Men need to learn that there is more to being a "real" man than merely pleasing women and trying to have sex as much as possible. Sure, there are some natural forces at work, but does our penises and competitiveness have more ultimate power than our brains? (careful...speak only for yourself!). While there is nothing wrong with chasing women, men are still tasked with doing it RIGHT. And that is not what they are doing right now because the men-as-teachers have only had one focus...get the girl---no matter what! Men need to quit blaming the old "hard wiring" excuse and grow some courage to try and do women-chasing correctly. The judgment of a man should not be how much and how successful his lies are to women.

Male Competitiveness

Motivating men

What is it going to take for men to do the right thing to defend the world from the femi-socialist takeover? Just how far will men blindly slump in their hopeless and competitive obsession with trying to keep women pleased?

How long will men think and perpetuate the post-birth, taught, foolish notion that men must lose when competing with women?  And in the process, how long will they continue to place as the most important thing ever that of the man pleasing a woman often to his own detriment—-that is if he stands a chance at being a “man”?

One thing is for sure…MOTIVATEMEN will never give up hope and interest in helping men see the err of letting the distorting feelings of women reorganize most all we know!  Never!

But where do we start?  How do we begin? What can we say that will instill motivation in men to really fight back against so-called “men” letting women  have their way all the time to the point of familial destruction and societal decimation?

MOTIVATEMEN has praised males for their millennia-proven good deeds and tried to defend them from the hostile feminist hijacking and takeover of the once sacrifice-driven stability that most everyone enjoyed routinely.

We have crossed the middle line and ventured beyond the threshold to the extreme opposite of praise.  We have been bluntly and unapologetically truthful and punitive—-pointing out the things men have done wrong too. We have done this with vitriol sometimes.  Using the truth bluntly, we have insulted males, provoked them, jabbed at them, hurled incredible resentment toward them—-anything we can do to get their attention and make them listen….even if it means we had to make many of them incredibly angry at us.

Sometimes to fight the ugly, one has to get ugly themselves.  And we have not failed men there either. We have fought the ugly and radical feminism fervently as evidenced by our adamant position that feminism is ultimately prostitution….men as customers with the currency being their behavior.

There are those that shrug off this truth.  But if they will stop trying to be against the truth and realize that if women didn’t have vaginas and wombs, that if females were some sort of benign sex-less, non-gender, neutral sort of animal, then nothing would have changed from yesteryear—-NOTHING.  Simply said, like it or not, but the power of women has been their vaginas and deep down all men and women know it. Feminists hate this truth.  However, women would have gotten nowhere if it weren’t for men competing over their vaginas (or at least to try and stay in her good graces).

No one can say MOTIVATEMEN (and other similar entities) hasn’t tried to spread this message deeply anchored to truth.  But even if we lose this battle, it is far more manly and noble to find out that fact on the other side of having tried. It is something we have to do.  It is a dirty job, but we are up to it—-somebody has to be….for our boys are counting on somebody to stand up for their futures!!

MOTIVATEMEN may be provocative, but we are no cowards.  That is for sure. Like other antifeminist entities, at least WE fight! Instead of fighting over women filled with ever-increasing competitive mockery of the truth, we fight the problem—-women thinking their feelings about everything is the correct gauge and focus the world should embrace.…and men letting them chunk commonsense, sacrifice-driven stability into the trash.

Perhaps the best place to start with hoping to light a fire under the asses of apathetic-but-horny, overly-competitive, blindly obedient, and “hard wired” excuse-making men is to point out why we thought it important to hurl the truth at men regardless of how much it may make them dislike us.

What follows is the reasons why we are so ready for change that we go to the point of using blunt honesty in the faces of males.

We care

The first thing that comes to mind in our defense is that, well, we care. We give a darn!  We are upset that our gender (not all of us however!) is acting like a bunch of brainless, excuse-making, stiff-penised, overly-competitive customers and pawns—-apparently not even able to affect or influence their own destinies, let alone preserve some unfeminized male-defined masculinity for their boys.

We don’t like it that our world is slipping past our influence at an alarming pace.  The destruction has been accelerated lately.  Compounding on itself seemingly with each generation, it will only get much worse! This worries us.  This makes us care.  This forces us to take action.

We can think of all kinds of things we would rather be doing—-including chasing women much more than we do and trying to have families too—-but there is something grander at stake so there is nothing more important to us than to try and salvage some of the sanity, the stability, the wholesomeness, the charismatic charm that permeated our lives as our society then deemed it important to help the most people we could most of the time.

It is sad that some outliers are “left out” but since we can’t please everybody all the time about everything, we accept that having outliers is an expected result of a good society. When particular sectors of our society began to need to be lied to, “we” (or those of passed times like us) said “no”.  It was more important for us to keep our focus rather than degrade ourselves by limiting our interests to helping the complainers change everything around to suit them.  So we resisted then, and we still do.

Like we said.  We care….and we will break our necks to show it—-not just reduce ourselves to token resistance indicative and reflective of men caring more about their own supposed “manly” images and egos. There is more to worry about besides merely what others think of us and we think it is time to help other men see this truth as well.

Overall, more than anything else, that is why we exist and are fighting hard to make our plight known. WE CARE! Not just with words, and superficial actions, but deep within our souls, there is an eternal abundance of energy bursting to get out and do its work. And that is what we are going to do. And legally, we will do whatever it takes to make our efforts come to fruition.

Call us martyrs if you wish.  Call us nuts.  Call us anything you can think of or dream up.  Declare your speculation the solid truth if you so wish. Make new ridicule about us.  But nothing will stop us from doing what we know in our hearts is right and that all men should have the courage to do as well.

We are at the 11th hour! It is now or never.  Other men may fail and undermine their own gender which means they will sell their boys down the river….BUT WE WILL NOT!

In the last 150 years or so, men have been at fault by not doing all things necessary to shut down family and marriage-destroying feminism.  Some men did try, but the others, weak as they were, blinded by their biases, their conditioning, and their competitiveness, refused to listen.  Now look at what we have.… a chaotic mess with most everything in the emergency ward with  men still (at this late date) refusing to blame feminists and hold women accountable and responsible where apt.

MOTIVATEMEN being disappointed is an understatement.

MOTIVATEMEN is not trying to pick a fight with anyone except the feminists.  Men who are offended are trying to be offended. They refuse to let the truth shine on them. We may be offensive to the obedient puppet-like males, but them choosing to remain in their wheel-spinning, stagnant time-warped mindset of yesteryear is their own responsibility. If they weren’t like they are, then we wouldn’t be like we are either.

The men (and women) of MOTIVATEMEN are not big huge brutes who can beat up everyone and are trying to dominate other men.  Actually, by comparison, our bodies are average.  But it is not the body that wields real power anyway.  It is the mind. Our minds, we believe, are on the right track.

We are merely exercising our right to state what we see as the substantiated truth based on the mountains of evidence stemming from scholarly and professional research to religion.…from the pattern of historical success to the average layman’s commonsense approach to life as they know it to be best.

And the modern fallout in all its ugly forms derived from letting down our guard and protection of the world manifests here as undeniable proof we are right. It is inconvenient and uncomfortable, but we are right. We think most everyone knows it too. Deep down, underneath the smokescreen of competitiveness  and protectionism, most people, like it or not, know we are after what works best for most of the people most of the time.

Success is not defined by how things feel. Rather, it is about what works BEST, irrelevant of how such success feels to certain factions.  Successful living has always required sacrifices  and there is no real reason to change it around.

Plus, MOTIVATE MEN has many women behind them, so if men get riled by the truth, why are they not just as mad at the women who join us? Why fight only men when it is women many times that share their own insight AS WOMEN which is where we get much of our information about the female mind in general. (We do not hate the female mind.  We do hate males irresponsibly letting those oblivious but selfish minds take over ….even as anyone with half a brain can see the destructive fallout from it….just look around… don’t take our word for it.  The proof surrounds you).

Oh yeah!  There is a men’s movement going on, damn it!

Another reason we get down and dirty sometimes is to try and jolt men out of their stupors that is giving incredible power to the feminists for them to enact their socialistic, idealistic, not-so-slow-now takeover.

If men will think back, one of the biggest and most effective lessons taught to us is when the blunt, unapologetic, uncomfortable truth was forced in our faces. Even if we hated the truth and it made us feel our own processes were “attacked”, those are the times we learned the most and in which our behavior reflected that learning. This is why we have been critically harsh on men for their failure to maintain their bearings and keep their focus on protecting the world—-which not too long ago, used to be THE most manly endeavor proving a male was a man!

Not counting the feminized version of the men’s movement (a clever trick of feminists to help avert the chances of a real-men men’s movement), but how many of you men (and women) reading this have even heard of the authentic men’s movement that has been underway since 1990?  (“Iron John” a book written by one of our heroes John Bly.  The seeds of this movement were planted as far back as 1969 with Lionel Tiger and his eye-opening and badly needed research work on manhood and the concept of being male).

There have been numerous books written by men and women who gave so much of their lives to help wake men up.  Some of them have hit the best seller lists.

We often, as males, gather in unmixed company to discuss the problems with women and how these books are shedding much needed light on the dilemma males have been inflicted with. But what, if any, major changes has the world witnessed reflective of men starting to care about themselves and for their boys’ futures? It is vilely pathetic how little men have done.

Some men have and still are trying hard to make up for and hold down the fort for what will ultimately take all or large numbers of men to act in concert.  But they are getting tired.…tired of going it alone….tired of men not caring any more than they do.…tired of being tired.

The “lace curtain” a phenomenon of the feminists has controlled the mainstream media that seeks to shut out any chance the conservative people will get to hear and see the things they need (which IS the glue that keeps conservatives’ solidarity intact). Feminists are relentless in their distribution of their radical poisoning of our world to make it revolve around them and ultimately make women superior—-right before our very collective eyes darn it!

Thus, it is likely most all men and women have never even heard of the men’s movement. MOTIVATEMEN knows it is way passed due that the struggle for men and TRUE fairness and real equality becomes household words.

Others may disagree with our message, but we, as Americans ( and humans) have the right to our substantiations and to our ability to speak  (at least until our free speech eights are eroded in the name of “protecting women” which we are surprised isn’t  law by now, given how weak and apathetic men can be combined with feminists’ selfishness, scorn, and punishment).

There is evidence already that the God-knows-it-fearful-of-the-truth feminists are trying to shut down our websites that are our only venue, our only method of organized expression.  It looks like they might win too if men don’t get off their lead-asses and act like real men again to defend and protect all they hold dear—-all that it has meant to males and to most everyone since the dawn of civilization.  We are at a cusp.…it is now or never!

We are certain males have the power to change….change themselves, their rules, their interests, and their futures.  Worldwide, millions of perfectly normal men prove this fact every day.  It is a myth that men are trapped underneath some awesome, unchangeable “hard wiring” that deems them helpless to the feminists and to women in general. We, as men, can fight any way we choose.   If we will change our rules of female engagement we will be nearly limitless in our capacity to resist the warped redefining of masculinity—-one that makes it easier for feminists to undermine, rewrite the “truth”  and take over.

The sources of male weakness toward women

There is surmountable evidence which is strongly reinforced by our commonsense and common knowledge that the vast majority of the men of this world do not like the way things are now and the way things are headed in the near future.  This majority is very discontented with how the feminists seem to have full run to change most everything these days.

In our own lives most all of us males can remember several times males-only crowds (large and small) gather to discuss the real problems with women and the feminist movement. But why does the “progress” not get any further?  Why does the “action” taken in times like these never manifest in more men being more outspoken and public with their legitimate issues about women—issues they are often very passionate about when in the company of other men?—-things the men KNOW darned well are the right things to do, the right changes to make, the right things to be concerned about in the great scheme of things and the complicated and sacrificial web of life!

Running things correctly for our own good,  it is not as easy as women think.  Simply changing social rules for women is not only NOT the answer, but doing so will lend itself to intertwined chaos—-chaos that we now are starting to observe and have to live with—-all because men didn’t try near as hard to oppose radical feminism.

Did anyone think that making all these changes would come without a hefty price to pay?  Well, we are seeing the payment absorb the stability of families and society. Most everything is a mess now and if people think the problem is not related to feminists’ shake up of all we held dear, then they are not only refusing to hold women accountable, but they are downright abusive of the truth and are turning a blind eye to commonsense.

Lord have mercy!….this truth is obvious! No hokey, pre-stacked research from feminists is needed to change our commonsense knolwedge. And supportive research such as what antifeminists are doing is nice, but we can all see these engrained truths without the aid of research studies and papers.

Are there answers?

It is a complicated question about what has happened and how we can fix it. The answer has multiple parts.  There isn’t a simple reason men are letting women “win”.

1. First, men are afraid to make women see that women’s mere feelings about things is distorting the truth and is not what should be used to gauge success and equality. Men have feelings too, but historically, seeing the logic behind not succumbing to their own feelings, being more rational, they have refused to allow how they felt to dominate their actions.  With a few exceptions, good judgments have always circumvented feelings and instead revolved around what was best for the most people most of the time in most ways.… even if it meant very unpopular sacrifices expected of those participating….that, if one must err, it is better to err on the side of good judgment for the sake of the common good….at least try and do the best that we believe life (and nature) has taught us is best.

Up until the feminist movement cave–in perpetuated by weakened, feminized men, being rational is what normal males had always did with their power and energy in the context of  laying out society rules—-especially with gender issues—-ESPECIALLY….which is our focus here.

2. Second, stemming from the conditioned, historical carry-over phenomenon of “protecting and respecting women” (one can’t even tell them the truth anymore) combined with competing for their affection, part of the answer lies in men not wanting to make women REALLY be equal—-the equality that demands equal “pleasures, benefits, and so-called advantages” to be matched with equal  RESPONSIBILITIES, hardships, and uncomfortable truths, and accountablities—-responsibilities that will be too difficult for the women to equally manage or that in attempting them will reveal the truth about how equality is really meant to be in terms of opposite—-not identical—-as the feminists chaotically and erroneously insist upon.

Men know and have always known that women will hate TRUE, absolute equality in all things with men….that women would prefer to pick and choose the things they like about being equal while discarding the bad stuff they do not like or aren’t equipped to accomplish as well or if at all.

3. The third part comes together when we are reminded that males, while appreciating competition between themselves, they also like to copy each other.  For some reason males get their sense of successful manliness from emulating and copying one another.  This seems to serves as acceptance into the “men’s club“, thinking even if one isn’t the top dog, he is still high up the chain as evidenced by being liked by the other male competitors. It is a way for men to fit in.

So unless a big leader, or other prominent person of manly stature starts being public with his concern about feminists destruction, then most all the other males will never step outside the box to take on such activities either.  To complicate it further and to shut down any chance of men doing the right thing, the “leader(s)”  won’t risk going out on a limb either because the other “lower” males aren’t espousing anything similar.  Thus, it doesn’t take a genius to see how the entire process is a self-stifling cycle that works against men.

4. The fourth reason men won’t fight harder is because to look different than their peers, it will mean risking looking like they do not like women at all—-especially when defensive and truth-fearful, but oblivious  women call him a “woman-hater” .  Men’s  rightful, smart, and commonsense scrutiny into the other gender they are expected to share their lives with (duuhhh!) gets overshadowed by the fact that they are complaining about women instead.  From here, the problem grows even more complicated and worse.

The next thing any man venturing here has to endure is the shower of insults he will be pummeled with—-some verbalized (or even physical), some veiled and silent.  From “hating women” (an obviously erroneous assumption and propaganda against antifeminists)…. to that of being “gay” —-even if he has never even ONCE entertained a mere fleeting thought about having a homosexual desire within himself!!  Never has—-never would—-for that is not the source of his disdain for feminist destruction of our society.

Besides, gay men adore and idolize women, ie., Cher, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna,  Marilyn Monroe, and so on.  Thus, a man expecting women to behave actually reflects his desire and interest in women and is NOT indicative of him being gay. Being gay is an orientation issue and has nothing to do with a man seeing the treal truth about feminism. It is propaganda used against him for him having his own mind not being  a carbon-copy of other males and that mind being the strongest part of his body in which women have no control over.

The “he-must-be-gay” punishment thing stems from men, again, trying to be too much like each other in which they just haven’t seen many or any gay men accepted in most usual circles (thank God this is starting to change because, as men, all men, real men, we have got to change this enormous obstacle serving to block men from fighting  radical feminism.  It is imperative that men grow up!).

Too, stemming from trumped-up and overly biased men and women of religion, we are taught that being a gay man is bad, weak, unmanly, unfit, weird, depraved, shameful , and “NON-men”—-which there is no truthful basis, just mere strongly opinionated speculation combined with a few scriptures (but not as bad as adultery)  in which other males are obliged to comply—-for fear of looking different or being called gay too. There is NO real substance there.  It is all mental, ego hoopla.

This ordeal is a trap men have unwittingly set for themselves which contributes greatly to why men are losing the gender war because there aren’t many men totally secure enough and stubborn within their manhood (knowing themselves well enough), thus willing to stand out and fight feminists all the while knowing he will get called names that simply aren’t true—-and he knows it—-as do most all the others in his life.

In other words, if a man is definitely sure of himself with respect to his orientation, he should not be adversely affected by childish, erroneous name-calling derived from the stupidity and errors of other men (or women). Nothing should stop a real man from fighting back and doing what is right, but call him “queer” and you have a coward in your midst.

Him made to feel like he has, he’ll likely never do what he should.  This has a severely damning effect for males overall which is why MOTIVATEMEN is against gay-bashing.  Not only is it behavior resembling childhood cruelty, but it hurts ALL males ultimately!

We at MOTIVATEMEN submit to you that just like feminists and other “male-haters” are not going to go away, so aren’t gay people either. All being males, we might as well learn to work together, and effectively gather our energy, to shake off all this insulting and worth-reducing nonsense about manhood being something reduced to the bodily physical, about our penises together with the frequency and kind of sex a male has.

Good grief, the world is falling apart while stupid men, failing to realize that manhood resides within our  guarded souls and is not worn on our sleeves and collectively-owned, obsess over their age-old error in thinking being a man is in their penises and related crap.  Get over it!

Grow up! For crying out loud, if a man doesn’t want to have sex with another man, then he doesn’t have to.  But grown men treating each other cruelly over sexual attractions gays can’t even help is so STUPID that words can’t even begin to describe it without risking gross understatements.  How can you call yourselves “men” when you get distracted so easily and insist on acting like a bunch of children while collectively, you ARE  getting you butts kicked by misfit, selfish, oblivious, and RADICAL feminists!

That is where the focus of men is all wrong.  Their ignoring the real problem (radical, gender feminism and its noxious-poisoning effects) and inventing another that they stubbornly cling to to help bolster their egos and manliness images—-oblivious to their actions.

Your focus is wrong!  Change it! Whether or not someone is gay should not have even 10 % of our attention compared to whether or not we will allow feminists to ruin our world.  Many times, we have heard that statement come straight out of the mouths of very married men, but only when not in mixed company.  (Of course….figures…. men as customers….).

5. The fifth portion deals with men, down through the ages, being mislead to think that being a “man” …. a “real man”…. is to always get the girl—-any girl, no matter how undesirable, just get one by any and all means.  He must chase them more so than he does anything else until he convinces one to like him enough to let him be “the one” (these days until she dispenses of him when he no longer obsesses over pleasing her).

He has to be just like other men in this way (even though we also all KNOW that all men are NOT alike). But he mustn’t look any different—-at all. We must ignore the many other attributes to defining manhood, while we cram ourselves into only a one shot option, a one size fits all.

Pure stupidity!

Nowadays, with the power women have, this behavior of males translates into him having to accept her feminism too, else she is gone like a bullet….because she says he doesn’t respect her (as if respect and telling the truth can’t coexist anymore!!).  Talking about being unfair, it is gravely unfair for women to exploit men’s natural attraction for females like this, but of course, women will claim it fair indeed in which their selfishness and feelings will block any true sense of reasoning.

In summary, back to the unmixed company discussions, most all men don’t leave these eye-opening, revealing discussions with any intentions of fighting horrible feminism that is robbing themselves, other men, boys, and ultimately women and girls too—-in the great scheme of things—-because they are scared.  They are too afraid to do what is right.  Men are afraid the women will be upset with them for making them see the truth. If that is not bad enough, men are then afraid of the “fallout” from men being the cruelly competitive creatures they are.

Manhood…being a man…HAS changed!

In times passed, men kept their senses and bearings on matters dealing with women.  But now that women have more power—-power they received by being combative, terrorist-like, demanding, domineering, selfish, prostitute-like “suffragettes” and such—-the men act as if they must now be afraid of women and indeed accept the disguise of this emotion as “respecting women” which is fueled by the satisfaction the women receive and in turn placates the males as well. It keeps the boat from rocking.

In short, men are too scared to rock the boat when it comes to telling women the truth.  Men are forgetting that to tell the truth—-no matter what—-is very manly and very respectable. It used to be a staple of manhood.

So if anyone wants to know why we call men who fit in here “cowards”, we just told them.  They are called cowards because that is how they are acting.  If the shoe doesn’t fit, so be it…good!  But if it does fit, well…. they are cowards by their own devices….things they can change for themselves if they have the guts to do so. Don’t blame us.  Blame yourselves!

Men need to quit worrying about others, about what others merely think about them, and begin to care and concern over themselves and the future of boys.  That is where being a modern man—-by necessity—-is now all about! All that other stuff is stagnant, wheel-spinning, archaic mythical rubbish that is the reason men’s issues and needs are chunked into the trash bin by feminists as they set out to redefine manhood and “acceptable” male behavior. Real men would NEVER-NEVER-NEVER allow anyone besides true, traditional, masculine men to redefine the definition of being a man.  That should be a given!

At MOTIVATEMEN, we are trying to set the example that there is more to being a man—-a REAL man—- besides acting just alike each other, over–competing for females, worrying about their manly egos and reputations, the frequency of sex and what kind, having kids, and trying to keep a female pleased (they’ll never be satisfied anyway).

We also are trying to get men to see that placing and wearing  their manhood and related peer acceptability on their sleeves, or where so effectible where just about anyone with ill intentions can get to it and mock, even destroy it, is one of the biggest problems facing men relative to the feminists movement.  It is why men are losing. Males’ desire to achieve manhood has been interrupted and exploited by feminists and MOTIVATEMEN is trying hard to help men see this atrocity.

All this CAN change and we at MOTIVATEMEN live the proof every day of our lives.  You can too. We are sensible, commonsense-filled, straight-as-an-arrow, traditional men in all ways except for letting a bunch of old men (who are apparently CLUELESS about manhood—-just look at the mess they got us in) determine FOR us how we are to achieve manhood and to feel manly inside.

Too, we refuse to let feminists have any role in determining how men are to think, believe, and behave. Period.  Our manhood lies within ourselves—-not wafting around for group–approval.

We are real men and that will NEVER be taken from us—no way, no how, not ever!  Being a man, now, is up to no one but the individual seeking. (Sorry women, but you are excluded from manhood—-too bad, but it is for males only and for only real men to define!).

Women are not the enemy, feminists are—-and there IS a difference!

Don’t believe the hype about women and feminism being one in the same. In other words, the dishonest attempt to say “for men to be against (the destructive powers of) feminism is for him to hate all women…. is a propaganda lie and you know it. YES–YOU–DO!

According to many women themselves, feminists do not speak for all females. Worldwide, more women distance themselves from the feminists than what the lying feminists would care to discuss. Thus, many women stand firmly against feminists’ selfish and misguided redefining of most everything.

Some women have a greater sense of understanding that not all things expected of women will be convenient or make them feel good—-just like men have always had to accept for themselves too (war, hard-as-hell physical work, etc.).  These women know that successful living is not related to how they feel insomuch as it is related to sacrifices and behavior that builds strong traditional families with great societies stemming from them.

Joining these courageous women, some men are now willing to go against the grain of male expectations and fight back hard—-much harder than what most of the males coming before them had the courage to even attempt. Therefore, these brave men are able to go about their efforts knowing in their hearts they are not against women per se, that they do not hate them, or want to see things return to the “caveman days”. These men know that scrutinizing women and relearning the self-discipline to tell them “no”  is the smartest thing they can do to stave off the chaos they will ensue if they don’t take action quickly.

Might the devil be a woman?

MOTIVATEMEN, on these virtual pages alone, can’t possibly state every proof and substantiation.  What we WILL do is highlight some of the points that prove we are on the right track when we say that later-stage feminism, with all it’s false gender-based, radical revamping of most everything, is going too far.  We elaborate elsewhere on this site, so here, we limit our list to a quick summary.

To make women feel equal, despite equality needing to reflect species-commonsense opposite-but-equal,  men have instead allowed socialistic feminism, hurling obliviously and experimentally “forward”, to eradicate natural gender differences which has predictably lead to, right before our eyes to observe…. superiority for women, legally killing OUR vulnerable offspring, denying men human rights to procreation issues, affirmative action for a non-minority (women), schools to falter, families to fail, jobs to be taken over by women in which so-called “harassment” stops men from speaking the truth while at work too, masculinity to be redefined (and not by real males either), the awesome importance of muscularity to be downplayed and derided as unimportant, male bashing be rampant and abusively pushed in our faces, feminists to dominate the Democratic party as well as many other critical institutions, women to hit and abuse men in so many ways, the propensity of homosexuality to increase (male role models for females and vice versa, especially during chemistry-critical, developmental, early-formative years), daycare strangers to keep the children while women take to mimicking men…. And on and on and on and on…..

Men have allowed feminists to do this restructuring they call “progress for equality” while they simultaneously allow for women to be excluded from having the responsibilities of those “freedoms“  or to be held accountable for the fallout stemming from placating female wishes and whims.

To make matters much worse, “men” allow this while not caring enough about the things that should matter most, things that show pride in their male selves and in their own gender….like the future for boys as they encounter a world deliberately hostile towards them that will require them to abandon their natural masculinity to make way for the distortion–saturated feelings of women which is, in short, feminizing this world and handing over women SUPERIORITY.

Scared, copycatting, “obedient” males, afraid to rock the boat, afraid to duly scrutinize female disorderliness, afraid to step outside the box to fight something they know is wrong, are selling their boys and their own gender down the river at an alarming pace.

It won’t be long before natural masculinity will be practically illegal. The boys WILL blame men for this shameful failure someday.  Mark that word! Anyone half-looking can clearly see this coming.

And to add insult to injury, men are being made fools out of when they are so easily swayed to the feminists’ way of thinking—-all stilted up by men extending women the competition–derived, truth–blinding, look–the–other–way, special preferential treatment (SPT) which in the end, results in skyrocketed divorce rates, men miserable and broke, men with no power, no kids to raise and pass on values to, and for women to enter the ego territory of males to mock, ridicule, smack, abuse, and redefine everything.

Modern men (not all of us however) are fools while the women walk off laughing.

Might the devil be a woman?

For crying out loud, “men” do you think you could manage to muster enough courage, male strength, and real substance to oppose such a destructive force staring you straight in your faces!!? Can’t you see and get your priorities straight….your perspective in line? That is all MOTIVATEMEN wants to do.

MOTIVATEMEN is not trying to get men to turn against women—-to not like them anymore. That is not only impossible but would be stupid and cruel to attempt which would ultimately serve to self–marginalize our efforts. But we do want men to see how their apathy and senseless over–competitiveness and shortsightedness is unmanly and not reflective of what a real man should be doing when the tough gets going—-and it has!

There is a correct way to compete for women in this modernized world and basically dropping the ball, allowing the symbolic severing of your own balls, and letting feminists make fools out of males and destroy male futures is NOT IT.  You shouldn’t have to be told this. What is wrong with you?

Here’s what is wrong! Men these days are stubbornly and blindly obsessed with pleasing and emulating their fathers and older men to the point of self and societal degradation. They simply have no courage to even question things expected of them. That emulating behavior was admirable in yesteryear and necessary to the minds of men, but today, the so-called “way to manhood” is now reduced to clinging to losing.

It seems males would rather lose the battle as long as they can keep getting sex, families,  and approval from women. Sure these are natural behavioral issues men are faced with, but being a human being says males too—-yes, even men—-CAN escape the oft-blamed “hard wiring” that has fast become the enemy of men themselves.

Men CAN snap out of this.  Yes they can!  And it can start with you! Don’t wait for others to step forward first…. which will stifle men’s power. Quit giving a crap over the unfounded names other immature people will call you all because you dare to make your brain the strongest part of your bodies. Dare to scrutinize female behavior….something you can bet your ass you DO have a right to do….YES YOU DO!….something you had better do or else settle for chaos (divorce, no custody, male-bashed, beat upon, etc).

Take the initiative to stand out, to fight back, to help your boys….to help yourselves!! Quit lying to women and above all else stop lying to yourselves and clinging to losing!! Take charge of your own lives again. See to it that your own destinies and the destinies of your boys will be admirable and truly what men want and what this world needs.

Come on!  Man up! Being a man has changed in these times and you know it.  Quit lying! You know the tenets of manhood are being altered away from men themselves but reorganized to placate women. You DO see the pathetic nature of this and you DO know it is high time to make a difference.  Your male bodies have power to make this change.  It is your “please-everybody” mindsets that hinders men most of all—-NOT “hardwiring”.

Not just your superior muscularity, but your brains, insight, and commonsense can lead you into a new world where men can regain their rightful  position in the world.  You have a right to do this….to take these steps.

No, you do not have to accept feminism altering most all you hold dear.

Yes, you  ARE allowed to fight.

Being so many fish in the sea you can oppose feminism safely but you better hurry because the hell-bent feminists are fast scouring the planet to survey and change those women who don’t already willfully subscribe to their feminized way of thinking. They say they are trying to “help women escape the horrible patriarchy” but their goal is for all women to think like they want them to think. Feminism has always been about control, just like a bunch of women! You should always keep that in focus!

Meanwhile, you can still chase women, attract women, and yes, “get the woman”, and whatever else you put your mind to doing.  But while living alongside and loving women, which of course we endorse, (unless the man doesn’t want a life such as that for himself, which he is entitled to be happy as well as anyone else….and yes, he is still a real man), doesn’t mean you have to cave in and agree with them on everything (aka letting their vaginas overpower and dominate you to the point you know it is wrong but retain a smirk on your face.  That is NOT being a man….not a strong one anyway.  Strong men control themselves and keep their bearings when faced with something that could, if they let it, make them weak).

You are powerful. Your manhood is owned by you alone….which should allow you to do whatever it takes to turn this thing around to prevent female superiority.  Don’t let anyone else define it or confine your manhood.  It is yours. Use it! Use it to burst out from the mold, from the defined-by-everyone-but-yourself expectations that put men last, as losers, and as foolish, competitive wimps.  YOU can make this difference—–and you not only know that—-but you know you are right.  Go out and do something to help.  Go out in the world and fight (legally) any way and every way you can.  Do it silently if you have to, but do it!

Time is running out! As an extension of yourselves, will you make the boys proud?  Will you salvage their natural masculinity….and thus, your own legacy? Or….to be with women, will you “have” to submit to being dominated?

When they look upon their fathers and their fathers, instead of having immeasurable pride in the TRUE male stamina reflected in those men’s character and behavior THESE DAYS, will our boys be forced to look upon spineless, excuse-making cowards with a traitorous, crap-eating grin on their faces?

You KNOW letting it all dissociate is wrong. And you  know why.  You may not be able to put it into words, but you do know why. Yeah….you do.  If you are a man, one we dare say is an unfeminized one, then you know exactly what you need to do.

So do it. Are you man enough?