"Dad, what was THE most important "manly" thing for you: connecting with women (vaginas) as much as possible, thus fit in with other males more so? Or, did you find a way to stand up against the feminists' shortsighted wrongs---that I have heard you speak of with your buddies many, many times? Did you care more about the fate of the world, or did you cave in? Did you employ your real brain or your penis brain?" (Don't worry little girls...the women have had in mind helping you for many decades. Plus, many men are obsessed with helping only the girls, meanwhile they abandon their OWN gender, (the boys) in this context.) What MOTIVATEMEN is trying to do here is get males to see the importance of not forsaking the boys' needs (indeed,their own needs). But there is plenty of help for the females already. Just look around!


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Coming soon in the future: On the right side of every page, (where this is written) we have dedicated the space to connecting our website with the world by posting pictures, articles, relevant examples found from places besides our minds, external (inter-) links with sites outside our own and so forth. While we have used the remaining spaces on most of our pages to illustrate how we feel, think, know, and hope---all derived from our understanding, wit, insight, knowledge, daily lives, commonsense, experiences with women, and all backed up by many years of reading, thinking, compiling, editing, and organization, we also want to include "other" sources as direct proof to the material we post on this site. We have read extensively, thought deeply, studied research, and tried to involve ourselves in a well-read manner about the subject of the gender war. We are not merely strongly opinionated coupled with courage. The courage and opinion parts are both combined with an undeniable immersing into the issues with feminism and its shortsighted plan to overhaul everything everywhere for everybody---like it or not! It takes a lot of time to develop a website like this and is perhaps the reason there aren't many out there who go to this extent to try and help men and boys. We apologize for the wait on substantiation, but we wanted to get on the net, to have our debut, to begin helping men and boys help themselves in a world where they are expected to cave in to the whims of females even to the point of ultimate demise. We have obtained our information for this site by exploring, reading, analyzing, and organizing. Like most people, we didn't go around all the time documenting most things we have read and learned from. Who has the time for that in their daily lives? But now that we are starting and pledge to maintain this revolutionary site, we are dedicated to gong back to cite, reference, link, and otherwise prove how we have arrived at the conclusions presented herein. Give us time. There is a lot of work to be done. We WILL accomplish this. Each week, with the exception of vacations, and stuff like that, you will see the evidence and proof we speak of here. Tune back in routinely, scan our site, compare it to the month before, you'll see---WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT SUPPORTING EVERYTHING WE POST ON OUR SITE. We will not let you down. Thank you.