In the eyes of MOTIVATEMEN, there is nothing more cowardly than a man so traitorously hung up on thinking he has to do whatever it takes to get him a woman. If one must have a woman to "be a man," then at least have the courage to do it correctly----which does not include lying to her about equality issues, over-protecting her feelings, and so on when he can clearly see how wrong it is for him to behave that way.


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Hate (continued)…

So given that this undeserved label may persevere, we believe we are right to examine where this behavior of automatically assuming hatred comes from.  If we are going to be plagued with untrue reductions, immature name-calling, ungrounded fantasy-laden mockery, downright maliciousness, then we can address the issue and do so as we see fit. And that is what we are doing here.  That is why our first impression, our first topic, is about hate.

To set the record straight, like everyone is entitled to do, we want to employ commonsense.  So mentioned below are but a few of a multitude of examples that clearly differentiate between hate and other, more accurate descriptions of human behavior.

When you swat at a fly, chase it off from your food, and become very irritated at its persistence, do you hate it—really hate it?  Do you stop seeing the value in flying insects as they go about filling their niche on the earth?  Does your dislike of the way flies want your food make you hate all insects that fly and might get in your way or take something from you?

While at work where one of your coworkers doesn’t pull her weight (say because of her pregnancy, for example, or for whatever reason), does such a fact make you actually hate her? Sure you’re irritated (and rightly so because while at work, they must pull their own weight since they are getting paid), but does it conjure up spells of sheer hatred toward that person?  When all you want is fairness and to see it utilized, does such a wish also mean you hate—actually hate people over it?

When you attend a town hall meeting so you can oppose tax increases, are you going to such venues filled with hatred? All because you want taxes to remain low and find it worth it to invest your time and effort to examine the situation harshly, does it make you believe that all taxes should be eliminated?  Do you no longer find the value in having a lawful and organized society all made possible by taxes? Just because you don’t think taxes should be raised and are very critical of it, does it make you hate all taxes or even hate the concept of needing taxes to remain stable?

If you are a Republican, and your side is losing because they are not really organizing, protesting, educating, spending money, and fighting back like they should, does your love of the world and how you think things should be going cause you to hate the other side that seems to have a hijacked grip on so many of our social institutions that help make it possible for them to win more elections?

If you were first on the scene at a bloody car accident, would you refuse to help the strangers if they  had an “Obama for president” sticker on the back of their car even though if you help them live, they will inevitably vote against you? Does your philosophy differing from the other side really make you hate Americans who don’t do things the way you think they should?

If you go out of your way to understand the problems with over-fishing a particular species of sea life, does it make you hate the fishermen who are just trying to earn a living the only way they know how?  The spotted owl in the pacific northwest, sure it should be saved.  But the loggers who want to feed their families, do you hate them, even though they could shift to logging other areas and try to understand the demise of the owl and the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced environment?

When your bratty and unruly little niece comes to stay with you for the week, even though you can’t stand how irritating she is for all the things she does, (for example, among many) she sings songs out loud but has no ability to carry a tune, or perhaps plays with your make-up or dresses and so on, do you actually hate her even though you dread her visit? You strongly wish she wouldn’t come, but you love your sibling and her, so you don’t say anything and put on a great big smile.  But do you secretly hate her?

We believe you get the point here so we will not name the millions and millions of examples where one can have and display passion and fervently oppose a person or group, concept, situation, movement,  and so on, yet not be filled with hatred over it or hate the ones who are in disagreement. If in the above situations, you actually hate the people or animals involved, then you must have some screws loose.  We refuse to believe any of the above-mentioned scenarios should instill hatred and if you are still in disagreement here, then perhaps you are incapable of separating the concept of hating from that of other emotions and concern.

That is the way we see it.  This is much of the energy behind our drive to motivate men and women to care more about our world and try to salvage some of the stability before it evaporates to never be seen again. We care deeply about the world, its fate, its destiny.  We want it to be stable, more family-oriented, less chaotic, less experimental even though our vision requires unpopular sacrifices to be made of both men and women.

While we strongly dislike the chaos, the expense, the shifting, the metamorphosis, the severe mandated changes we have all had foisted onto us, we are not mired up in hate.  We do not hate women.  We do not go around hating women.  If, and we use the word “if’ very powerfully but carefully here, if we “hate” (just to  entertain the sake of argument), if we “hate” anyone at all, it is the feminists because we are certain their unnatural, synthetic replacement plans for everyone everywhere is selfish, misguided and just plain wrong—even if their changes make some women feel better. But that does not mean or imply we are against all women.

Many women have already spoken up and effectively declared that feminists do not speak for all women and that they wish feminists would quit meddling and tinkering with our beloved social institutions and traditions.  Do these women hate women? Not likely, for if so, they must also hate themselves.

To the contrary, all the above examples prove that to care, to give a darn, to have the courage to scrutinize, to share what is found does not mean everyone who dares see something different is filled with hatred over it.  Even if it appears one has an obsession and gets angry a lot over the issues at hand, it doesn’t guarantee she is filled with hatred. You have no right going around pegging people as haters when you are basing your claims merely on your opinion and how you internalized and organized your observations about the people you claim hate. Such a serious charge, you should be certain, not merely opinionated. How would you like it if people said such stuff about you but you knew in your heart it wasn’t true at all?
That question brings us to say more about women and how and where all these hating-accusations and related garbage-nonsense comes from. We are generalizing here, but we believe we are correct to point out some common traits most women have. While of course there are exceptions, as there are to every rule, it is more important to describe it overall than to let it pass by non-scrutinized completely. If you are a woman and are certain you do not agree with feminists and other liberals or otherwise don’t fit the generalized description here, then relax, you also know we aren’t talking about you—as few as you are.
Men, if you have lived with a female for any length of time, and unless you are lucky enough to be loving one of the rare exceptions, you know, you KNOW, we are right here. You know that one trait about women seems to permeate and describe them all in one way or another. Some how, some way, not many women at all can make it off this earth without them having lived as wanting their way all the time.  And not only that, but many, if not most, are completely oblivious to their own behavior here. No matter how hard you try, they just don’t get it.  They just can’t differentiate between what they want and according to them, “how things should be.”

Years later, you still haven’t been able to convince them of things they need to see about themselves. They will never understand; they are women. The more you try, the more irrational they become. Men, are we not right?

A good example here is this. They don’t see the selfishness involved when they want your hair cut.  They really think you should go get it cut all because they think it is too long.  However they can’t see the controlling attitude ingrained within, all because they are hung up on thinking, “No, really, his hair is too long.  That is not just my opinion.  It really is too long.  He’ll look better (in her opinion). He just doesn’t understand.  So me wanting his hair cut isn’t me being selfish or controlling, and since it really needs cutting and I just mean well, I am not being selfish here.  This isn’t me just wanting my way; his hair really is too long.”

In the way written here, they might not actually think about this stuff, but somewhere lying in their subconscious is a flash of  utilizing this controlling, yet oblivious-to-it attitude. When women are wrapped up in themselves like this, they often become too irrational to stop and see that it is your hair, not hers.  She would deeply resent you telling her how to wear her hair, but she just can’t grasp the fact that she is getting her way about your hair as if you’re a child and can’t make your own decisions.  So she assigns her demand that you cut it to “the way things should be” and perhaps never really takes a good look at herself. The man is destined for this treatment for the rest of his life with her.

Not all women are “guilty” of this, but largely, women are bad for this sort of behavior.  All men know it, but perhaps are not brave enough to state it. There is an innate and inherent selfishness that seems to automatically come with most women that which in and of itself serves as a blinder that keeps them from self-examination in the ways described here.

Indeed many women who are reading this will get very upset and swear up and down this is all wrong.  They will do this because they do not get it.  Perhaps they aren’t capable of getting it.  Or maybe they do get it and refuse to admit it. Who knows?

Stemming from this oblivion-saturated lack of awareness that most women display we believe is the crux of the issue as to why women get so defensive when anyone criticizes them—even if the ones offering the criticism are inarguably correct. Either females really are blinded by their own obliviousness, or they see the error in their ways but still do not want anyone telling them they can’t have their way all the time. So when this happens, what do they do?  They lash out often with such bitterness and desperation to say something hurtful to you.  They, in their unaware desperation go for your jugular—whatever they instinctively think will stop you from being the way you are: to change the man to suit her “needs.”(A perfect example is when they call a man “gay” when they know darned well he can’t be gay).

They are trying to control men this way by saying whatever they think will bring about their manipulated results the fastest.  In the same way, stemming from something she did not like hearing, she will impulsively charge you with “hating” her all because  you saw something in her (or women) you didn’t like and you think she (and they) can make improvements.  In this way, women do not know how to take criticism.
So men, what do they do?  They lie to women.  That’s what, because to men, it seems better to not rock the boat with someone who can immediately, on the fly, reek with complete and utter irrationality and obliviousness.  If he dares to say a thing, he gets put into the doghouse and she is completely unable to see the prostitution-like similarity with her behavior.

To a woman, her feelings are part of her body.  If you hurt her feelings (even accidentally), to her, you have done the same thing as if you intentionally hit her.  Of course she is wrong about this, but it’s an uphill battle getting her to see the obvious distinction.  At times like these, women’s “he must let me win” thought patterns dominate, while at the same time her obliviousness interferes with her ability to see the special preferential treatment (SPT) extended to her all because she wishes for things to be her way.

So when you examine them, when you prove your brain works, and that you have some wit coupled with some spine about you, when you say something they don’t like, when they don’t get their way or inwardly subconsciously fear they will not get their way, they charge you with hating them.  To them, this quickly satisfies their need to control you, to make you stop “hurting” them.  In this way, many women can’t differentiate between physical hurting and having their feelings hurt.  Indeed many see it all the same, but only, of course, when it is directed at them.  They, as women, can in fact do whatever they want to the men.

So now that we have shown where much of this hate-accusatory bull–hype comes from, it should be clear that women are naturally going to automatically charge that men hate them when men use their brains and see the truth —which feminists fear most of all.  That is why they get so upset at times like these.  They are scared the truth will prevail and they will not get their way.

Of course, they are going to say we hate them.  Do we really expect them to behave otherwise?…They are women! But we don’t have to believe it.  We can employ our commonsense and  our experiences with women to shrug off this control-you-or-else attitude most all women display. Men, don’t we see right through them?

If you are a weak man, one that will let women define most everything for you, you’ll fall for their hype.  Your feminized perspective will cause you to agree with them.  In this way, you are a traitor to your own gender and your boys will have a serious problem with your apathy. A man stands on his own feet, takes in the stimuli and related happenings, figures them well, and figures them for himself, then makes his decision—not just go along with females because it pleases them and the men get to stay out of the doghouse.  But that is not what is happening these days.  Just where are the real men?

Intending to keep like-minded men isolated, feminists want to censor  men and keep them from making websites like these and prevent them from entering the internet.  They forget how important it was to them that their predecessors utilized their right to free speech in order to launch their assault onto capitalism, men, boys, and masculinity.  They want to stop our websites because they know the power contained within.

The truth be known however, they are telling on themselves instead.  They are revealing their true colors—for the fact remains if men are wrong, if what we want is incorrect, then such an error will undermine itself.  In other words, if antifeminists are wrong, the self-evidence of such will inevitably reveal itself.

So, what are the feminists worried about? Why do they care if we “make fools out of ourselves?” Here’s why?  Because they fear they will not get their way. They know the power of free speech and with their oblivious selfishness parked in front, they think they should get to speak, but we shouldn’t.  Again, they are afraid they won’t get their way.  To a woman, for a man to stop her from getting her way, this is the epitome of hating her.  They must have their way or else you definitely “hate” them.

Feminists jump at the chance to exploit men’s reluctance to oppose women and to risk being seen as “haters” or as gay or something—whatever women can hurt them with. Feminists know they are telling a fantasy tale of female wishes and that it could all be exposed for what it is someday, so they, in their desperation, attack us men any way they can.

So they go on charging that we hate women—forgetting their own defensive nature when the same thing was said about them hating men during the early stages of the feminist movement and today too for that matter. This is a classic example of them thinking  “men can’t but women can.” And they will get their way until men learn to see things in the correct perspective and shrug off all this immature name-calling and female control that in a prostitution-like way serves to keep males subservient to the wishes and whims of females.

However, males have the right to scrutinize females and had better.  Females are our sisters, mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, coworkers, friends, aunts, grandmothers and so on.  Now they want to be partners with men as police, firefighters, and soldiers, so we had better scrutinize them and defend our right to do so.  Don’t think for a minute they aren’t scrutinizing every last thing men do. (It is hard to get women to see the logical equality, but men can do to women the examples men see women set as acceptable).

Again, analyzing their behavior is not to hate them. Every male out there has a natural right to care about how the other gender behaves.  We believe this without exception.

We also believe women, but especially feminists, do not want men to even take a look at male-female behavioral differences. And what we see accidentally or as a consequence of living with them, we must turn a blind eye towards it.  If we don’t, they are sure we are mean to them which, in their minds, border on hating them.

To these kinds of women, the truth is synonymous with hating them. They just want us to accept anything they want and charge us as haters if we don’t let them have their way.

Here at MOTIVATEMEN, we are certain that it is not true that the only way to love women is to let them have their way all the time. And we will not lie to women about this—any of this.  Respecting women does not mean you have to lie to them, and refusing to lie to them is not disrespectful.

Besides, isn’t respect mutual?  Shouldn’t people wanting respect, indeed show respect themselves?  Of course they should…unless they are women!

Think of it this way. Consider the fact that men of yesteryear, when women were subservient to men and dependent, did men hate women then?  Did they partake of women only because they HAD to while secretly hating them and cursing the requirement to do so? Just because men didn’t automatically take on the feminine perspective and change things themselves to suit women does not mean men hated women then.  Today, they still don’t hate women. Anyone who says the men of yesteryear, or similar men of today hate women is stretching to try and believe something ridiculously sensationalized—and it is obvious.

Still another way to prove we do not hate here, consider this. When people in general do not like the rules or changes thereof, such as past prohibition laws, no more prayer in the schools, dress codes, when a new President switches things up, opposing a new bill, or whatever, in which they organize, protest, boycott, e-mail, or other nonviolent means of communicating their dissent and defend their “turf”,  are they filled with hatred?  Examples include, N.O.W., pro-lifers, NAACP, “Save our river” campaigns, NRA, D.A.R.E., and many, many others who are just doing what they think will help satisfy their agendas.

Being an antifeminist (an opposer) is no different than say, being against an influx of immigrants that bring with them, to a once conservative community, new liberal customs that might end up influencing their kids someday—or perhaps their grandkids.  Or specifically, a bar owner wanting to locate too near to a school or a residential neighborhood.  Do the organized efforts to oppose the change stem from hatred?  COME ON! Or is the opposition derived from protection? That is more like it, and most everyone should agree. This is the same way we feel about our reasons for opposing the destruction of what we consider best for our place. We antifeminitsts do fit in with many other people who also have their qualms with changes, or things that “hurt” them, or otherwise whatever pisses them off.  BUT…

For the record, we do not hate women. Women are not the enemy, feminists are—whether male or female. And feminists do not speak for all women.  So we hate women no more than other women do when they scrutinize and penalize female behaviors—-sometimes much more than we even dare to try!

We love women, but without lying to them.  We believe that it is not healthy for our society to undermine itself just to stay in the good graces of women and let it all fall apart, just to make women feel better.

Oh, we indeed do love women.  To further substantiate this fact, it is important to know that we love women so much that before nightfall, or at least before the week is up, we will have sex with and fall asleep with one or more of them, (excluding the woman in our group of course).  People do not fall asleep beside creatures they hate. Trust us on that one!

One more thing here.  Feminists, the rare few that even believe in God and respect his wishes (a paradox for the feminist mind), entertain the notion that God might be a female. However, they are certain the devil is male.  Knowing this, do you trust them?  Are they capable of labeling anyone? Would you take for granted anything they think and charge about others?

If you still disagree with our substantiation of not hating women just because we care more about the world itself than we do the feelings of one-half its inhabitants, then after all this, after reminding you that there are more reasons and emotions besides only one that influence scrutiny, then apparently, you’d argue with a signpost!


Continued from “LOVE” on home page (middle column):

First, one of us original MOTIVATEMEN members IS a woman.  And more are following. So there….are you going to say that even women hate women?!! In fact, it is from women themselves (having understood being women all their lives and honest to tell the truth about it) that we garner much of our information about women’s behaviors and the wrongs with certain kinds.

There is more proof we do no hate women!

Imagine times in yesteryear in which the dynamics between men and women were very different. Most women were subservient to the men. (We spoke of this in the “hate” column also on our home page). Men were just doing what they were taught what a man was supposed to do….get a woman, have kids, work your butt off trying to please them all, and then die.  The marrying men didn’t make the rules….they were already made by history coming before them based on what worked best most of the time for most of the people. So men themselves can’t be blamed for the subservient requirement of females.

Surely, just because men had wives that were subservient, and such men took no “women’s liberating” steps of their own volition to change the course of history, doesn’t mean that the men didn’t have to live out their lives too and do so in a manner that yielded the most success.  Relative to families, and life as it was, for men to have started a feminist movement would be sort of like  fish draining the pond!

Likewise, females were just living out lives they were taught to live—a noble pattern that concentrated the special gifts of women as nurturers to be used where it was needed most—-instead of abandoning the families to run off and live like the men did then.  We all know this.  But we, here at MOTIVATEMEN want to emphasize how important it is to think of all this in a different context.

While the nature-driven rules may have been as so, men loved the women.  Men weren’t helpless drones or pawns that hated women but still “had” to do all the things required of themselves that actually revolved around women.  They really loved the women they sought after and fought for.  This is proven over and over again by the wars men fought (and died) and the hard work they gave of their bodies so that women and children prospered.  The fact that most men would defend their own honor by defending the honor of women—-any woman—-reveals a lot about the mindset men had about women then.

Men did this with love in their hearts.  Yes, even though in some ways, it can be said that men preferred subservient women, it doesn’t mean they hated the women they lived with and raised children. Accepting subservience did not equal hate.  Nor was it born of it. And so life went on.

Now, transplant the same mentality of yesteryear into the minds of contemporary males who still wish for subservience in females (not that we at MOTIVATEMEN are trying to make women subservient again. We are only using this scenario to prove a point. Besides, on a mass, normal scale what man is going to lord over a woman these days, in our culture, making her do things such as subservience?  Come on….get real!).  Again, men not agreeing with what feminist’s want isn’t proof, implicative, or hinting that these men don’t love the women they hope to raise families with.

So the fact that MOTIVATEMEN  isn’t even seeking subservience in females, but are similar as yesteryear males in wishing for the stability once enjoyed with women and families, SHOULD BE even more compounded proof that we do not hate women.

All we want from women and feminists is true, unstilted, unadulterated, fair, straight-up TRUE  EQUALITY that does not extend females a handicap preference so that we can all pretend they are self-capable of the high standards of equality with men. (If feminists win—-if women are really equal to men, then it needs to be proven with its own merit, not enabled by mountains of  SPT help from men and the government).

This powerfully seeps of  love for women because what else does it say if we have to lie to women to prove we love them?  Where is the respect in lying to them just to get and keep them liking us?   It is important to remember, we love women.

We have always loved women—-always will. There is something in our nature that says men will always love women.  Our minds may change, our thoughts may follow, our perspectives are beginning to vary, but we will never quit loving women.  Just as we men treat each other, we don’t want women  to have their way too much and certainly not all the time, but we definitely love them.

This brings us to another point. Sex. While, in MOTIVATEMEN’S eyes, not the “threshold mark” of a real man in which he is absolutely required to participate—-else be  “less manly” or something, but it is something that males probably have a genetic affinity for—just as it is probably true in all animals. (No feminists!!…. males are not to be blamed for genetics!! Please stop blaming males for everything).

Sure, you’re probably rolling your eyes, thinking, “I knew sex would be dragged into this.  Men. Their brains are in their pants. They can’t quit thinking about sex. To them, sex equals love.” However, we caution you against relegating this phenomenon to men as just being nasty, one-track, sex fiends. There is more to the nature of  males besides mere sex and these extras are noble.

Besides, we men didn’t invent nature, (Nope! Believe it or not we men did not invernt nature’s purposeful discrimination) but like everyone else we sure have to live out our lives while adhering to its principles (unless you’re a woman, which you’ll get to change your new nature to something synthetic and radical, created by feminists).

But to us men, sex does count as love for women and we will not have its importance to us degraded or discredited.  Our perspective shouldn’t be discarded just because sex is unpopular with some women and they roll their eyes at men for including it as proof we love women. Think of it this way….where would we be without sex.  Men, in this context, are just being a part of things as they should be.

However, nature has it that when we are with women sexually, especially when we are with someone we admire and love so greatly, our loving selves come alive. There is no better way for a man to communicate his emotions to a woman than what he can with sex.  It is just the way it is, like it or not. God and nature has it this way.

Men didn’t exist long before women in which they premeditated how much sex they were going to exploit women for, then jump back into time to live out their devious plans while simultaneously “oppressing” women.  It just happened.  Nature marched on.  Men are just as helpless to nature as women are (or used to be).

This is not to say that women do not have more to offer than a vagina to have sex with.  But it sure goes a long way in providing men’s tolerance for all the other things about women they do not like. There is more to women besides vaginas just like there is more to men than penises, but when the two come together, it is magic, mesmerizing,  natural, and plain old right.  We just can’t help it. It is part of our species.

(The new courageous challenge for males living today is to find ways to balance their need for sex with that of  chasing women responsibly in ways that does not intice a man to  “sell the farm” just to get a girl to like him—-part of MOTIVATEMEN’s purpose).

We are not talking out both sides of our mouths here. (We’ll leave that to the feminists; they do an excellent job at that).

If you read our site completely you’ll learn that we at MOTIVATEMEN envision a world where REAL men have the unhindered and celebrated option of strapping themselves to a woman, or NOT. We support the fact that while men love women, love sex, love vaginas, love families, and so on, we also refuse to let all that stuff own us or mesmerize us to the point of limiting our choices for living out our own lives as we know it best to be for ourselves.

In other words, just because many and many more men want to remain unmarried and childless, doesn’t mean these men aren’t sexually attracted to women, don’t love female charms too, and are against women per se. Single, childless males may be very different in this one way, but even if you don’t see them engaging in loving relationships with women doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying women’s pleasures at all.

And even if they aren’t good at all that women-chasing criteria, the fact remains, they can still love women too. In these men, while women are important, it isn’t women that makes a male a man.  A male can love sex with women very much, but it isn’t the sex that makes a male a man. (Being a real man is not degradingly reduced to our genitals, the frequency and what kind of sex, if any, those appendages are engaged in).  These men are sure that such a penis-brained plan for every male in the world is ludicrous.  One size does not fit all.  All men are not alike.  There is more than one way to becoming a man.  Just as there are fathers and husbands that are not real men, there are real men who are not fathers and husbands. We not only support this fact, we respect it.  We hope you will to.

Nonetheless, loving women is a legitimate way to say why this website exists.  We want to preserve our lives with women in a way that suits us as historically traditional males who just happen to want things to stay stable and enjoyable for us too.

Why must modern men abandon the rationality and  built-in stability with expecting sacrifices be made by women that ensure the most familial success as nature intended?  We refuse to believe that males must take on the new perspectives of feminists and some women, but we certainly do love females, just in our own ways—-ways that reflect what we want and need also—-not just obsess over what women feel and want.

So our argument against feminism is competition for  how things should be, not how to abandon women or hate them—-an effective tool of the truth-haters so to get men to refrain from scrutinizing females—-LIKE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING for Pete’s sake!

Some of you will not be convinced with our support of how much we love women.  Even if God came down from heaven, sat right in front of you, made himself visible, and proved to you in ways we could never dream of that we love women, you’re still going to try your best to assign us to hate.  People like you get hung up on believing that if we don’t see it your way, we are mandatedly filled with hate—-such a stupid notion!

Pity —-that you are so scared we might be right that you cling to and hinge your entire speculative opinions on how to undermine us and in turn eventually undermine all of humanity.

Just as there are some very bad women out there, there are some bad men out there who have intentionally hurt women. But there are a lot of good men too who while not agreeing with feminists, do certainly love women—-the women in their lives, or NOT. In the manly lives of males these days, women and children may be optional,  but since modern men do not have to get them a woman to be completed, it means nothing overall in the scope of loving women.

Yes, OH YES, while we love women, we refuse to let our natural inclination and affinity towards females define us and own us.  Make no mistake, however, we love women and always will. Even if we lose the war with them, we will go on loving them.  Likewise we’ll love them too, if we win. The love will always be there.  And this is up to men to determine ourselves, as we see fit, not for feminists to hijack and use against us so that women can  have their way.

Love, love, love—that’ll never stop.  No matter how much the feminists want to pry apart men and women being compatible in traditional ways, and how much they go out of their way to characterize MOTIVATEMEN as haters of women, we do and always will love women.  We hope you see that truth.  This is why we are here. This is why we have gone to all this trouble with this site. We want to preserve that love….and it is not true that the only way to prove it is to let women change it all around to something unnatural!


Standing Firm

The truth is not hatred.

In an effort to punish, shame, manipulate and control men’s (and women’s) behavior, feminists often bleat that men and women who speak out against the perils of too much twisted change (radical feminism) and that of having to lie about it for the sake of getting along, are filled with “anger, frustration, and mistrust for women” —and that those who dare defend traditional historical successes witnessed thus far do not love women, and going so far as to equate that with their desperate and manipulative stretch to call it misogamy and misogyny.

With this writing, we hope to communicate to our readers that it is important in times like these to remain vigilant against  those who try very hard to keep men under their wraps by limiting their options…making it increasingly harder for men to stand up for what is right and proven and against what is wrong, unGodly, unnatural, experimental, and ultimately too risky.

For men and women to believe that it is detrimental to our species to stretch the changes caused by feminism to such distances so that our world is warped out of shape and function, is not unexpected and not without warrant. Taking these stern positions against the synthetic superimpositions of feminism is a natural reaction.  Upset any other animal species’ natural life processes and see how they react then you must know that humans are no different in that context.  Nor should they be.

The stressful differences and sores brought on by unnatural feminism stand out like sore thumbs (see below).  In fact, people would be acting stupid for them to not notice it all. Thus, it is perfectly OK for men and women to see these changes and have a sour feeling in their stomachs, fear of the volatile unknown that profoundly affects our futures, as well as to embrace philosophies that do not sit well with contemporary intentions of misguided people in power.

When we know it is twistedly supported by the highest court that our babies are getting killed by the gender that wants to solely control ALL ASPECTS of BOTH OUR procreation rights but still expect men to be financially responsible for the child IF she decides to let it live…and then have the misguided audacity to call something that skewed “equality”; When we have our children snatched from our loving arms and made into near strangers it seems by disgruntled, often selfish, overzealously-court-supported, mother-wives that used to dazzle our senses with their charms, but now scornfully insist on divorce since they were unsuccessful at changing and controlling us; When we support children who are thus subjected to increased chances of single-mother-induced poverty, crime, and radical lives, in which we cannot raise as our own and even go to jail over our inability to pay support when jobs are lost or our pay is reduced; When we have those very jobs taken and filled with members of the opposite sex who need special preferential treatment (SPT) all the while they double-talk that as women, they need no help (and doghouse-dare us to notice the fact that men help women with everything femi-changed thus far); When the relatively fewer men persisting in the workforce are censored in their ability to speak about inconsistencies and unfair practices in the workplace caused by women needing so much special extras but who still insist on their equality; When we go against our species-driven commonsense and watch women abandon their familial sacrifices so they can duplicate what is being done already, leaving our families in crisis and with a terrible outlook for the future; When we are told we have to change our life plans and become more like traditional women, and can no longer find our own interests, opinions, and aspirations as important, in order to promote unnatural, utopian, egalitarian domestic situations and changes…and like children who bite off too much for themselves, we see women squirm over the pressures of trying to be all things, then get mad when they can’t pull it off without our help;  When we are bashed for being males who are acting within nature by being creatures who are greatly influenced by visual pleasures and thus can’t help it when a classically beautiful woman’s appearance overrides that of a frumpy, lumpy, grumpy, more-man-like female who chooses to not stay in shape the best she can;  When we are denied the support of knowing the truth about testosterone being one of the most powerful hormones which cause most of the greatest changes and fluctuations (including behavioral) to our species’ participants; When we are charged for stalking a woman just because we like her enough to put in an extra effort to let her know just how much we are attracted to her in which it is “stalking” only when she doesn’t like the man; When we allow our male minds to be reprogrammed to let women hit us but ‘never’ think enough of ourselves to defend our dignity and worth as men…which should require men to insist women respect us by NOT hitting us; When we are expected to apologize for being male by acting as if we owe women something for nature having made females generally smaller, weaker, emotion-prone, less spatially-capable, and bearers of offspring; When we consistently learn that only men die in infrastructure-supporting mining cave-ins and oil rig disasters and in which little respect and appreciation is given to the billions of men who gave all to defend families, women, and children; When we know that ONLY males are required to register for the selective service (war draft rolls) all the while women want to run the military too and would love to dominate our politics; When we see that certain women want to be our president but those same women do not persistently and loudly and specifically protest their inability to risk death on the combat-designated front lines for the country they want to control; When we observe the hideous practice of taking our natural affinity as males to protect and to not oppose females and exploit that for such pecuniary,  mulct, and destructive purposes as stated above… When we, as men, can clearly see the perils of letting everything change to revolve around the feelings of women, we still, “must” embrace and please women in order to be “real men” even though most of us, deep-down, also see that our true sense of manhood shouldn’t be embodied in lies told to females and children like what is conditioned into us by our fathers who cling to perpetuating the very things that got us into the mess we are in today….while our boys lose on and on and on as if we men aren’t allowed to care about our own gender.

… it is not out of line to be against such inconsistencies that denigrate the promises and pledges of  equality.  You think?!!

Feminism wasn’t ever and never will be about true, straight-up, no-lies equality between men and women.  It was, is, and always will be about female superiority…that most females are oblivious to understanding…and some dumb-ass, traitorous males out there are handing it over!

Under the irrational thinking of misguided women, TRUE equality is not only a lie, but impossible.  Most men have been had by both women and the men coming before them and the men seem to want to cling to losing as they go about their ill-fated trade-off that keeps their egos bursting and the sex coming…but only for a little while…and while they can probably beat everyone up who disagrees with them, still they consistently wear the sh!t eating grins that prove they are still little boys inside.

Sure we’re mad!

Said another way, when thinking people have been shoved into a corner, daring them to notice, and if they do, say anything about it, then they are manipulatively labeled and chastised as “haters” is enough to make any reasonable group of  people fighting mad.

Whatever you do, as diligent men and women interested in saving things dear, do not let the feminists conjure situations that instill cowardice and blind obedience… while masking the very act of doing it as “loving women.”  Try telling women that they must love men in only one way as men see fit.  See there?  Why then, are men any different? We do not have to be weakened in order to love women. We are allowed to love women on our own terms.

It is LOVE that propels the good antifeminist and those who occasionally venture into this responsibility. It is love and defense of a system that while it cannot please everyone about everything all the time (nothing can), it is filled with zillions of billions of millennia-supported success stories that has best helped to foster survival and advancement of our species about most things, for most people, most of the time. Feminists are quick to throw it all in the trash in order to usher in a new synthetic system that replaces the imperfect but sound, noble-sacrifice-laden, proven practices of traditional adult lives with the feelings, whims, desires, reaches, fantasies, misunderstandings, denials, and omissions of certain responsibility-hating women.

Women are important but by default and by definition they cannot be more important than the world itself, including how it functions.  For feminism to think otherwise is and should be infuriating to all the people who can clearly see the truth and see the selfishness in which the feminists as leaders of women and weak men are hopelessly oblivious but enormously entrenched in power that clearly goes against the grain of nature.

Yes, it is perfectly OK, men and women, to have great disdain for allowing our everything to fall apart, like wildfire, spreading to all reaches of the planet in a jealous, vile, and desperate effort to stamp out rational, reasonable institutions which have embodied and defined our species’ success for so very, very long.

Our advice to you good men and women when you hear that all because you care about preventing a crumbling world, that you are “filled with hatred,” to respond loudly that “the truth is not hatred.”  Do everything you reasonably can to counter the effects that such untrue messages from the feminist camp are intended to censor you and make you falsely seem like you do not know how to love, and love as you see fit, and support and do what you think works best that of course requires well-balanced, nature-ordained, gender-specific supposed-to-be LOVING sacrifices from all participants regardless of how inconvenient.

Sacrifices, by definition are inconvenient.  In fact that is the whole point. Would someone please tell women that!  What if men began denying their sacrifices expected of them?  Where would we all be? A TRUE look at equality will spotlight women in the same way, else not only has nature been trivialized, but equality has been mocked, and men and boys have been HAD badly.

You do not have to be swept up by their lies that are supported by even emptier lies on  top of more lies, denials, and omissions.  You are allowed to disagree and doing so does not limit one to hatred. Don’t believe them.

Believe in yourselves… stand firm and unite!

DISCLAIMER (cont. from home page)...
So, if you are a male who agrees with us often, who doesn’t fit the shameful mold of conforming to radical femi-poisoned new changes for everyone everywhere about everything, then the critical, blaming content on this site does not apply to you. You are the kind of men that good women seek and cling to. We find that wonderful.
While some of the things we say may make your neck hair stand on end, please just calm down and let us do our work. Since we are not pointing fingers at you, since you aren’t the culprits, since you have not been femi-weakened, you are in the clear. It would be much more fitting to use your energy to help us any way you can even if the best you can do is keep quiet and let us do our work.
We are trying to help you and your boys (the girls are getting obsessed over and get plenty of help. It is time to help males now). You are the kind of man who knows unpopular, sacrificial-driven stability (on behalf of both sexes) is the key reasoning as to what a man is supposed to have as his inner substance. You may not have the courage to state these rational, proven concepts to feelings-obsessed women with their oblivious distortion of reality, but at least you know we are right. Be man enough to take this hit but not let it rile you to the point of being against us.
We thank you conservative and traditional men for your courage to remain purely male-minded and for setting that example for your children. You, being heroes, are heralded on this site. We thank you, as will the boys.
However, if you are a pathetic, shamed, respect-less male or female radical feminist, then every critical comment MOTIVATEMEN makes to people who behave that way is definitely intended for you. We owe you nothing but the truth.
We are not huge brutes who can beat up everyone. Nor do we think that it is rational and manly to be someone like that. While we find it necessary to provoke, we are not picking fights. Rather, we are merely exercising our right to speak---something the feminists are trying to take away from us out of their fear that some people will know we are right and that we are proudly not in compliance with their selfish agenda that they are working desperately and subversively to force onto everyone as fast as they can.
Male or female, the point here is if you don’t want the criticisms of this site to apply to you, then be proud and strong enough to make sure you don’t fit that mold…that the shoe doesn’t fit. That is power you contain within your own bodies. If you choose to not use it, that is your own responsibility.
Again, we owe you nothing but the truth…and we reserve the right to speak it, but we will NEVER apologize for it. If you take our criticisms personal it is likely because you are the target. Otherwise, if you are decent, then stand clear of our comments and let us do our work.
We know some of you will deplore or at least question our work here. You’ll resent our involvement as we try to ready men to fight radical feminism---(unlike our fathers and on back)---just to make sure our species is on the right track. (Males are about one-half the population and have a natural right to care and scrutinize all that is changing). But before you auto-discredit us, we ask that you rethink your issues with us.
If you are a feminist, we probably are wasting our time here. However, if you’re not a feminist, (and male or responsible female) who is perhaps nervous about our plans, why not just wait. Wait. Wait until you see us completely. Don’t judge us too quickly. Don't try and stop us.
Unlike feminists, we don’t claim to have all the answers. And like everyone else, we aren’t correct 100 percent of the time. But that same token flipped over also says we are not wrong 100 percent either. So, we ask you to wait until you can see us in action before you judge us so critically and terminally. Give us a chance.
You may be skeptical about some of the things we want to see changed---some things more so than others. And average males will likely be frightened by our bravery to step outside the box to defend males---ALL applicable males (the ones who aren’t feminists, hard criminals, and so on).
Including single childless males as respectable as well as trying to stop the childish and undermining name-calling to certain males (just because they are different) are indeed legitimate ways to help our gender. Aren’t we male first, then men?
And on that note: JUST AS THERE ARE REAL MEN THAT ARE NOT FATHERS AND HUSBANDS, THERE ARE FATHERS AND HUSBANDS THAT ARE NOT REAL MEN. It works both ways, in which one does not guarantee the other.
People do not have to hang out with people who they do not approve of, but that doesn’t mean we men aren’t all male and need the strength in numbers. We think the variously-styled members of the male gender will have to work in concert in order to stave off female superiority---which is just around the corner if it hasn’t happened already.
So put away your childish differences, learn to respect one another, help one another and do all this for your societal preservation, your own sake, as well as for the boys who need us males to do all we can to help their futures stay masculine and unapologetic for it. We have no right to experiment with their future. Let’s make them proud of us, not silently ashamed.
Older males today have seen a bunch of changes made at the helm of feminist control. And we know that all of them do not agree with much of what is happening. We also know they do not usually have the courage or desire to stand up, stand out, and defend the traditional male perspectives that are being rapidly eroded by brainwashing and conditioning in the schools, media, and homes.
We men often talk about women, the feminist changes, and the common ways most women are when we men are not in mixed company. But getting a male to do this in front of a female (to not lie to her) is apparently riddled with too much gut.
All we want to do here is get men motivated to care, speak out, take action, but still go on loving women very much. In fact, it can be adequately and accurately said that if men didn’t love women, they wouldn’t give a darn about them and preserving the world we live in. Men may not care in the way women dictate, but that might just be because we don’t want to. Males have the right to their own mental processes. We do not have to take directions from females just to prove we don't “hate” them. That is for puppets.
So men, don’t get too protective of the females, resulting in bashing us before you see how we are. Besides, their equality demands they be allowed to defend themselves without any competitive help from males stilting them up. If they can’t handle it, well, equality-wise, that speaks for itself. That is exactly what they would say to us, so the goose and the gander are equal, right?
Let us do our work, you might just find yourself being helped and see positive masculine ideas revisited and preserved that women will just have to relearn to accept and respect----else do without the men they first wanted, making them settle. It will take time but give it time, OK?
MOTIVATEMEN is not trying to get men to "hate" women or claim women as the enemy. Anyone who makes that shallow claim is, well, obviously stupid and/or desperately afraid of the uncomfortable truth we tell. We do recognize the fact that it is feminists that are the enemy, particularly third-wave, of-late, radical feminists---which comes in both genders sadly to say. WE are not against women, but are against letting the love of their bodies etc, control men to the point of superiority for women or otherwise messing up the world and the natural dynamics that have existed naturally for millennia.
We at MOTIVATEMEN are not trying to reverse history and get women back into the homes on a mass scale, deny them basic rights, and treat them like “second class citizens.” They are GOING to scare you with that worst-case scenario exaggeration-hype. However, we are after TRUE EQUALITY----one that isn’t afraid to hurt women’s feelings as they are informed just what TRUE EQUALITY is really all about----objectively speaking----not coated or stilted up with special preferential treatment (SPT) as we look the other way when we clearly see obvious inconsistencies relative to the equality they are claiming to have.
In the long run, you’ll be glad we are here. If we succeed, our gender will truly stand beside the females---not be crushed by the weight of the short-sighted feminist machine as it frolics in superiority. If we lose, well, say goodbye to masculinity and the natural male; it will all be replaced with males feminists approve of and will not reflect men's true, best interests. It will be synthetic-derived relationships we have with women, not natural ones.
Sure, males may have had superiority in yesteryear and many women (not all of them) are resentful, but is revenge a way for equally mature, contributing females to act? They want to lead, but are saturated with revenge? Are women going to reduce themselves to revenge? If so, they prove our point about how their minds are organized so different than males’ and how they should not have power over males in any way. Holding grudges is not mature and not something people claiming equality should cloak themselves in or get away with.
We men living today owe women not one thing. We gave to them already. It is because of us that they have the changes made thus far. Why is what a bunch of dead men did back no-telling-when got to do with us alive today? Help us get the break we males need. We have been our own worse enemy relative to embracing wheel-spinning stagnancy and refusing to change ourselves to better combat something that is threatening to make masculinity vanish. Don’t fight us! For Pete’s sake, don’t undermine your own gender. Please!
You don’t have to wave banners for us. You are not required to get into arguments with feminists about all this. You don’t have to hang out with males who disagree with you, are different than you, or whatever, but we do direly need to get along. There probably won’t be any marches on men’s behalf that say, “ men will fight back.” But there are more subtle ways to help men and boys.
Donate secretly, if not to us, to any male cause. (Do women tell you where they spend every last dime of the money? Well, you don’t have to either).
Help quietly, by at least not bashing us.
Quit being cruel to gay men (NO we are not gay) because when you do that, you teach the boys not to dare be seen as someone like that (and single childless males and/or antifeminists suffer in that group as well---even though most all of us aren’t gay at all---never have been---never will be, we get pegged as being gay or something). The entire process of bashing gay men (or single and childless, or antifeminists) ultimately serves to inhibit our gender from generating soldiers to defend male principles and causes. Plus it serves as a display banner to feminists and scorned women (who think they have a right to be punitive and abusive), “ HEY feminists, want to know what will go for our throats?”
It is really quite stupid for men to do what they think proves they are “real men” but that actually undermines males overall. Being a “real man” is not reduced to genitals, and other body parts, and what kind of sex they are having. Manhood is more powerful than a mere reflection of sexual activity and its frequency and worn on our sleeves to where just about anybody can mess with it----so come on! Act your age, not your shoe size. Quit undermining your own gender.
Why don't we try to do our work while exercising respect for men instead of calling them cowards and customers relative to how they deal with women as prostitutes (synonym for feminism's power)?
First, we tell the brutal truth here. Every man out there knows we are right when we say it is not bravery (opposite of cowardice) for men to cave in to feminists as they bully most everyone around, especially when the men in question don't really agree with how they "must" treat women if they are to get favored. (The men do it anyway, even if their gut feeling is that it is not balanced correctly...which is well, cowardice, like it or not!). The truth hurts sometimes, but it still is the truth. Like we say elsewhere on this site, "If you want to be lied to, go somewhere else!"
Next, said bluntly, we have a hard time respecting males who know things are turning sour for the men and boys' power futures, but still refuse (are scared...again, not bravery but....) to even try to help their own gender! Heck, many won't even try to let MOTIVATEMEN and other "new thinkers" do what they think and hope will put a kink in the femi-socialist-takeover now under way....for the entire world!
If stability isn't worth it to males anymore, how is it that we are to respect them? If men must admit defeat, isn't it much better to do so on the other side of having tried OUR DARNED BEST?! What kind of real man caves in as a loser without first having at least tried anything and everything it might take to remain stable?
We refuse to apologize for our candor because we see new male attitudes and ways to responsibly deal with women and their whims as the key solution that will provide the balance in the equality-pursuit arena. We refuse to apologize for our traditional masculine perspective that says if women can't take it, they can't dish it out (including but not limited to... if they don't want to be hit by males, they must set the same MATURE and EQUAL example and not initiate hitting with males...regardless of their inner impulses); that if they must have so much help (SPT) being equal, then that so-called equality is stilted and contrived----not real at all. It is pathetically weak in our eyes to see men conveniently overlook these obvious truths just to keep women placated and that in doing so, will destroy the natural way things are supposed to be.
We don't have all the answers, but we are sure the main way for men to get a foothold in on helping themselves and their boys is for them to seek women responsibly and not cave in as shmucks with shyt-eating grins on their faces.
So, ask yourself, if men are to behave as they currently are----selling the farm----just for a steady piece of ass (at least until she turns it off permanently----which often DOES happen and then some women think men should be just fine with no more sex---EVER--- even to the point the men can't even be caught masturbating without hurting the women's feelings and causing major about being selfish...whew!), how is it that we are to respect THAT?
As males alive today (including the boys), what it will take for us to be respectful of men in general again on issues dealing with women is for us to know in our hearts and spirits (witnessed in the changed behaviors of men) that our futures are more important than the oohs and aahs of orgasms made possible by staying in the good graces of women at all costs....while our futures are in peril. We need to see males, on a mass scale, try to undertake genuine concern for the male situation, help reverse some of the damages done by being apathetic and letting feminists have the sole reigns to change things to the point in which they have currently festered....and festered against males.
So, instead of blaming us for our candor as the "problem" you need to accept responsibility yourselves and help stamp out the supposed "hard-wiring" excuse that males stubbornly cling to as they place paramount the activity of seeking orgasms. Orgasms may be natural. Seeking females may have its roots in nature and evolution. But, the actual behaviors in which males go about doing in order to attract and keep females pleased is something taught to males by the examples boys see men exhibit---even unknowingly.
While we do not endorse the hating of women, (not our goal) we believe this conditioning behavior forced onto males so they can fit in with other males' ideals about manhood can be changed. So if you want us to respect men again, try to embrace change and do so for extended periods of time----long enough to allow these changes to manifest and really set in as permanent. Our respect for you depends upon your ability to prove that men can snap out of this stupor they are in and take charge again, control their own destinies, and show some real strength again---not succumb to orgasm-loving control that currently infects males. Harsh? But that is reality!
Talked about at other places on this site, but even for men who are "trapped" in families, trapped in their inability to do anything about regaining male power (else be thrown out, divorced, estranged from their children, and often robbed of their financial futures), there are still ways for men to help other men and help the boys.
They can start by teaching their boys (and endorsing the teaching of) to not do as they saw their fathers do, but adopt a new strategy in dealing with women----one that reflects men's rights and needs too and without ever giving in. They can promote prenuptial agreements which are private, enforceable, guaranteeing equality devices---documents in all things dealt with women. They can teach their boys to not worry if they don't "get the girl" and to proudly shrug off criticism aimed at them for being different and having great, intelligent minds that look before they leap. They can teach their boys to ask whether or not they REALLY want kids.
They can teach boys to always have now inexpensive, small, hidden pen-disguised cams digitally capable of producing proof) on them or properly placed nearby in case they are accused of rape (false allegations, while always having occurred, are becoming more and more commonly exposed.) In fact, these cam pens would make great gifts for men and adolescents as long as they actually get used and properly. (The false accusation penalty should be for her to HAVE to serve the same sentence he would have gotten should he have been innocently sent to prison because of her very serious false claim. But of course women and feminists will have a big problem with that much fairness and equality. And of course, men are too scared to enforce fairness for themselves even if it means they must spend their lives in prison for rapes they didn't and never could commit. It simply is cowardice for men to refuse to defend themselves here).
The list goes on and on, but the thing is, men must try, or else. Men do not have to accept feminism being shoved down their throats. There are tactics that should be tried first---whatever it takes. If all else fails, then for the sake of humanity, for the sake of being a man firmly rooted in truth, they can choose to remain independent, single, and childless, spending their hard-earned money and time doing millions of other rewarding things that yield great happiness.
When men do these thing, except for the feminists (boo-hoo), they will command much more respect, not only from us, but from most men too and from everyone----including many women too since there are billions of traditional women still in the world----at least until the feminists succeed at convincing them all they are miserable without sweeping, life-changing feminist intervention, that is.
We would love to respect men----and we will----when they prove they are not weak-assed, hard-wired, excuse-making obedient puppets who find it more manly to over-compete for women as the most important thing they should do. It is that simple.
There is more to write here and perhaps our organization with this topic leaves things to be desired, but to make a long story short… If you are fair, you’ll try our suggestions, at least hang out in “neutral land,” and let us do our work.
To oppose feminism, nothing else males have tried in over 160 years has worked---even slightly. (We bet you can't name even one example where men have fought back to the end and won something. Men haven't lost because they are wrong or because they suddenly found feminists to be epiphany---laden correct; they lost and are losing because they won't REALLY fight back when they know darned well they should. Men are losers because they are trained to be losers by the older men themselves!).
That, we believe, is shameful in which we would never want to be like those men who came before us----not on this subject in this context. The men coming before us had their chances to prevent female superiority and disorder. Look what they did with those chances----sell future men and boys down the river with hardly any power to affect their own destinies now. So we hope you will at least let us try what we think will help males get a foothold and to defend and protect our futures. Isn't is worth a try?
Yep, if men are to win, we will have to divert our attentions and energies in ways that might be inconvenient, tiresome, and undiplomatic but big deal, saving the world has to be worth it. War...the one misfit and misguided women started.... is not diplomatic....duh....You think?!!
And on the diplomacy note. Well, for decades, some men (the few with the courage) have been trying (half-heartedly, almost token-like but never enough to actually hurt women's feelings with the unapologetic truth) to be professional, diplomatic, and so-called "reasonable".... yet have only small things to boast such as meetings, sponsorships, books (well-written and supported but having helped almost NONE), and other insufficient "gains". They do help a bit, but what we need is mass help.... conventions, an organized powerful men's movement with big changes, an overhaul of how we deal with women since the rules have changed. It is unreasonable for the rules to change as feminists have caused, but for men to go about trying to cope by doing the same old same old no matter what----to refuse to change themselves. Current men are whipping their own butts! We think that should stop! Imagine that?!!
So, this is why we are blunt, truthful, and unapologetically undiplomatic. It is simply impossible to tell women the real truth without hurting their feelings and/or making them cry. All else is mere puppetry stilted up by the numerous feminists lies that sadly to say, many so-called men now believe without question. It isn't working!!!!!! Why stay with it!!? It is time to try new things.
What kind of man----a PROUD real man----erodes his own masculine foundation? LET US DO OUR WORK! Thank you. You’ll be so glad you did. For all you males out there who have our attention, and/or who have been fighting the scorn and plague of radical feminism already, you do your work trying to help; we will do ours. Together, we might just win something for a change....because we are not wrong about preserving the sacrificial-driven stability of times past. We are not wrong and YES, YOU KNOW IT!!
Now, are you man enough to help us...."new-man-enough", that is....or will you continue to shamefully undermine your own gender? It is time to fight----really fight! _______________________________
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"Mark that word!"
If cumming as much as possible and having to use women for that purpose is the best you can do, the most manhood you can muster, the most illustrative of manhood that you can achieve, the extent of your mentality, your best “manhood suit“, then you do not belong in an intelligent discussion such as what we are trying to generate.
So what we have to say to you is this: if copying and pleasing other men (by fitting in with them) who apparently have lead you to believe such behavior is all there is to being a man (!@#$%^&*), if that makes you feel like a “bigger” man, if you are satisfied that such degradation should be a HUMAN male’s primary goal, if notches in the bedpost is your idea of maximum manhood, then you are your own worst enemy and the reason why men have failed against stopping familial destruction and other anomalies that come with radical feminism.
You are the problem! Men like you are clinging to losing. You refuse to win. You refuse to change (or even try to instill change and self-discipline in the next generation of males).
Go ahead and have it your way, fail to sacrifice, sell out, be lame and lazy, be a good customer.
But when your life is rotten and miserable, plagued with problems stemming from being feminized, unable to consistently please a woman (women) in all the ways she/they will “need”, when you are beat upon by her and with no hope of legally defending yourself from thrown ash trays and frying pans----all because you told her the truth about herself which she can’t handle maturely, when your superior physical skills as a male are no longer appreciated, when you are broke and no longer have decent access to your own kids, when you are paying alimony, child support (X ? #of children?), court fees, insurance premiums, lose your house, property, and belongings, and all else that comes with being an estranged and shut-out parent, when you hate your life and feel the betrayal done to you by the men you tried to emulate, then you can cling to the remnants and memories of all that cumming you (and they) proposed is the most important thing a man can do.
According to you, that should be enough to get you by, right?!
Us, we’ll be long passed being mired up in misery like you apparently choose to limit yourself. We will be living our lives with some power, some ability to affect our own destinies. We may not have came as much (don’t be so sure) but we will have more to lean on than mere fleeting memories of what it was like to cum over and over.
You will be the butt of your own joke! Have fun now, but you won’t be laughing later! With the way things have gotten, and how they are going, you will be so mad at yourself for placing “getting laid” as more important than having the courage to sacrifice and protect the world and its societies from unraveling that you know deep down you should have been doing.
…And you call yourself a “man”? Really now, we didn’t think a real man would put all his eggs in one basket, not when it comes to defining what a real man actually is----which you are not! You are too scared to be a real man. Copying others and over-competing is what your same old game pattern is…the same ole same ole loser-ness that has been happening to men ever since they turned yellow and let feminists change and control most everything.
….And you too will lose----ultimately. Because of you----you being the schmuck that will slide in to please her (let her have her way) when most other men are more disciplined and sacrificial----because of men like you, ALL men and boys will lose.
If this lecture isn’t enough to help you see how getting laid as much as possible is not the pinnacle of being a man, if your brain is still in your penis, and you feel no recourse for betraying the male gender, including the boys, (wipe that traitorous shyt-eating grin off your face!!) then the best thing you can do is click off this site. But before you go, know this, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM and men (and boys) WILL ALWAYS LOSE because of your narrow and stubborn refusal to embrace the power easily available if you’d just shift your focus a bit.
There is nothing wrong with pursuing women and MOTIVATEMEN males do it too (optional to being a man, however) but selling the farm just for a piece of ass (steady or not) is stupid! You are stupid! Now please go live your stupid life. But don’t you dare complain later! You forfeited that right…you’d rather cum a lot!
Now go cling to your orgasms.