Men, what are you doing? How can you find it manly to undermine your own gender? Don't you know the boys will do what ever emulates your behavior? Don't you know they use the power of your examples to figure out how they are to act and behave? Don't you know that all of male behavior isn't pre-programmed into our genetics... erroneously dubbed "hard-wiring", that it is what our boys sense from us that matters most? With the world going in a new, experimental direction boys need some new guidance about how to go about attracting the females while at the same time not "selling the farm." There is a correct way that defines how men should act as they attract females. The current way is wrong and is leading males down an irreversible path of less masculinity while apologizing for any natural instances of being male. Many of us males today, taking a bold new look at how our fore fathers failed us when things began to change already know the betrayal from those who handed us "manhood". The pain will only compound on itself if men can't manage to do women-chasing correctly now that things have changed. When men change, the world changes.


Things we would like to see changed–

Not necessarily in this order, and by no means a complete list, but here are some of the things in our current society we’d like to see changed to be more fair to males and reduce the chances of female superiority. When we get to it, we will add more to the list. If you think we left something out, tell us via e-mail; we’ll see. In cases where we have elaborated already on this site, an internal link is provided to bring you to more at our site. We may not get our wish on everything, but these are some of our motives.

–The world should quit expecting current males to pay for “wrong doings” of  yesteryear.  In fact, it was today’s men that handed things to women on a silver platter.  Men owe women nothing.
–Men to quit lying to women about natural roles and shortcomings of changing everything (Yeah!, like that is really going to happen.  If it did, women couldn’t be equal!!).
–Men to fight back effectively, not token, to be certain society it taking the right path—something males have a right to do.
–Single childless males be respected, and the stagnant “manhood” myth be toned down.
–Stop the immature name-calling for males who are different, because it hurts all men badly.
–Abortion, if it must be legal, for the arena to reflect men’s needs too—and equally.
–Abortions to never be funded by taxpayers or public option insurance—in any way whatsoever—PERIOD! Some of us don’t like murdering with our money.
–Men’s health issues get equal attention, public, and corporate funding.  Men want to live too.  They already die much earlier on average.
–Femi-control-freaks to stop meddling in the rest of the world destroying cultures and customs.
–Male bashing in all its ugly forms be stopped.  Besides, it only proves our point about women.
–The feminists’ deceptive stranglehold on the media and schools need to reflect the male-supportive perspective as well.
–Women slapping men just because their feelings get hurt (or told the truth) needs to be addressed for what it is: illegal abuse.
–All forms of female abuse of males be equally recognized and opposed.  Equal self-control is also an equality expectation. Monkey see, monkey do, huh?
–Special preferential treatment (SPT) be recognized for what it apparently means and stopped dead.
–Expose the socialist nature of feminism and nearly all feminists: Karl mark was and is their mentor.
–Stop Equal pay for “equal work”—which is a ruse–and another socialist ploy.  See for yourself.
–VAWA be changed to reflect men too—in all ways women are represented, including funding. (The feminists get a $Billion per year for feminists initiatives.)
–FMLA to reflect men/fathers equally in child birth leave from work, including pay.
–Affirmative action for women stopped since they have never been a minority at all, plus its no longer  “needed.”
–Child custody/family courts to reflect males’ needs too because good dads love their kids too—and children need fathers too!
–Men start to care more about their boys’ futures, in particular, because aren’t men males… first?
–Title IX to stop removing slots for male athletes just because not as many females want to be sweaty athletes.
–Females be required in combat, and selective service registration if indeed they want to be our leaders—especially the President and other policy makers.
–If females stay in the military, to start puling their weight without male help and without whining.  And war won’t wait for menstruation  problems.
–Male physical strength be recognized for the substantiation that it is.  There is power in muscularity.  Why deny it—unless you’re a feminist?
–Males to become more masculine.
–Females to become more feminine, not masculine.
–Feminists to stop exaggerating, and digging up rare, worst-case scenarios to try and justify all they want.
–Females to stay out of ALL male locker rooms while occupied…period.  There ARE alternatives and they know it!

–Females to respect men if indeed they expect respect FROM men.

–Females to see and respect that their “motherly and control/punish-reward” behavior of men is abusive to the male mind and spirit.

–Feminists to take a real good long look at themselves—a real good look—and see how obliviously selfish, shortsighted, and cruel they have been to a world that was just doing what it thought naturally best for the BEST survival of our species. Men of yesteryear loved women and they still do—always will—even if men do not see eye-to-eye with them.

Notice we didn’t say a single word about keeping women “locked up” at home, uneducated, barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen, and to jump in the sack with only a moment notice. Oh, yeah, and vote-deprived either.  That’s because we are for none of that.  It isn’t going to happen. But do notice our wishes reflect straight-up, no-lies, no SPT, no frills, TRUE equality. If we’re going to have equality, it should be genuine, not faked just to please women and revolve around only female needs while men act as obedient puppets.  Wishing for things is not enough.  It must be substantiated and not faked or stilted up with SPT.  What is wrong with honesty? Why do feminists not want us to be honest with ourselves as they force us into an experimental synthetic replacement plan for everyone everywhere about nearly everything! Why do they fear the truth?  We think you KNOW why? They will get their way IF WE DON’T FIGHT BACK!!

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