own gender. We may not all be alike, but we are still males and when the time comes we had better be able to work together.  Straight men not setting the example of hatred towards gays helps (or at least that is our aim), to unite males, not rip them apart.  We will never win anything if we are glued to fighting amongst ourselves.

It is time for the solvent.

So now that you, the reader, have seen the logic behind our behavior here, what we now want to know is how can such a person (you), knowing what you know now, can still traitorously undermine your own gender when things are going to get worse and worse for your gender if you do? (Your boys are watching you and how well you fight for their futures, dammit! Don’t you really care about maleness…. or is it just a front just to make sure you don’t get labeled?).

Understanding many insecure men are just plain uncomfortable around gay men, and when faced with one in their midst they “must prove” themselves, still, the way around this, men, is to just know yourselves well.

Look, if you don’t want to  do “it” with men, then guess what? SURPRISE!!! You don’t have to—-OK?!! But being foolish enough to make things worse for your own gender is NOT a strong characteristic of a proud male and a real man. Real men, remembering that first things first… they are male, do not eat away at their own foundation!!

Think about this now. It is time to let the hatred fall away from us.  Our gender is suffering enough! It is only going to get worse….and time is running out!

Sexually, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. But can you be man enough to learn and grow here? Are you going to help your gender?  Or does acting like a fool ultimately undermining all males seem more attractive to you? In this respect, what kind of real man acts like an idiot?

So your defense is ” Well I didn’t know?”

Guess what…you do now!

—————         —————-       ——————      ————–

… (If you’re worried about your boys’ orientations and think that you must set the example of gay basher as “help,” you need to know that bashing behavior coming from you does not guarantee anything about them, except that if they developed gay, that they may have a horrible life hating themselves because you taught them to. Plus, you’re hurting males overall.  That is not a loving parent. One of those would accept and nurture their children and friends unconditionally, regardless….

…If you want to ensure that your boys don’t grow up to be gay, the best thing you can do to improve those chances is to eliminate overbearing, dominating, and control-freak women from their little male lives, especially in their formative years of 1.5- 3. Too, you need to stay involved with his life, not as controller, but as father as much as possible.  Do your homework on this, apply your brain, and you’ll see the ingrained commonsense supported by most experts on what at least partially causes homosexuality in males.

Go do your homework! Suggestion: use key words like “connection between domineering mothers, distant fathers,  and causes of male homosexuality. If you haven’t learned it so far, you might now—-that it just could be your wife—-their mother—-that stands as the one most likely to induce homosexuality in your boy(s) based on her if/being the dominant role model for a new, impressionable, and learning male.

There is “developmental chemistry” in little boys that is subject to potentially going awry if they do not get the male “imprinting” so badly needed in their formative years. It is complicated developmental stuff, but the research is there.

There is just too strong a proven correlation there to ignore, even if not all gay men were generated this way and even if not all males subjected to this kind of upbringing end up gay.  The uncomfortable truth here is that most gays can relate to these stated and researched cause(s). Commonsense,  nature, and research tells us there has to be a link which we shouldn’t ignore.

And as men who care about keeping gayness from their boys, they should be fighting the real cause(s) of homosexuality with all they have got—-whatever it takes,  even it requires holding women responsible and accountable—-something men historically have great trouble in doing!

Returning to gay men….but once the “switch” (whatever it is) in their development has been thrown, it is too late—-so we all need to love these people! Their lives are hard enough already!! They did not ask for their own misery to be coumponded by what you can pile on top of it.

There is irony in this however. Weakened feminized males won’t blame women or hold them accountable for anything, and their failure to do so manifests as unwittingly keeping in their midst the very things that potentially could be eroding so much that we know and want. In other words, if domineering women role models are at fault, men must have the courage to hold them accountable.

We have talked with men about this “imprinting” phenomenon, in which they agree, but they fail to implement it to and with women.  Then, once they have (or allowed by refusal to hold women accountable), helped create gay orientations in perhaps their own offspring, they foolishly  run out in the world and shout hate stuff about gays.  It makes no sense.

What a fix we men are in?  We love women, but there can be so many problems with them when they stray from what is best for our species….in which this is a near-perfect example.

Of course, knowing there are strong attractions to women that are as natural as air, smart men must use their brains to make sure they are not undermining their own gender—-their boys futures.  Isn’t that what’s most important?!!