If it is abusive TO women, the same behavior coming from women is abuse FROM women. TRUE EQUALITY demands of women to be mature and stable enough to set the same well-behaved examples they want to be honored. Women must not forget about equality with men requiring them to have EQUAL self-control and non-impulsive behavior. When women hit men, they throw away the protection automatically afforded them just because they were born with XX chromosomes (indeed, some females are bigger than males). It is as if she is saying, "I'd rather fight and take my chances." There HAS to be some female responsibility here! Men can't bear all of the burden of safety for women.

We explain ourselves


All us males are told we are not to hit females.  We try to go by this mentally-invented, but unnatural code.  It is hard to resist the forces of natural self-defense but mostly we abide.

However, not referring to when female, valid, imminent self-defense is justified, males get pummeled, slapped (hit), kicked, dismembered, cursed at, and much more despite learning that violence is not allowed. Men often get this abusive treatment for “reasons” ultimately defined and reduced to her not getting her way, or having her feelings hurt, or her exaggerating danger, or being told the truth about herself… which is news to her of course.

Males  quickly learn that females  get to evade the rules and make up new ones as they see fit—whatever revolves around what SHE  feels is right.  However, males have rigid, unchanging rules they must always go by no matter what. The myth continues that males aren’t “real men” if they don’t auto-abide by rules taken for granted with no scrutiny applied that would reveal the inherent and self-obvious truth about monkey see—monkey do, among other things (like obtaining “manhood”).

Just as women aren’t perfect, men are not perfect either.  They make mistakes, but get thrown into jail so to enforce a system that ultimately gives females the more powerful upper hand after all. Often when the police show up, with him abused badly, even if she has the bloody weapon in her hand that matches his injuries, he is detained as the violent one even is she shows not a single scratch. (Many women erroneously think that an angry man is already hurting her even without him even touching her—-probably stemming from her emotional,  irrational, and out-of-control thought processes and not liking something he said or did without her approval, or in which he doesn’t let her have her selfish way). The authorities increasingly automatically take for granted the female opinion of what happened—-even if she is lying.  (This is the VAWA in action—a patently anti-male hate-filled, feminist piece of garbage legislation—that real men should be doing something about—or they can rot in jail as innocent men?  Hummm, let’s see, which is better?).

If you think any of the aforementioned is fair, we think you need your head examined! Yet, this female-on-male violence is a reality and all over the media and perpetuated by feminist leaders within.  They actually think it fair that many women do this violence and abuse and get by with it! In fact, if from a woman, it isn’t violence—-so they apparently think and feel. Their punitive behaviors, by women themselves,  are not seen as the violence that it actually is!

Despite these facts, our men just keep on competing for females in ways that reek with traitorous-self-contempt: Men schmooze up to women, get them to like them based on their subconscious or outright conveyance to her that no matter what women do to them, men are to never to return the behavior. Women eat it up, so again the cycle perpetuates itself.  All this sucking up to females makes these type men’s balls bigger—-so they think.

We wish men would wake up.

Saying that, it is likely you may think we are saying men should go around hitting women.  If you really feel that way, it shows the irrationality of the feminine mind and the feminized perspective of males.  …And you have not read our site!

No we never said or implied anything of the such.

NO!;  Violence is always worse!

What we would like to see changed here is for women to recognize some things that are apparently alien to them but deeply steeped in truth and commonsense. Women would be much safer ultimately if indeed they would rethink their own violence and abusive behaviors.  But women or women-like leaders such as Oprah, Dr. Phil, Steinem, and the many others who refuse to see the equal fairness, equal maturity, and equal responsibility in getting women to stop hitting men, just ignore the proof here (link) that is staring us all in the eyes—always has really.   When confronted with female-on-male violence these kooks turn a blind eye to what should be obvious. It is as if they think some equalization process is owed to women so they refuse to even acknowledge the truth. (Often, truth is a woman’s enemy and is definitely a feminists’).

Studies show, as does our commonsense that women would be much safer if they would not initiate any violence themselves.  It is best women remove themselves from situations where they are angry at men and cool down, take deep breaths, rethink their feelings of impulsively slapping or hitting men (same difference), and find more mature resolves besides violence themselves.  However, they are so afraid they will not control, or get their way, or not get to punish, that they stay around what they perceive is harm’s way or in angry moments of their own.  And the fact remains that women don’t think it violent when they hit.  Many women indeed think they should get away with violence on the false pretenses that only males are to check their emotions and impulse actions. Women, they believe, can do as they please.

When men get hit, they try to abide by the rules, but in a flash, sometimes they mess up too.  Their natural self-defense mechanisms generated by nature and self preservation  respond.  but everybody watching automatically deems him beneath scum.   A woman can deliberately lash out with violence but the man can’t even make a mistake.  And this has nothing to do with how much women can’t even hurt men physically (a myth) but has everything to do with expecting women to set the example of equal maturity capacity… to know that if they expect respect from men, they must show that same respect to men no matter the gripes women have with men.

Do women ever stop and think just where some of this “don’t hit her” undoing in the minds of men comes from?  Are women mature and equal enough to process the fact that their own violence to men just may be turning the “don’t hit her” circuits off in the men’s minds?  Probably not, since these type of women are apparently oblivious to themselves not being the center of the universe.  This is proven by the ad council’s (liberal, liberal) Saturday morning commercials that try to get boys to never hit females while simultaneously ignoring the need to tell females to set the same example too—-you know, since everyone is equal now… that they must not hit boys either…Duh!?

And men just keep going along with whatever women want.  Sounds real manly of them to let all this happen, huh?  They tell their boys to never hit women while teaching them that when women hit males, it must be because the women ‘love them so much’ as evidence by being picked by her to live with her—-that when from women, it isn’t abuse. Dads/men may not outright say this, but they sure example it. The boys are watching!

This makes us here at Motivatemen sad for we think no abuse is better—period. There are better ways to get one’s way beside beating , slapping, or using any violence.  Men or women, if they don’t get their way, maybe it is because they aren’t supposed to have their way all the time.

Under the tenets of TRUE EQUALITY men should start enforcing this commonsense, but they would rather go on competing for females over this issue—-using lies, omissions, and pretending in order to achieve her approval.  Next thing, they are the victims of female abuse but are too proud to let the world know they were wrong so they say nothing about it—-all right in front of their boys (and girls).  What an example!! What a pity, because it is this behavior from supposed adults that keeps much of the cycle of violence going.  So much for women’s smarts and for men’s egos.  Wow! It looks as if women are hopelessly selfish while men are just plain stupid.

And if the men dare to tell on her, they often encounter the “what did you do to her to deserve it” abuse from the domestic violence psuedo-professionals. A man may have only told her the truth about herself and she hated him for it, thus slapped him or started cutting or something. But to the authorities and to the general public, no matter, it is all his fault. Women can do no wrong.  Again, the VAWA, written by anti-male feminists and approved by  cowardly legislators is what perpetuates this nonsense.

So while we do not like hitting women, we may be left with no choice.

Wait, there ARE choices here.  Men can grow up themselves and start embracing more modern, pro-male perspectives that try to teach women and girls to not hit males which will ultimately keep females safer in the long run.

Or men, as brutes likened unto spring-loaded wind-up dolls pre-programmed to strike as soon as it is detected, can beat up on each other to try and police each other in ways the women digest as loving them.

We can go on doing the stupid things about this dilemma or we can change to reflect an equally mature stance that requires women to prove why they are worthy and capable of handling the responsibilities of equality  even if doing so doesn’t make them happy or appease their perspectives and opinions.

Still another way is to ALWAYS call the police and have her arrested and hauled in. Men could do this instead of responding like animals normally and naturally do when attacked. But be warned!  When the authorities get there, with the VAWA backing it all up,  all she has to say is she “was in fear.”  The man might even have to leave the premises.  There are examples of this happening already (link).  There is just too much power here at the disposal of  jaded or scorned women.  Men, are you just going to allow this horrible anti-male feminist feeding-trough: VAWA, to get re-approved? (What do you think your boy will think when he looks back and sees that you did nothing about these grossly unfair laws while he sits in jail as an innocent man? Making women be fair and accept responsibility for their equality is not being mean to them. Thus, the VAWA should be changed in many respects.

The best way for males to get their point across to females is first to try and talk to women in the same rational way we do here.  If that doesn’t work, then if they need to, they are free to tell the truth about them being legally and morally able to defend themselves against her.  And he has to mean what he says.  We find that in most all cases, unless she is a deranged, self-centered bitch or something, if she knows she will be responded to in kind, she is FAR less likely to hit.  What seems like men getting a permit to hit women is actually a device to make women much safer. However, the man must follow through, else she is playing him and mocking him. Thus the cycle of violence continues.  If that happens, she can blame herself, (but likely would never realize this truth) and he can accept blame too for not doing his job of standing his ground—-the correct ground—-like a man used to do—- and like a man still should.

We are not wrong about this. Women may not like it, but they must respect men and the power contained within their bodies.  And men do not have to go around apologizing for being male.

Yeah, it is ugly! We know.  But sometimes the truth is like that.  While we wish we did not have to settle here as we do, we also believe it important for all women to stop hitting men unless she is 100% positive he is hurting her or about to hurt her physically (careful here, a scared woman exaggerates danger and also includes her feelings being hurt as the same as physically being hurt—-which is erroneous as can be—-of course.  Women should not have that kind of power).

We know, we have heard it. The woman thinks that her dignity as a woman is at stake, so with that claim as her defense, she hits men. She fails to see the truth in that her dignity will be best preserved if she doesn’t reduce herself to violence at all.   However, this forces women to be rational—something many of them have great difficulty with in anxious times.  The trouble is getting them to see this self-evidence.

The feminists won’t admit anything here as are not likely the women either. They really believe since they are women, they can do basically whatever they please—-and the law is sliding that way to…faster than you think! (It’s because most all men won’t fight back, not even with legislation and protesting.  They have turned into cowards and customers.  And they are teaching the boys to do the same thing!!).

Men, it looks like it is up to you.  What will it be? TRUE EQUALITY with equal responsibilities, or the undoing, damaging nature of short-sighted, ridiculous over-competitiveness for disorderly females?

If you choose the latter, you are just as guilty as the women. And now we ask, what is the difference between being dumb and being stupid?  We’ll let you think on that!

Nonetheless, no matter what you think, a male has just as much a HUMAN right to defend himself as does a female. And lately the trend is there are many, many men out there who say that it is OK to hit women if they hit men first and whether or not her hand is fisted or open is irrelevant.  Hitting is hitting, abuse is abuse.  Monkey see—monkey do!


Why is our approach to helping men and boys characterized by confronting all of feminism as a whole?

Ultimately, while we here at MOTIVATEMEN would rather see women be unselfish, contributory, and sacrificial enough to go back into the homes and be the badly needed good mothers, wives,  and caregivers, in order to restore the nature-made sanity to traditional families, society, politics, and life in general, we know that is not going to happen.  The feminists have permanently scarred everything nearly everywhere with their unnatural, socialistic, injurious behavioral replacement schemes that revolve around their  feelings in which they are unaware distort reality.

To be honest, although not best for our species, we understand women wanting to work outside the home. And even with our harshly–critical beliefs, we appreciate not having to see males dress up as women in movies, like back in the “dark ages.”  Singer performers, it would be boring with only males. With narrators, we’d get tired of hearing only males. It is nice to see a female nurse provide some care to soldiers, or the sick and injured (even though they have great difficulty lifting patients single-handedly like men can.  In fact, men are who they often summon to do heavy lifting for them). And we all have had our favorite teachers who were female.

And now, some peculiar women want to interrupt the flow of things do things best suited for males, like be rangers, seals, “soldiers,” police, firefighters and so on. (However, it is interesting to note that we don’t see many (if any at all!) female oil riggers, skyscraper builders, coal miners, tower dogs, tree-climbing lumberjacks, and the real hard stuff like that). Hummm, wonder why?  ‘Thought they were equal!

We really aren’t trying to convince men to make women go back home.

So why do we “attack” feminism in general and in every way we can when to some extent it is responsible for providing women job opportunities outside the home? Why do we leave no stone unturned in our scrutiny and criticism of feminism?  With our words, why don’t we just go after portions of feminism—-the individual parts responsible for the expensive chaos foisted onto everyone say within the last 30 years or so bya new breed of feminists called gender feminists and similar?

The answer is not as distant or difficult as one might think.  It is actually quite simple.  Recall that our primary focus here is to help males recover from and fight back what we believe is a tyranny erected to the level of eventually being a catastrophe on society. In our effort to help males, what we must do most is refuse to lie.  Quit lying to men and quit lying to women. So, part of the truth we tell here has to deal with feminism as a whole—-collectively the changes made since the 1840’s. Sometimes, and especially to be brief, (some of our writings are long enough), it is necessary to lump everything together.  Other times, it is actually best for our argument if we just maintain that feminism as a whole is responsible for the gender-related changes made thus far—-and it is.  Plus, think about it.  If we intend to help men make sure they are doing the right thing with women—-not just be so male-to-male competitive and sexually duped into allowing the world to change before their very eyes—then we need to get their attention in any and every way we can.

What men need is a break.  A chance to get their plan in order is something we see necessary.  If the well-entrenched, horribly-dominant, but short-sighted feminist machine keeps marching on at its current pace, the underdog men and their right to have natural male perspectives, are going to get obliterated. So we go after anything we can, any angle present, any way to reveal the honest truth, any chance to undermine, any portion of feminism including 1st and 2nd wave. This helps to slow the digress into a world slumped in shame having given up its nobility and sacrificial-necessitated behaviors in order just to please women—-to make them feel better. (To hell with the world, we’ll just obsess over how women feel!#$*&^@!).

Look at it this way, if you were faced with a giant, one standing in front of you, preventing your passage, if you were serious about getting passed, would you try and be fair to the beast? Or wouldn’t you kick the shins, poke the eyes, try and trip, beat with a club, rip at flesh, and basically do attack every and any thing you can?  Sure you would.

And here is proof. The feminists did it!  Yes, when up against the misguided and flawed, “it’s a man’s world only” mentality and ingrained beliefs, they attacked it at every angle: voting, jobs, “harassment,” media helping them to brainwash the gullible, marches, demonstrations, politics, the toilet seat, basically every avenue of inroads. So they should understand why our complete fight is a better one (and indeed that is what they fear).

That is why we go after radical feminism—-the version causing crazy stuff going on  today—-by remembering that feminism is one great big body.   While we don’t really want to remove the capacity for the giant to walk, (women to work, for example), we must go after the feet as well, to have the greatest impact and chance of getting passed the giant.

But relax, we aren’t going to steal away the female vote (even though many philosophers agree that women having two very strong aspects of power : voting and vaginas, is too much power for one side and was probably a strong underlying contender explaining why women couldn’t vote in yesteryear).

We aren’t going to MAKE women be good mothers again either.

But we do have some questions for you and for the feminists…What are they afraid of?  Tactics that work better? If their synthetic replacement scheme born of exaggerations, rare worse-case scenarios, lies, truth-bending and warping, is so much better than what they are replacing, then once men can stand on their own feet again and fight like the feminists fought, so that both men and women are debating equally, then with the variables eliminated down to the fight pivoting on the truths and the equalized argument, if their version is so much better, if they are so right, then wouldn’t they still win?

We think they know they can’t win if they let eye-for-eye challenges, truth and commonsense permeate the arena—-such as the case would be if men regain some badly lost ground and learned to fight.  For that same reason, we know they hope we pare down our fight so that in effect we let them win.

Feminists want men to let them win….to not even scrutinize feminist changes.  If not allowed to win—-as if the feminists recently uncovered some profound new truth hiding from humankind since the dawn of civilization, then they are certain those who oppose positively “hate” them.

It doesn’t take a Mensa mind to see the oblivious irrationality of such thought processes.

A feminist talks out both sides of her mouth ( and sadly to say, traitorous male feminists are no better.  We coined the term “womales”).  They say men and women are so identically equal that they don’t need any help from men in any way at all, yet, if they don’t accept some males’ help or refuse the SPT that has enabled so many of their “wins”, they WILL lose.  So they take and utilize any help they can get and they relentlessly use it to go after men, maleness, masculinity, our boys, anything they can find that doesn’t elevate their cry-baby sniveling to something resembling a worthy cause….speaking of radical, third-wave feminism.

So guess what, we do to, just inversely. But you know what?  We would love, DOWNRIGHT LOVE to debate flawed feminist (pseudo-) doctrine eye-for-eye, tooth and nail, once we help eliminate the vagina-stupors induced by males competing with other males over females.  With that variable eliminated from the contest arena ( but not from our minds and desires), it would be a much more fair fight. Always loving females, but when males can start to argue, with the “interference” removed (but not forgotten or abandoned), the feminists will be given the first real run for their money.  No wonder they want us to reduce our fight somehow?  Of course they do! Like everything else, they want us to let them win, but claim every victory as a reflection of their supposed strengths.

What feminists say is a “men-hating women-even-working-and-holding-jobs” cheat tactic on our part, is actually them trying to get us to let them have their superiority.  We don’t do that—-not here at least. That is why with that proverbial giant, we would attack the feet as well and not care if the feet are what helped the giant walk.

Said another way, we do not want to take certain jobs away from women,  but if we have to criticize the wave of feminism that exploited males natural desire for women in order for feminism to acheive, then so be it. It is this exploitation in particular, combined with male vulnerability that is ultimately in our focus.

If we lose, if left up to MOTIVATEMEN, it will not because we didn’t fight—-and completely.  If they win, it will be because they really are right—-not merely because they have vaginas as their most powerful arsenal or because they exacted pity from weak men.

We believe, once men open their eyes (brains) and not just their zippers, we believe we can annihilate the radical, 3rd-wave feminist perspective if given that chance—-because it is extreme nonsense.  If once that chance is realized, we lose, then we will lay down our swords. If we win, women are still going to be able to work, hold office, own land, and vote, etc. We know we can’t go back in time! We just want a fair fight, for it to be done right, a victory not realized by women being stilted up and helped.

Fair enough!!

That is why we intend to slow the feminist beast any way we can, even to the point of what may erroneously seem like not even wanting women to work and vote. That isn’t going to happen so it isn’t our motive. That is not why we are here and why we fight. But we are here to fight for men and boys.  And that is what we are going to do–any way we can—ANY WAY WE CAN!

A good and logical example as to why we leave no stone unturned in our quest to restore the sanity is this. While we understand the plight of women wanting to have careers, etc, we still go after this part of feminism too not to stifle women’s chances of having successful careers (not possible anyway) but because we truly believe that family stability has precedence over the wishes of females—and we would like to see more women make this mature, loving  sacrifice.  We believe that family stability restoration will help our ailing society the most. Thus, it is important in our minds to help women see that while they do not have to abandon their jobs (like they did the families—men and children alike), still, many of them might return home by choice (in fact, many of them do—-once they find out the feminists were wrong about the ‘man’s world’ being glamorous and laden with privileges….and….once they see that having their babies raised by strangers is not only lacking in bonding capacity, but also dangerous, thus stupid).

Here’s another way to look at all this and why we are relentless on every facet of feminism. We don’t want our mothers, and daughters to not be able to work and earn money, but we must go after the entire feminism beast any way we can get it to compromise on so many other facets of change.  Consider this: Even if warring nation A is not against everything defensive nation B is for, still A implements all stations, all points, all resources, ammo, everything it has in its arsenal as an effort to beat nation B.  However, once A&B are through with the war, the things that are common between them will prevail.  It is the same with our war on the unnatural nature of feminism. This analogy really works because it really is this simple.

In short, these explanations are why we scrutinize every last aspect of feminism—-to slow the beast  and its damage overall until men can get the first real foothold on being able to effectively fight.…(Since the men before us just sort of flopped at fighting back, we now, have it all on our backs and at this late date are left with few other choices)!

But time is running out men and we can’t hold our breath for long.  All men need to get on board somehow, some way, any way they can—-even secretly if need be.  But men need to DO SOMETHING!!

The boys need somebody to defend them and their masculine futures.  The feminists are too traitorous to remain fair to the boys—they apparently could care less about males.  So men, it is up to you.  We are trying to help, but you will have to be the ones to take this badly needed action.  We hope you see it as worth it.  We hope you see the worth in maleness besides it being a weakened, feminized puppet system catering to the destructive and shortsighted whims of feminists.


Why it matters so much to us

Often, it is brought to our attention that some people are having trouble understanding why we oppose the radical feminist movement so much in which they want to know just what it is that drives us to make such a loud splash against it. They go on to say that since we don’t have children, didn’t marry, or “get trapped” in the prison-like throes of self-inflicted stagnancy of male expectations, why then do we care so much as to go out of our way to the extent we have to lament the idea of everything changing to favor females and against males. What follows are the rock-solid reasons for our need to educate the otherwise-naïve public on these matters.
First, let us address the common misconception about antifeminists. Most antifeminists are married with children. Some of them are vocal about it. However, more than we realize apparently, a majority of these people, for their own reasons, prefer to hide and keep silent and drive on with the status quo, thus blending in well…never admitting to anyone (especially to the women) about how they really feel. Some from both of these extremes have divorced in which many, having learned a valuable lesson, have stayed divorced and always will. Both groups as well as those in between the extremes have been through the woes of marriage and having kids.
It is the minority of antifeminists who are single, childless, and independent men (and women). Perhaps a disproportional amount from this latter group are the most dissentingly vocal and on behalf of the men at least, they can be loud about feminism exactly because they do not have a permanent woman in their lives to scorn them and treat them like children when they act true to themselves and are unapologetic and bluntly truthful about things women would rather not hear or have to realize about themselves and the world…(the doghouse abuse doesn’t exist for these men).
In short, the ever-growing number of antifeminists are comprised of varied types of people, thus it is not justified to assume that antifeminists don’t have real reasons to oppose the world changing so profoundly in the experimental and selfish ways thus seen. This brings us to the first reason that we care so much.
1. It is precisely due to the prison-like lives that the silent antifeminists are having to endure that drives us to complain for them. Many of the emails we get here at MOTIVATEMEN come from the silent types...thanking us for all we do for men and boys.   They admit they are mostly silent and in fact also admit using a fictitious web name when they write… for fear they will be found out. We enjoy speaking for this important group of sufferers. When they are trapped and can’t be honest with those around them, it is particularly disturbing to us. So someone has to speak for them.
We do however, wish those in this group had looked BEFORE they leaped and for those who did look, to have had the courage to not do what their gut instinct tried to tell them. But they went the way they did and did so for their own reasons. We accept that and we are proud to speak for them. We sometimes use harsh language to describe this group, calling them cowards, puppets, and liars and so forth, but we also know that deep down, they know we are right.  They are trapped and we, for them, alleviate the fret.
2. Someone has to stand up for the boys. The boys are victims of both male and female traitors.  They are having their world yanked out from under them, tossed around and shaken up, and told they have no choice but to comply.  This is grossly unfair to them.  These males can’t speak out about these synthetic feminist replacements and are having to endure whatever is thrown at them. When the boys now living grow up and “must” endure the multi-faceted aftermath of feminist turmoil, lies, whimpering, and oblivious selfishness, they are going to hate the situation that has robbed them of power to control their own destinies. Someday they will be furious with men for allowing so much to change and that they did it so they can merely satisfy their craving for orgasms, be favored by women in general, and to placate their shallow need for overrated egos defined by their erroneous assumption that the degree of maleness, masculinity, and manhood is calibrated and gauged by their outwardly perceived attraction to females….which got males in this awful mess in the first place… since feminists and women in general have hideously and deceptively exploited men’s reluctance to change and to oppose disorderly women.
However, not all future men will obsess over how much sex they can have because their mentalities are greater than that of being reduced to such degrading concepts concerning manhood and that of being a real man. We PROUDLY speak for the boys because no on else will!…and in the future, driven by the indisputable socialistic principles and backbone existence of feminism, it will probably be illegal to tell the truth like we do here and now. …And oblivious feminism will have no problem deeply steeped in such obvious unfairness…it will think only of itself going to the extreme to inject socialistic, utopian  nonsense into all of society for everybody everywhere about everything.
3. For the group of male antifeminists who are single and childless, perhaps many of them wanted wives and children. But all because they are apparently much smarter than the average male, didn’t deny their right to deeply and effectively analyze all aspects of what they are expected to do with their future lives (including and especially women…duuuh!), and can withstand the pressures and punishments for not being carbon copies of all other males...and for being people who dare know that all men are not alike and that one size does not fit all, they in turn, get shut out from enjoying the family life for themselves. This has no doubt made many of them somewhat bitter…and rightly so!
It is no secret that most women (consciously or not) manipulatively use their ever-defining “hurt” feelings coupled with their inability to think passed themselves in a worldly manner keeping our sexually-reproducing species-driven duties and sacrifices into perspective, that amidst their obliviousness, will punish men for not doing what those women think, want, and “need” men to do so they can have their way disproportionately and maintain their so-called “dignity” etc. These women won’t have anything to do with males who dare see the truth that doesn’t represent feminist-driven female convenience anomalies that go against having to endure their share of sacrifices too for the sake of humanity and the common good.
If men don’t pretend they do not notice all the feminist-derived chaos and the SPT these selfish women receive (who apparently are the majority of women) then their chances of making families are dramatically reduced. The male perspective is shut out. These men have had something very important taken from them unless they had acted stupid and against their own inner gut feelings and kept quiet and did “what males are supposed to do.” While not all single and childless antifeminists want children, still, as one voice, we speak for these martyrs.
4. Speaking for the male antifeminists, it is embarrassing to us at MOTIVATEMEN that our once-powerful gender is being systematically weakened to accept losing against the single-minded and transparent branch of prostitution known as feminism.  Men aren’t losing because they are wrong; they are losing because they are hopelessly shallow. If men would be courageous enough to unite, protest, and prevent the apathetic, the near-blind-handing over of so much destructive power to misguided women that is destroying any hopes of having a traditional, normal future; and if men could stop acting so childish over the importance of orgasms, ego-fitting in, and could quit competitively trying to please all women, and stop blind-absorbing whatever the feminists throw them (like a bone to a dog), then things would take a more fair turn towards TRUE equality or no equality at all. (After all, what good is the equality pursuit if it is mocked by being stilted upon a bunch of SPT for women who double-talk they need no extra help !@#$%^&*, and propped up by the lies that feminists tell and men ignore? Just where is the DIGNITY and NOBILITY in THAT!).  We want nobility, respect, and dignity restored to the lives of men and boys.  So we speak for those in this group who are too afraid.
5. As part of the mosaic of collective human beings, the future of humanity is our future as well. We may be antifeminists but we are people. It should and does matter to human beings whether or not we experiment ourselves into largely unforeseeable, disastrously-troubled, unnatural lives that reflect NOT the image of Homo sapiens being worthy of the highest taxonomical status assigned to animals.  We have the right to exist, to think, and to question what is happening. Even though we will be gone from this earth someday in which only some of us will leave offspring behind, still, for those who are childless, it is our duty as well to plan for the future of humans. …And we are going to!
6. Specifically, we believe in gender roles and know that while not perfect and is laden with inconveniences and sacrifices, still... nature, God, and commonsense not only backs us up, but irrefutably does so remarkably well! Although we have nothing against lesbianism per se, we still don’t want to see our little girls abandon femininity and our boys be feminized to the point they are too afraid to notice and speak out against the proven-wrongs of radical feminism.  We like the concept of family staying the way it has always been for millennia.  We do not want the gender-blurring, near gender-less, and boring society that is replacing what naturally happened throughout the innocent generations. We believe that certain gender-specific sacrifices must be endured in order to preserve the integrity of not only gender but of life itself. We want as our legacies an unmistakable drive for sanity to remain intact for the futures of humans. 
The gender-respecting world was colorful.  But the feminists are proposing a grayed-out, dull, and nondescript replacement in which the colorful, natural, and intriguing differences are wiped out from our senses.
Now! Having explained why WE care so much, we would like to ask the feminists why THEY care so much about US and stoop to such great socialistic depths to try and destroy our constitutional and human right to speak against so much experimental changes to our system of sacrifice-driven stability that relies so much on commonsense gender roles. Why are they so afraid of US!? Could it be that their voracious appetite to censor us is because they fear the truth?
We know beyond all shadows of doubt that the number one enemy of feminists and feminism is the unadulterated, natural, self-evident truth itself. The truth speaks louder than feminists ever will and ever can. The problem is that feminists are successful at foisting their oft-wildly exaggerated, pity-garnering views onto everyone everywhere and have succeeded in creating an environment in which no one listens to the truth anymore (political correctness extended to disorderly women). They have replaced the natural version of the truth with what they wish for… and the weakened masses have bought into it.
That is why we are here! And that is what they are afraid of.  You bet they are! …And their dash to shut us up is actually telling on themselves because if antifeminists are so wrong and will end up making fools out of themselves, then why not let that happen?  Feminists fear us because they know we are right but care more about their utopian wish list for women so they dare not be in favor of letting the average citizen hear us and then be allowed to make up their own minds once they weigh both arguments.
Feminists are control freaks…and they are scared of the truth that if used properly by males will stop them in their tracks. This is why we antifeminists are here…to motivate men to care more about what is right rather than what merely feels good  (for men and women). 
By default, success can’t be limited to what merely feels good. What actually WORKS best for most people most of the time should be our focus instead.
Are we Homo sapiens or not? Come on men, catch up!