Not all, but many people have been telling the truth and scrutinizing things from the dawn of civilization. That, in part, is what makes us human. Politics, government, occupations are but a few of the examples. Likewise, furniture, taxes, and tomatoes also fit in here. People, customs, cultures, and rules are no exception either. Why would it be realistic to believe that women are exempt from this same scrutiny? WHAT? Can't mankind examine each other without "hate" being the driving force? We think most everyone really knows better than that. Having said that, with things in perspective now, it is easy to see how feminists and women in general exploit men's fear of being called a "woman hater." They do this to enact control over the lives and actions of traditional men---to make them not fight back. At MOTIVATEMEN we know history will not go backward, but we also know beyond all shadows of doubt that the feminists are NOT right all the time either! We will not sit back and let them change every last single thing. We males have the right to our masculinity and have the right to have some things our way too, just like the women have had repeatedly. Men, and reasonable women, if you'll get behind us, help us, support us, we can win a thing or two and have something to hand off to the boys besides the current,new, experiment-as-we-go synthetic changeover that in some ways puts men inferior to women. Wasn't their pursuit called equality? Well, were the opponents of feminism of yesteryear correct when they implied that any changeover toward a feminized world will inescapably result in superiority for women instead of equality? Objectively studying the natural dynamics between the genders, it doesn't take a genius to see this truth.

SPT (special preferential treatment) Proves Inequality

If the situation were reversed….Let the shoe be on the other foot and women will despise equality and anyone who mentions it!

If men focused and contributed to as many male-only health issues and causes as what is for women (in which without shame or flinching, women concentrate on themselves only), such as cancer, heart disease, etc, then women would be outraged that men seem to care only about themselves. They’d be extremely resentful that female health apparently isn’t as important—so much in fact, that they’d likely urge congress to act and only on their behalf (with tax money too).

Men must not care about their own health these days, they must spend all their energy and focus on women’s instead.

Even getting Marie Osmond involved,  “Go red for women” is the latest huge endeavor for women’s health only….even though men die of heart disease at a much faster rate and earlier than women.

The fact that women now have an increased rate of heart disease (mostly a “man’s disease” until women took on more worldly stresses) seems to overshadow the millions of more men comparably who die of the infliction.  Breast cancer kills a lot of women, but not near as much as various cancers kill men.  However, look at where all the focus and money goes? Obliviousness or selfishness?— or both?

If men had the natural biology of conception, development, and childbirth and enacted laws that serve only men’s needs in which men claimed they should have the sole authority on procreation issues, (even killing the helpless unborn child), women would march, protest, scheme and no telling what else to resist being shut out of their offspring needs.  They would fight until they won—and they should win—because one gender being treated as not being rightful parents who care about their children’s fate and futures regardless of what it might mean for the other parent is just plain wrong.

In the abortion and procreation arena, babies and men count too—or sure as hell should!

However what we have is a system that revolves only around women, leaving the vulnerable and helpless babies as well as men to go “screw themselves” (except that the men will have to be imprisoned (financially responsible) is SHE—and only SHE decides to let the child live.  There is no greater example of hideous selfishness!

At MOTIVATEMEN,  “disappointed” is an understatement in attempting to describe how we feel about  members of the male gender turning so yellow, so cowardly, so pathetically uninvolved in their own procreation issues.  Men fervently standing their ground here, should have had far more precedence in the minds of men than for them to cave in as an effort to placate women.  Even men who deplored the concept of birth-control abortion, thought not enough of themselves, their boys, or their babies—all babies.

Being scared of women is puny.  Yet, those males (the ones guilty) still insist on calling themselves “men”?  (Just what is a “man” these days?…something defined by a feminist?  Yep, that is much more than a disappointment!

As modern males (and females…the  truth-respecting ones, that is) who care about unborn life, we resent being sold down the river by the role models we are supposed to be in awe of—to look up to.  But how can we look up to a bunch of cowards?


There was a recent survey of American cities with the ugliest men— a very unflattering thing.  How many women would tolerate this sort of thing aimed at women…cities with the ugliest women?

We would never hear the end of it.


If men used their minority status (a historically true situation) that employed affirmative action for men only, (even though more women hold jobs now, affirmative action is STILL in place for them when in fact they were NEVER a minority) women would clog up the courts trying to make it all revolve around themselves.

Men these days, are so cowardly afraid to tell the truth to women and enforce real TRUE EQUALITY that they will ignore themselves and allow things like this to fester. Competition for females?—more aptly named cowardice!

If males had menstrual periods, women would expect men to behave themselves in all ways as if their periods weren’t affecting them adversely. If men wanted to be equal to women, they would NOT be allowed to blame their cycles as crutches or excuses in times they show their butts.

Women these days, (oblivious to what equality is supposed to mean), because they have periods, they fail to respect men when they treat men as if they are children…using violence…punishing, abusing, nagging,  and so forth. You can just feel the displaced anger….somehow, the fact that women have cycles is all bad, bad, bad men’s fault! The women treat us men as if we owe them something all because nature took a certain direction.

Women, instead of getting a reprieve based on chemistry ( including menopause) they can’t help, should be made to remember that such natural stuff in life doesn’t give them a permit to abuse others and that they should still approach the table of equality having mastered their ill-perceived “problem” of being a natural female. Apparently, this commonsense  is too much equality for women to handle. When they said “equality” they didn’t mean it to include this issue… because they are special.

Modern “men” are too afraid of women to make them see this truth.


Most all men living with a woman for as little as 30 days KNOW this one to be true. They have seen it in her behavior and how she thinks…oblivious to how her feelings distort reality.

If reversed, and men received 12 weeks of pay while out of work on pregnancy (FMLA), women workers would be outraged at such SPT given to males.  They would convene and lobby congress to enact laws to outlaw such discrimination against females (not getting equal treatment as a parent of the child which would be seen as esteem-robbing, demoralizing, and unfair citizenship or something).

Additionally, males being protected from job loss, for advancements, for pay raises, etc., while absent from work for 12 weeks while the women are faithfully unimpeded and work consistently, they would equally steam up the issue.

It is time for all new parents to be given this paid leave (if the company patronizes one gender, it must the other as well).  Otherwise this SPT  should be done away with altogether.

Also noteworthy since many companies offer women these benefits that men are most often denied under the guise of “disability pay” , but unless severe complications arose, everyone knows that only a couple weeks (max.) are needed for the woman to recover from childbirth, including stitches and surgery. Having 12 weeks off, we all also know is actually a free vacation for the mother only to allow her time to bond with the baby—then submit it to stranger-run daycare facilities, together with all those issues, costs, problems, and ailments.

As unbalanced as this problem is already, it is made even more unfair by the fact that many companies “can’t afford”  to hire a temporary replacement for the absent pregnant female, so her absence actually results in everyone else not in need of special treatment having to work even harder by adding her work to the overload they already have. In cases where a temp is employed, the training, the delay, the frustrations of not being versed in the absent one’s duties still amounts to more work for the other regular employees. If anyone complains about how they are getting abused while the pregnant one has it all silver-plated gets labeled as a trouble-maker and not a team player—with the stigma penalties being more severe if the one with the courage to speak the truth dare to be a male!

Now, many feminists are seeking to make our government copy the socialist-governments’ mandated 40 week pregnancy leave (again for women only when most of the time will have nothing to do with the pregnancy itself, rather the birth and bonding that comes later).  FORTY WEEKS off FOR WOMEN ONLY—and not only that, but only for those having a baby.  Everybody else is left out.  No SPT for anyone else!

And to make matters even worse, feminists, with their erroneous tallies and bogus, pre-figured, truth-warping, and stacked research findings declare that women get paid less than men while everyone knows that a great part of the reason against laws outlawing it are related to many women’s pregnancy and leave issues. The feminists refuse to factor in this time away from work.  We guess they must be thinking they are owed this SPT and should not have to register it as anything related to the reality of them being gone. (We wouldn’t want the truth to be considered… now would we)?

Would our feminized culture tolerate men getting all this attention and protection—even if it were men having the babies?

Not on our lives!!

And 40 weeks–FORTY WEEKS—think about this now…really think about it—and you will learn the irrational mind of the woman.  It doesn’t fit our world that we should have to bend and warp our policies around the oblivious selfishness of women, thinking only they should get SPT in just about everything.  If they need so much help just to compete, then to dare ask for equality is mocking God, men, reality, commonsense, and what equality is supposed to mean… which is 50/50.

What we have is far from that, and it does not favor men! Most all men know this!  YES, they do! And they need to wipe that crappy grin off their faces! It is time for them to man up and tell the truth.

If males received so much special preferential treatment (SPT) as women do, feminists and women in general would be greatly offended and blame it all on the SPT as the reason men seem to “win” more.  Women would cry out that men are getting too much help.

But with women, we aren’t even supposed to notice this obvious stilt-them-up discrepancy. The SPT women receive in basically all things isn’t even supposed to register in our minds as “help”. If men notice and dare say a thing, women immediately claim “they must hate women”.  Would it all be the same, but inverse,  if reversed?  Don’t hold your breath!

If women were stronger upper body wise, and were faced with “equal pay for equal work” scenarios (like feminists are doing to men despite women often having inadequate strength for many of these type of jobs), women would protest that their natural increased strength is getting unfairly overlooked.

They would press for protection from the “horrible erosion or downplay of female attributes”. They would expect of men, that if they want to be equal they had better be able to actually BE equal when it comes time to prove it and that they (women) will not pretend or lie for men.

But men, well, they are too yellow to do a single thing about the fact that the valuable  asset of increased muscularity will be completely ignored to make way for women in places that even men have difficulty sometimes. And no mention is made about the capitalist employers who must accept less physical capacity into their own domain as a result of the intrusion of femi-government into the arena of private enterprise.

Expecting private entities to replace their values with those of this nature is socialism.  This is even more proof that feminism is not only  inseparably intertwined with socialism,  but it also loudly confirms that feminism IS socialism—a very good reason for true Americans to oppose this radical changeover.

While women expect to get to drive all over the place, most all women can’t even change a tire due to, among other reasons, the lug nuts definitely needing to be severely tightened/un-tightened  for safety—obviously.

Among the many things that nature (and God) selected males to be better suited for, if reversed, and men were weaker physically but still, despite these shortcomings, wished for equality with women, women would have no part of it.  They would retort that men want special favoring in order to feel “included”. They would ridicule men for it too.

Women want to be right all the time.  They claim or imply they are the sole ones to understand things really. If men acted this way, as if women must be wrong most of the time, women would be crushed and depressed over the fact that men won’t give them a chance to let their ideas flourish.

But men get treated this way all the time.  Other than from the courage of MOTIVATEMEN and other similar brave entities, do we even hear a single complaint from males? How far will males slump and sink in their blinded competition for females?

If women were the only ones required  in war drafts to go and risk dying for their country as men became successful in obliterating rules that gave favor to women only  (men got to stay safe, while women defended them, themselves, the country, and the world), women would charge men with behaving very selfish and abusive to women.

Women would declare that it is discrimination that they be the only ones required to give the ultimate sacrifice. They would say it is terribly unfair that men get to be President of the country but their gender isn’t even required to risk it all for the safety of the country they want to lead.

Compared to men, if more women died of early natural deaths (as men do currently and historically), women would claim a conspiracy has been undertaken to make them “go away” sooner.  “The world is against them” so they would lock arms and chant.

But do we hear any of this enthusiasm for helping males survive to have longer lives?  Hardly! However, what we do hear is news bits on how women can be better equipped and prepared to deal with the a man having prostate cancer!!

If men, due to the natural dynamics between the genders (such as what is now in favor of women, ie, their vaginas and how men compete obsessively) combined with the modern paving way for voting rights and other power sources, had more actual power overall (such as what women enjoy now) women would be extremely vicious in their relentless plight to overthrow such a horrible situation directly aimed at “hurting” them.

But do men even care even though the reverse is forced down their throats?  Do men even care about their boys’ futures?  Or, are they competitive traitors against and sickly undermining their own gender?

If men got to wear sexy, provocative clothing to work laced with flashy colors, low necklines, and styles that ultimately gives special recognition to those who get to do it, while women had stiff-necked suits to wear all day, women would bitch and whine about how unfair it is.

“Harassment” would be an understatement….more like total debasement they would bleat.

But let a man even mention this obvious discrepancy that gives women the upper hand in subtle ways,  and many will cry he is being trite and frivolous.

Oh yeah, if men even dare to notice and speak how attractive the women are while at work, the women say, “harassment” and men are threatened with their jobs!  But if reversed, and men didn’t notice and compliment women while donned in stuffed-shirted suits, they would whimper that men must not like them anymore—that everybody ” is against them”.

Boo hoo! Cry us a handful.

Don’t misunderstand, we men like to see women dress sexy and stuff, but we do not like it that we aren’t supposed to notice or say anything, else she feels harassed. We don’t like it because such is not the reflection of real equality. In fact, we don’t like it because we don’t think that most women have the faintest clue about just what equality REALLY means and in times like these, those women show their true colors in that to them, equality is achieved and determined when they feel it.

Even if he is embarrassed by it, men had better not say a single word about how ugly and tangled up a woman’s hair might be sometimes. But she can self-declare that his hair needs to be cut or changed to reflect how she wants it to be.

Today’s so-called “men” don’t even have enough spine to tell women the truth or even to defend their own turf—such as their OWN hair!  (It is HIS hair isn’t it, or does SHE get to claim HIS hair as HER territory?)

If women were the only ones to occupy all the many dangerous jobs like deep underground mining operations, high-rise construction, oil-drilling, bridge-building, (including the deep underwater work), and well-digging…and were losing their lives in job-related deaths,  women would press congress to MAKE men share in these burdens—especially if men were carrying-on selfishly about equality (as women have done in reality).

Do men press for equal burdens in exchange for equality?  Hell no! But women would!  Bank on it!


If women had to compete for men, (like what used to be true… when things were stable) then they would say such a thing stinks of them needing to spend energy on it that diverts their attention and money away from themselves (God forbid!). Women would go on a campaign to destroy such a requirement…in fact, that is what they did do!

But we will likely never hear a single peep out of men while they go on competing for females in ways that gives women the upper hand in so many ways.

And women don’t even notice this unbalanced power and think it just fine that men dote over them while in modern times women laugh all the way to the bank and the courtsliterally! Men have been turned into fools!

If women were physically equal to males in that they could deal with being kicked in the groin, a man had still NEVER treat her such a way for any reason whatsoever!

But let a woman exaggerate danger wildly, (or even merely have an emotional and UNEQUAL temper-tantrum) and do this very painful thing to males, and she thinks she is justified at going for one of the most painful areas known to mankind.  Acting that way is fine as long as it isn’t done to themselves!!

And men, when they see this abusive behavior coming from women all because he wouldn’t let her have her way or something, then they act like competing for females is paramount (no matter what) and pretend it was no big deal.

Men take all kinds of abuse they often do not deserve. But let women really deserve it and actually get what they deserve and suddenly, men are mean beasts who “hate women”.


Today, if the Titanic tragedy could happen, would the masculinized women and feminized men switch roles?  Would women save the men?  How many women would there be on those lifeboats? How many frozen-stiff, half eaten bodies would the rescuers find that are female… compared to males?

I think we know.  The flight 1529 in the Hudson bay (“Miracle on the Hudson”) proves it.  Even in the warm waters of the Hudson, even in which the situation wasn’t near as bad as the Titanic ordeal, women were saved first, the media made haste to report! Nothing wrong with men being saved last, but aren’t men deserving of some credit for their behavior instead of being image-beat to death by mean-assed, misguided bitches and their traitorous, weakened, feminized male cronies??

Let me, the webmaster of MOTIVATEMEN say this…  If I were on that airbus, I would NOT have considered my own worth to be less than that of any woman present.  The children and the elderly, yes, both male and female would be rescued first if I had my way, but my body has just as much worthiness or more, as any woman remaining.  If it meant I had to, I would brave the damning and condemning effects of the media, but I would have saved myself.

In times past, not so. But that is when things were wholesome, endearing, charismatic, and stable.  But with the way things have metamorphosed into the synthetic changeover propelled by feminists, I would save myself.

Selfish?, you ask. Why!! Why is it more selfish than the females who aren’t considered selfish when they let men die for their causes?  Aren’t we all equal now? Or are we only equal when feminists declare it and women feel it?!!

Why would I owe a woman my interior worth and replace it with hers?

Men, we are warning you, just like many people have already tried but you chose to ignore or ridicule, due to the natural (but not overcome-able) dynamics between the genders, equality will not be the outcome of all this shakeup.  Superiority for women is fast approaching if not here already.

HELLO men, wake up!


If most women could actually lift very heavy things all by themselves and it were men who were less capable physically, given the oblivious selfishness of most women, do you think they would rush to help men lift things?  If they did, do you think it would be because they genuinely are interested in helping and without mockery and nagging applied about how weak men are?

If you don’t know the real answer to that question, in general, you do not know women!

Men risk their backs and health repeatedly, often many, many times per day to rush to the aid of females, while the females just look on. And many of these ungrateful women can’t even manage a simple “thank you” let alone go do something in exchange for the male who went out of his way to help her. In fact, if pressed, they would charge that men are being petty about her having to do something to help him in return.

Figures! Why are we not surprised?!! Would he claim she is petty if she expected him to return favors in exchange for something she did for him?

Answering correctly reveals you are beginning to understand women, but while many women are oblivious to themselves and their own selfishness.


Many feminists think so excessively of themselves that they actually believe a man should be put to death when convicted of rape (even date rape…her sole word against his) completely ignoring the guarantee that in our country punishment has to fit the crime and also disregarding false allegations made against innocent men.

If the situation were reversed, even so to the point that men suffered greatly when raped by a woman, would  men want women killed when they raped men? Would men think too much of themselves that they would stoop to having her live ended?

We all KNOW that answer.  Even if men did do something completely out of character, the women would charge back that the  punishment doesn’t fit the crime…after all, she didn’t kill him…she only raped him.


Would a man charge a woman for stalking?  Even if reversed and men were offended by a woman thinking so much of him so as to follow him around to show him how much she likes him, to try and win his attention and affection, would he stoop to being so obsessed with himself that he turns her into a criminal?

Not counting the times a few women have been physically hurt by a stranger stalking them and coming out of the bushes or shadows to harm them, but aren’t we letting women take things too far and have too much power when one declares a man stalking her all because he is in awe of her?

You know, it is only stalking in her mind if she doesn’t like him.  Otherwise, it is a wonderful romantic gesture for him to prove his love.


You can bet your butt that if  men were trying to get women to see that for women to hit men actually undoes and turns off the social-training circuitry forced onto men against their own natural drive of  self-protection when she hits him, that women would ignore it and still hit men anyway (excluding women’s own self-defense, of course).

This is being attempted—in an effort to make women safer.  But women are ignoring this commonsense and claim that men who are hit by women “deserved it”.

If reversed, would women tolerate men claiming that “she deserved to be hit”?

Why not? Men have opinions too!!? Now, combine that with the fact that women don’t behave perfectly either.

MOTIVATEMEN’s stance is this:  NO HITTING PERIOD!!…from or to either gender—excluding self-defense which DOES work both ways under the true tenets of equality.  Equality must include emotional maturity and personal self-control—yes, even for women—or else they have proven themselves unequal and unfit for pursuing it!

This is responsibility for women in which men should NOT let women off the hook. There is just too much at stake here! And men owe this self-respect to themselves and to their boys.

If a man dared to complain about how busy and stressed he is due to him taking on too much in his life than what he has time and strength for, then those around him (women included) will set him down and clue him in on how he is stupid for trying to accomplish too much—that he is headed for a heart attack or breakdown if he doesn’t stop it—as if he is a foolish imbecile for not knowing his own limits and needed to be told such.

Now, with many modern women who practically abandon their families to take on way, way too much than what they can legitimately handle, instead of being reminded of the truth that would be told to men in similar situations, women get helped A LOT and their shortcomings get overlooked repeatedly.

Men will not tell them the same truth that would be told to themselves. Men are expected to help women actually get all this done—all because she wants to live a life better suited for men all the while hardly giving a darn about her family or him.

If a single father (the few who are permitted by the courts—as if men can’t nurture children too and set great examples), complained about how hard it is to be a single parent, women and strangely, other men would say, “Well, get a woman.  What you need is a woman”.

But say this same eye-opening thing to a single mother about being smart enough to let a man help her and consequently relieve the government (and taxpayers) from supporting her and the children, AND provide the children with a well-deserved father, then you are the beast of all beasts.

In fact, our wonderful feminist-tainted, socialistic government actually spends money on women in this situation or otherwise provides single mothers relief in many ways. And our society, knowing darned well that children ideally need fathers too and that her situation would best be served if she would get her a man to help her, it instead bends over backward to erect praise for all women who venture there.

Would it help men if the situation were reversed?  Perhaps we are stupid for even asking such a ridiculous question.  Of course, men would never be helped on a mass scale.  Men would be told to go get a woman to help out and that that is the way it is “supposed” to be.



To summarize, when reversed, feminists and women in general think it just fine to require men to be dependent upon women.  However,  they peculiarly, (but not so unexpectedly) loathe the equal concept of women being dependent upon men.  We hope, by reversing things, to give the feminists a taste of their own medicine, to shove the shoe onto the other foot, it will serve to motivate men and decent women to fight the feminist inoculation of our societies with a synthetic, idealistic, changeover riddled with exaggerations and lies and stilted up by weakened, feminized males.

Coming soon!

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