Many women determine equality among other things based on how they feel.  If they do not feel good about something in this arena, to them, it hasn't been attained. Many women perceive the world via their feelings.  How they feel about something is their main avenue in which their approval-circuits kick in---or not. They are not aware of, nor seem to care about how feelings can distort the actual truth. All they know is how they feel.  Nothing else has the power to get their attention as does their feelings about something. Nothing wrong with having feelings, but should we allow our path as a species to take a tangential course, abandoning factual commonsense about life, roles, and sacrifices, to merely placate those whose feelings dominate them?

Reality TV

On 12/24/09, Lifetime (“television for women“ …which speaks volumes about any bias or slant the producers may have leaning toward women, including feminists initiatives) aired a segment of the popular “Wife Swap” reality  show.  On this show, the scorned woman (she was told the uncomfortable truth about herself by an “opposing”  other-husband)  said to the viewers that if there weren’t no-touching rules in place for the show participants, that she “would have slapped him.”  She said this in full view, and fully knowing that such assault would be illegal. Apparently the feminist-biased producers found it prudent to include her abusive language as part of the show?  Wonder why? Wouldn’t have anything to do with an equality-pretending, double standard saturated with special, preferential treatment now would it?

The husband having to endure the other-wife’s family rules and control tactics for nearly 2 weeks merely made a few statements to his female guest in his own home.  He said, (paraphrased for brevity), “ I think you are the problem (speaking to the woman), you have gone too far, and I need to remove myself and my kids from here and from you for a while.” He did not threaten her.  He never hit or hit at her. He didn’t throw things. He did not shout uncontrollably. He did not call her abusive names (even if he had done so, such cases never justify the woman to respond violently because self-defense violence is for authentic physical harm prevention only …not for retaliation of having one’s feelings hurt or made to see the real truth about herself).  The man had put up with this control-freak parent’s antics for almost two weeks before he had finally had enough of seeing how his children were being treated. He made those statements while standing across a room several feet from the woman.  He then made his exit. That is when she said she would have slapped him….“slapped him”!!!

This is a classic example (among millions in the media as well as our own personal experiences) why MOTIVATEMEN, as well as many other brave antifeminists entities say that women erroneously think it OK for them to abuse men—in all its ugly forms…not just physical harm.  Many women indeed, supported by  radical, women-can-do-no-wrong, and “all-FEMALE-feelings-are-valid” feminist schemers, think that while knowing it is illegal to assault and/or abuse men (or anyone), they don’t even think it is abusive when women react to men in ways that try to make them obey or otherwise give the women control. Many women believe they are owed something by men, which will “even the score or equalize things” for women. (In other words, he has to help her be equal!  @#$%^&*!!! That sure make a heap of sense, huh?) Many women think that all because they are women, they get to “defend” themselves from whatever, whenever, however, why ever, etc. in ways that allow them to punish, abuse, and retaliate—behaviors that are said to never be appropriate ways for men to treat women—-never.  MOTIVATEMEN says there is nothing resembling equality in such a façade that  ignores obvious inconsistencies.

MOTIVATEMEN says these things about this example and about the plethora of similar others that clog up our TV programs….

That woman thought it OK for her to slap a man all because he said something she disagreed with and took too personal.  She actually thought physical violence (but coming ONLY from her) was justified because she was made to hear something she didn’t want to hear. Don’t we all know millions of women who abuse men this way? A woman who would slap a man all because she was made to endure the truth about herself (or even if it were untrue…so!…physical abuse in reaction to a falsehood is NEVER justified), has no dignity, for if she did, she would know that walking away with grace intact is what a dignified woman would do—NOT resort to shallow, punishment-saturated, control tactics that we can all see but in which most men are too spineless to highlight about women.

Just for the sake of argument let’s say she did slap the man needlessly.  Would she have changed him?  What good would come from it?  What if he slapped her back (males DO have a human and animal right to self-defense which does not include running away from her while she is left to self-servingly and erroneously think she “showed him.” MOTIVATEMEN sees that as cowardice on behalf of the male). While we humans (only human animals practice the peculiar social training of trying to get males to not defend themselves if attacked by a female) may hope that men will not practice self-defense in times like these, we humans also know that the natural animal drive (and right) to protect and respond to threats can be naturally and helplessly made dominant by the tumultuous crises riddled with various types of violence against men. In other words, all the social training in the world…trying to get men to submit to females’ violence…can not suppress the innate drive to defend oneself—nor should it.

The woman, if she had hit the man, (hand open or fisted, makes no difference) she would have done the obviously stupid thing of placing herself in danger for the first time because the man was about to leave—not attack her.  Then, we viewers could get to watch her sit back and get the feminist-bully-frightened, chivalry-laden, SPT-for-women-only authorities to side on her behalf.  She would show the red spot on her face and regardless of whether or not he had sustained the same or worse, he would be hauled away and automatically dealt with as if he were a criminal (the VAWA–anti-male, feminist-run enforcement entity in action.  So-called “men,”  you need to wake up!!! This terrible thing could happen to you and/or your boys!).

MOTIVATEMEN does not condone men hitting women except in self-defense, but we also do not condone women hitting men except in self-defense(All EQUAL participants are EQUALLY expected to suppress their own anger impulses and EQUALLY have full maturity and self-control over their own emotions to prevent tantrums and violence toward one another. FEMINISTS HATE IT BUT THAT IS EQUALITY—TRUE EQUALITY— that you can bet everything you own they are afraid of because it doesn’t reek of special preferential treatment (SPT) for women while they hide their faces from what the SPT façade actually counter-proves about equality and women).

We also contend that women hitting men is one of the most stupid things a woman can do, for if she incites a like response from him, her fearful problems may have just begun.  IT IS STUPID OF WOMEN TO HIT MEN, LIKE IT OR NOT! Many feminists may not want to admit that, but we all know it is the downright truth. Why avoid and downplay the real power reality naturally present in male muscles?  It is dangerous! It is not smart? (Are feminists really about female safety or are they after superiority-control for women and the beating down of natural male power and dominance to replace it with their synthetic changeover scheme?).

Men may not be “allowed” to hit back, but what if they do? And many men WILL…but only if they are hit by the woman first (supported by research)!  And in many cases, there isn’t enough  PPSLWUD  (pre-programmed, spring-loaded wind-up dolls…ie, other men who erroneously think it enhances their “manhood factor”  to beat up other men who defend themselves and then defend the women no matter what abusive things they do to the men) to police him from his natural right to his own uncompromised defense as he, himself sees fit.  (It is his own body and his own right to defend it, in which he does NOT have to let other, obedient-puppet men overrun him with their copy-cat ideas about male defense.  Manhood is not group-owned and predefined for all men by other men… or women.  NOPE!)

Knowing the justified and ever-growing fact that not all men take their “manhood” cues and rules from other blindly-obedient, competition-for-female-obsessed male puppet-like mimics who find it paramount to fit in with other males as top priority, and that many men have the spine to rightfully scrutinize the rules for males and see for themselves that  men are getting duped into chivalrous avenues and methods which yield to female superiority—-thus they refuse to comply with the destruction—- MOTIVATEMEN says, for  women to hit men unnecessarily is THE most stupid they can do for their own safety.  It is far more safe for the women to get away, maintain their supposed dignity, and learn that not controlling everything and having their way all the time is not only a good lesson, but is outweighed by her safety—-something that she as an “equal”  is SUPPOSED to be in charge of…HUH?).

We also want to ask the control-freak, feminist domination entities to really think about how they avoid this issue as if it were the plague.  MOTIVATEMEN knows feminists do not want to admit this simple truth, but if they are REALLY serious about women’s safety, they would submit that safety is more important than getting to control the men and make them yield to female whims and control antics.  Many women want both: control and amnesty from responsibility, but want men to have none of that—-at all! And they are serious but confused enough to actually think that is equality! This is partly what is meant by MOTIVATEMEN’s  frequent use of the word  “oblivious”.  Not all, but most women really don’t “get it.”   They haven’t a real clue about what equality actually is.     They only know how they feel and are oblivious to how those very feelings verifiably distort reality.

MOTIVATEMEN also asks a few questions of LIFETIME TV for women.
1). Why not support a show with the mothers/wives having to endure being transplanted into other families while NOT bringing their own rules with them to change it all around to revolve around themselves?  Further, why not show men being the ones to be transplanted in which they bring their own rules for their surrogate-families to endure, women/wives included?  We bet you do not have enough courage to show that kind of exposing truth about women, HUH? And we know you know why! Thus, we know you are liars!

2). Did you really have to show the woman saying she would have otherwise slapped the man all because he didn’t yield to her control. What did you hope to gain from this… indoctrination of male minds to accept female abusiveness as no big deal and even “manly?” Are you hoping to affect change against males and their natural power in the animal kingdom?  Why do you do this?  Are you trying to help set the example for females to do this to males regularly and on a selfish-impulsive whim? Why… WHY would you show her saying that?  You know it wasn’t necessary. Just what are your motives?

Note: Showing disorderly, ungraceful, oblivious women misbehaving like this…thinking they have the right-as-a-woman to punish and control all others who stand in their way of getting their way all the time…is actually making women look very, very bad…so says several women we have talked to on this subject.  >>News Flash to “Lifetime” and other feminists<< If you really want to help women, (even though it would be another feminist/media lie) show them being EQUALLY mature and having enough self-control to recognize the need for and practice less abusive behaviors. You know, set the example… since they want to lead? MOTIVATEMEN sees this irony, but still maintains that overall, slapping scenes like the above are meant to intimidate and harm men—-physically, but more importantly and more insidiously—emotionally—-all the while mocking the men as those men (weak-as-they-are) just sit around and watch it… doing nothing to help steer toward TRUE EQUALITY…and knowing the boys are watching the men cower like this just to stay in the good graces of vagina owners. In doing this we are reinforcing and teaching our boys to be good customers! So goes the meanness of some women and the weakness of some men. That is our future! Thank you so much feminists for the world can tell you love everyone so very much.

3). Don’t you know that the cycle of violence will never be fully broken until women see, accept, and take responsibility for their own violent and abusive behaviors which in turn not only teach the children—boys and girls alike—that violence must be OK after all…but despite our expensive efforts to train them otherwise, it short-circuits the “don’t-hit-her” social training forced onto most males?  Its monkey see, monkey do, you know—which will and does undo unnatural social training.

4). If violence is wrong and if that is a truth, then why do feminists apparently support two separate truths: one for men driven by a stupor-perpetuated, wheel-spinning competitive “manhood machine” that stubbornly clings to losing (as long as they “get the girl”…duuuh… no matter what…duuuh), and a separate one for women that unofficially says females get to do whatever they want as if they are in an unbridled free-for-all, all because they are poor, poor pitiful women who whine about most everything that doesn’t go their way…oh yeah, and because they have vaginas causing weak men to cave in?

There is only one truth.  ONE!  And equality, if ever truly attained, will need to reflect that fact.  If it is abusive to women, it is abusive coming from women—period!  Real men will support this because real men NEVER undermine their own gender—not if MOTIVATEMEN succeeds.  This is one of our missions…to get men and women to wake up…for men to snap out of this supposed so-called “reality” of  “hard-wiring” stupor that is the ultimate foundation (culprit) for radical feminist “success“, AKA the predicted societal and familial destruction ever-present in these end-times!

Real men know that the concept of being a man is proudly evolving and given the pathetic state that our yellow male predecessors left us in all because they caved in to the vagina-pressures of feminists, ordinary women, and weakened feminized men, they would never allow themselves to undermine their own gender, thus, in turn, sell their boys’ traditionally male-defined masculine futures down the river.  Real men would not watch this feminist-connived female-on-male abuse thrive and happen before their very eyes and pretend like nothing can or should be done to stop it.  Truly, real men know beyond all shadows of doubt that their manhood is not reduced to their penises, (or their biceps against other free-minded males), their frequency of pursuit and activity, and the supposed male inclination and requirement to please women above and beyond all else… no matter what.  Real men know that manhood goes much further and deeper than our genitals, the acceptance of  ridiculously shallow male egos fitting in with other males, and the blinded, but required appeasement of disorderly women. Real men will have their eyes open and will fight back regardless of what it costs. Real men will organize, fight, and observe the no-violence-PERIOD-initiative! Real men are on a mission and having the courage to tell women that truth is just one small faction. But it is a start!

You got it right that MOTIVATEMEN still has as set of balls…not ones disguised as biceps ready to beat up dissenting others…and not the ones severed by feminism and kept in the squeezing clutches of vicious and obliviously selfish women either. Women are important, but they are not everything. They are not more important than the world itself, which they, themselves live inside. Real men know that and always will!!

Real men know that while it is wrong and disrespectful to hit women needlessly, it is equally just as wrong  and disrespectful (and dangerous) for women to hit men needlessly too : it is all about EQUAL maturity and responsibility as equal adults…not who can hurt the other the most, how her abusive hand is shaped, her sketchy (pseudo)justification, or her vagina. The question is… are there many men with enough spine to speak aloud this uncompromising truth steeped in assigning males some worth again?  Got courage?  Prove it?  A “man” would accept this challenge…not with biceps, but with his brain!

So you ask, what can a man do these days?  If he sees the truth contained herein, but knows his yellow male predecessors caved in and allowed the horrible condition that men and boys are facing but also knows his options are limited by the deeply ingrained  feminist (pseudo)doctrine influencing most everything everywhere these days, what can he really do without turning his world upside down, losing his kids, finances, sanity, and so on?

Answers: These are just a few…there are many, many more…but we’re impassioned and long-winded enough here…. Come on guys, be manly enough to get yourselves out of the hole that our wonderful-exampling predecessors dug for us.  We’ve all been sold down the river, but show enough might to try your true best to help yourselves—and most of all, help the boys.  (Girls are already getting helped…10 times over and then some.  It is time to help the boys, for they are already getting punished for being male—something real men are SUPPOSED to be proud of!).

You can start by taking charge of your own manhood and teaching your boys to do the same by not letting  it be owned by anyone and everyone BUT each individual—especially women and/or feminists (DUUUH) …to quit letting others have group-owned power over what you “must”, can, and can’t do as a so-called “man”—(modern code word for “puppet”).  Quit letting others dominate and control you by your caring too much what they might think of or about you if you don’t obediently comply with their  “loving” control tactics. Being a man is personal and the spirit of such should reside and be closely guarded as an internal fortitude which no one else should be granted the power to or have rights to control or define. It should not be worn on your sleeves or where just about anybody can get to it and mock it. In other words, break the cycle of stupidity and mythology about manhood.  There IS NO set-in-stone, one-size-must-fit-all-because- all-men-are-alike reality.  Manhood is free.  Yours is yours only.  Know that and live it! Break the shackles that “makes” modern men accept radical feminism into their personal lives.

“If you “must” marry, then do it right.  Prenuptial, TRUE-EQUALITY-GUARANTEEING  behavioral contracts with non-circumventive penalties are starting to take on more popularity with men and reasonable women. A woman that pushes the shallow “you must trust me or else” excuse is revealing a lot about herself and how her version of equality is oblivious to the fact that you just asked for a contract guaranteeing the both of you 50/50 in all things… including child custody. What could be more fair than THAT?!! If she is selfish, this is where her true colors will come out because knowing that the power dynamics have shifted away from males and in favor of women, if she is not supportive of a straight-up guarantee of 50/50 for all, then the writing is on the wall. Certainly, you can read, so…RUN! Do you really want a woman who understands NOT how to be guaranteed fair to you? What kind of example is that for the kids? Why would you do this to yourself…and to them? Don’t blame anyone else but yourself if you don’t run. Perhaps the next time around, if you can escape your own self-induced misery, you’ll put more stock and worth into your own self for a change.

You can read, support, and talk about studies that show men are abused by women about as much as women are by men, give or take…a solid, verifiable truth supported by mountains of research and studies, and that most all of us know as a part of our own life experiences in which we pretend and look the other way so to placate the women,  (men as customers).

You can tell women the truth and enforce it…regardless of what it costs you. Honestly, that is what a proud, real man would do. And one more thing…he wouldn’t have to be nudged.

You can vote responsibly and with pro-male and/or antifeminism in mind.  No one has to know your votes.  Repeatedly contact your congressmen about how you side on these issues.

You can loudly oppose the one-sidedness, the anti-male template, and discrimination of the VAWA.  Push for gender neutrality like it really should be… and you know it. Have the guts to push for what is legally correct that supports and protects both genders equally. The VAWA does not.  But it does provide feminists with a billion dollars per year,  A $B PER YEAR, to push their one-sided agenda onto the largely unsuspecting and duped world.

You can refuse marriage.  Besides marriage proves nothing—-absolutely nothing—even—dare we say— about you as a man. So many, many men (and women), for a multitude of reasons, hide in marriages insomuch that it is ridiculous to assume it proves something shallow about manhood.  Grow up! And when the world is full of old-maids and spinsters, perhaps then, women will wake up and realize that they let their lives pass them by on the pretenses of trying to control too much and have their way all the time. Women love to marry, so make them learn their lessons. This is not meanness because males have the right to make sure their needs are met too—and of course, men should define their own needs….masculine men, that is.

You can always wear condoms* regardless of what she wants. Just like her, you are in charge of your own procreation. Don’t make children that realistically you are not going to get to raise— unless you cave in all the time and feel like doo-doo for it.  When the billions of feminist-supported and ordained single mothers are the main ones to pass on values (or non-values), can’t you see how important it is for you to not go there? Duuuh!!?? Seriously consider the idea of not having children.  They are often grossly over rated anyway. They are obscenely expensive…more than any and all other things combined in our likely lives. Move on with your own life! Do all the things you would rather have done instead.  It can be very rewarding.  *( So with condoms, the sex doesn’t feel as good?  Boo hoo! Big deal! Grow up and get over it,  and be a smart man—one in control of his own destiny! And remember to always flush your own sperm down the toilet.)

If you create boys, be man enough to teach and help them preserve their masculine futures…masculinity they should not have to apologize for, sell off, or throw away in order to please the women.  Sear this into their brains. Love your boys by providing them some badly needed, independent, uncompromising  worth of their own. We know fathers/men who are doing this already.…some always have.  It is working fine. Join the momentum.  Give power to males.

You can donate time, effort, and money to male causes.

Even if done in secrecy or silence, muster the courage to analyze and scrutinize the female gender—behavior included, of course— that you are “supposed” to live with most all of your life and try to raise kids with (DUUUUH). You can bet a million dollars that women definitely scrutinize their partners this way, so how is it that a man can’t? You don’t have to “prove your love” for her by letting her behave as she irresponsibly pleases. Thus, if you don’t like what you (fore)see, don’t do it! Never settle! For men, there is so much power in this—that is, if men will dare to tap this valuable resource.  IT IS BETTER TO HAVE NOTHING THAN TO BE  STUCK WITH SOMETHING YOU DON’T WANT AND KNEW BETTER ANYWAY AND THEN END UP MISERABLE AND BROKE. Millions and millions of heterosexual men know this and love their own independent lives—full of worth and free of self-induced misery!

While always loving women, you can quit irresponsibly competing and obsessing over them. With anything worth doing , it must be worth doing it right. Are your social training, chemistry, hormones, impulses, egos, and erections more powerful than your Homo sapiens brain?  And you call yourself a “man”?  How is that?

You can use your brain and not your penises  and egos to navigate life’s challenges.  WOW!

Wake up, put your hobbies and life-long, time-consuming endeavors on hold long enough to learn that there is a justified men’s movement going on…dammit! Learn, support, and contribute so to give it the badly needed momentum it deserves.  Bring your concerns to the mass media. Have this courage!  As a man, put away your toys and fight.

What concepts!! Imagine that! Change starts with YOU!!  Are you man enough?!! Or have you been feminized? Are you helpless?  Or are you hopeful? Need we remind you what a real man would be?
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A "Survivor" Truth About Women

On Sept. 19, 2009, CBS (liberal, liberal, liberal) aired a SURVIVOR episode (something we, here, almost never watch due to that network being super-liberal and because the twisted truth of coed competitions---not really being TRUE reality---makes us sick. But being a guest in someone's house, some of us tuned in for an episode. Here’s what happened that reeks of women’s disorderly misbehavior in which they must be oblivious.
Near the end of the show, the two teams (both coed), both with ropes, had to literally pull heavy chests up a steep drop-off in order to get it to rest at the top. The fastest team won.
Not naming any names, but team A used males to do all this heavy lifting, dragging, and pulling---to best meet the needs of the group as a whole. ( Not shown, but this team probably agreed ahead of time to let it be the men who performed this part of the overall task, whereas the women can use their strengths later to help the team as a whole).
Not surprisingly, but the other team, B, lost this objective primarily because they allowed a little small-armed female be out in front trying to tug (and “help“) with the heavy load. When it was all over, this little gal could not see how her getting in the way (when a big, big, man was right behind her trying to get in a good pull himself but couldn’t for her being in his way!) was the reason for their failure.
The men in this group, when asked what went wrong, had not the courage to speak the truth to this clueless female. (Not with MOTIVATEMEN. WE would sit this little gal down and prove how she screwed it up for the entire team. Whether or not it hurt her little feelings and she felt “attacked’ would mean nothing to us for this is the kind of truth we go after. We are not afraid of losing the women’s favor to the point that we must lie to them! That is NOT MANLY. Respecting women includes the requirement to tell them the truth too---damn it! Lying to them, regardless of what/who the lie is about, is NOT respectful).
Later, a different woman approached a male who had a serious stake and great concern for this event. He had been loud-spoken about a few things that many of the other men weren’t. Plus, he was addressing each member of the show individually, sort of in private, to make his points known. He had his reasons for doing this. Sure, he was overbearing some, but when women do this sort of thing under the guise of “meaning well” they get by with it, so why shouldn’t men?
Anyway, this woman came over to him and tried to make him feel guilty for being the way he was. She was in effect, trying to manipulate him. She used her “woman’s right” (a false thing indeed) to speak to a man in punitive and controlling ways that she as a woman would cry ‘foul’ if done in reverse to her or to any other woman! This man saw into her scheming, conniving antics, as did most all others who were to vote on who gets expelled.
Apparently, even some of the other women saw her actions as unacceptable and voted her off the show. The overwhelming majority of the group gave her the boot---and should have.
There were a couple of people who saw the need to reprimand the other, cute little gal who got in the way of lugging the heavy chest up the incline too, as evidenced by their votes for her to leave. But not as many disliked her blunder as much as they apparently disliked the other for her inappropriate manipulation attempt. So let the worse woman be cast out!
The lessons to be learned here and the points to be made are as follows.
First, women, meaning well is not enough. Not having the ability to put yourselves aside long enough to let others (men included) shine and bring about success is part of the big problem with women these days. They want to “help” (run and control) so badly that they actually get in the way. And many of them are oblivious to the fact that they can’t see themselves correctly as errors in times like these.
When asked, the little gal replied, (paraphrased) “ I was just trying to pitch in and do my part.” What she didn’t realize and many women are oblivious to, was that she could have best helped by staying out of the way and by letting those best suited for the job take the reigns---(which CAN be done without women feeling like they are inferior or something. Good grief women, grow up! It is not degrading for women to have to admit that men are best suited for some things, just like what is true with women. What it is, is a truthful fact).
Second, women, stop manipulating or trying to. Quit, undermining everyone by thinking you have the right to control, manipulate, and punish men and other women. Accept that you are not going to get your way all the time. Put yourself in other people’s shoes. See the errors intertwined with women behaving this way. Pull out of your selfish stupors which blind yourselves to the fact that you are, more than anything, messing things up when you behave in ways that you would be pissed off if men did it to you. See yourselves and stop the madness aimed at men in which you are oblivious to yourselves.
Finally, we are not surprised that both women were oblivious to themselves and their own actions being the problems. What we are most surprised about here is the lace curtain’s apathy. It is not like the feminists to allow this sort of truth to permeate our brains by the media. Hijacking and controlling the media, (a proven socialistic undermining necessary to slowly sway the masses to their way of thinking---and IS happening in this country!), the feminists usually edit, truth-bend, censure, blend in, cover up, or disguise this sort of truth-telling. Many times, in reality shows like this, they cleverly oversee construction of coed competitiveness rules and goals with facets designed to obscure these truths. They do NOT want the average American to put these things together and make conclusions not in compliance with their slow-brainwashing scheme. They want us isolated, thus fear any real truths getting out that may unite us by letting us know we are not alone in our like-mindedness---a true fear in the mind of a feminist---and no wonder.
The reason for this blunder of theirs is not clear. We are left to accept the fact that this time, they might have had no choice. The bluntness of the errors of these women were so obvious, up front, and in our faces. Perhaps disguising it or hiding it altogether wasn’t an option this time. Sounds like reality to us---REAL reality---not the feminist-twinged version!