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abuse4Remember guys, unless you have hit her while intending abuse to her, if she hits you like this (actually thinks she has the right to punish you, but you can't to her) then, you, according to the law and common decency for men, have the right to defend yourselves! But be careful, The VAWA laws, stacked against males in a unprecedented way, due to cowardly males lack of involvement or oversight with the writing of these laws, you might be the one hauled to jail! So goes the price of lack of real male involvement with the changes feminists are foisting on us all!

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We do this because we do not want to turn away interested readers but who find such language abusive and vulgar. We intend to reach as many people as possible, thus we wouldn’t want to discourage readership. Thank you for your cooperation.

We encourage you to tell the truth when you write in, (same for e-mailing us).   We do not want you to lie. If you think lying is OK, we don’t want you to participate in our forum.  We do not do that here and find no reason to allow lies to penetrate our site by those wishing to deceive. Our entire premise relative to opposing the superiority-seeking feminist movement is based on truth and without lies spewing from our mouths.  Sometimes what we say may be taken ambiguously or falsely appear to contradict our  no-lies “policy,” and we try to avoid such cross-ups as they appear to others, but our aim is to be honest and tell the world what we honestly find wrong with half of our human population (save for the many women who agree with us, BUT including some weakened, feminized males, sure it’s probably more than one-half).

No threatening, violent,  name-calling*, abusive language will be tolerated against us here at this site as well as against men or women in general. While we do believe in self-defense for both genders, we do not believe in violence for any other reason…other than war.

If you are the type of person who goes around foul-mouthed or threatening others, and/or lying all the time, that is your life. Like us, you are entitled to live as you please (save for the threats).  But don’t bring that bull crap here.  We do not live that way and just because we start a blog doesn’t mean we are going to change or be exposed to others who can’t abide by our wishes.

List of rules.
1.No threats of violence any time, any way.
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3. Name-calling is not to take a turn filled with hate such as racist names, alternative slurs  for gay people, (if you need an explanation here, click here), or religious entities.
4. *Names and words like bastard, bitch, dingbat, bimbo, dumb-ass, stupid,  fat, crap, and other mildly-offensive similar uses will be tolerated.
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7. Tell the truth—by all means—but keep it clean!
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NOTE: Relative to any/all of these rules, the only exceptions granted to ourselves and to our participants will be limited to very important issues involving actual statements being quoted and of public domain.  After the quote is made, the language will return to our rules of engagement, including while still referring to the quoted language.  And even in these cases, asterisks (*) will fill in.  For example:  f***, c***, p***y, d**k, c**k, s**t, and so on.  This may seem weird, but we are serious.  We here at MOTIVATEMEN, being the traditionalist-capitalists that we are, may be offensive to some people due to our courage to address a world-crisis situation (known as a femi-socialist takeover) but we do not live the way of vulgarity, lies, or hate. And we are not about to start.

Keep it honest. Keep it clean.

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Miscellaneous Writings


How does an antifeminist  get laid?

To begin, the answer is…the same way other men do.

Plus,  it is important to know that not all antifeminists are male.  Some women are so objective that they can leave their emotions, feelings, and wish lists out of it so that they can have an undistorted picture of things—-even when they are certain that their observations will require certain sacrifices of women—-just like what is expected of men….always has been.

Plus, many antifeminist males are married or equivalent.  They won’t be married to those women long if they start selling their vaginas (doghouse) as evidenced when they “require” men to stop telling the truth about women—or else! So, some sensible women don’t do the despicable, manipulative doghouse behavior.

Believe it or not, there are some men who while loving women immensely, they simply will not put up with female’s manipulative antics intended to change and control men whom these women marry.  Either these women learn to see how things are going to be or these men know there are more fish in the sea—and lots of them! Or maybe its both. Or maybe there are some other phenomena or pull that helps ensure married antifeminists don’t get shut out!

(This is none of our business really. But of course, the feminists think they have the auto-right to barge in even—-if these women know and want the lifestyles they choose to live.  Femi-bullies try to shove their synthetic beliefs onto everyone everywhere—-even onto disapproving women).

Next, for single men. Getting laid is a cinch. In fact, studies, testimonies, personal experiences, etc., show that a single man can have sex as much or more than married men.  (Just ask many married men, they’ll tell you how “it seems to dry up” in which she really expects him to just be OK with that.  And then she even has a problem with him handling himself!!@#$%^&@!! It’s like just because her sex life shuts down his has to also! THAT is stupid—and very selfish! But it is hard for many oblivious women to see this as selfishness on their own behalf!! Go figure!)

If a single male really wants to get laid, he can.  Oh yeah, there are a lot of single and otherwise available women out there too. Some women seem to hate having to fool with sex, but there are billions of them that love sex just as much as men do.

Not endorsing prostitution, but there is always that avenue.  Ugly but true.  And not all women who do this for a profession are slutty, street-walking, fishnet-wearing, hair-teased tramps with worn-out, diseased, vaginas.  Some of them, you’d never guess it.  And while you’d never find the best of them on the street, one might just live next door!

More commonly, antifeminist males just act like others, blend in, make friends, and the women seem to hang around.  He doesn’t have to announce his beliefs to anyone, and probably shouldn’t go around advertising them. Family, best friends, good-buddies, and similar men can be his sounding board when he feels the need to speak out.

You know, antifeminists aren’t angry, uptight, scrutinizing, sticks in the mud who go around “hating women.” In fact, many of them are so well-adjusted that they can’t be detected at all. And that is just fine; no better positioning so that they can help influence other people.

Notice how no mention was made here of antifeminist single men.  Just “single” was used. That is because while a man is “on the prowl” or “out looking” (to make it more palatable), he doesn’t wear his antifeminist substantiations on his forehead. Who would?  And since most women require some kind of “first impression behavior or verbal line” that she approves of and finds interestingly distinct, then why would he first announce right away that he is an antifeminist?  If all he is hoping for is sex, and she is willing to satisfy her needs as well, then why would he ever tell her?

If he and she are looking for a more long-term situation, the time will come when he finds it necessary to discuss his beliefs with her.  And there are women who agree with antifeminists and are even antifeminists themselves (Link coming soon.)

He knows things can turn south, but he also knows that there are billions of women, so why have only one?  Or stop at trying only once?  The anti-feminist isn’t daunted, stopped in his tracks, shut down, or emotionally-crippled by a woman turning him down or by a relationship turning sour.  He knows that women are important, but not THAT important. He knows, above all, his beliefs should not be ignored, set aside, reserved, put on hold, or otherwise sold off, for it will be the conflicts arising from those very issues that indeed will cause problems later in a relationship with her.  He remains true to himself.  Women are great, but not everything.  Come on!

So what about when talking to her? Won’t subjects come up, or won’t there be times she can pick up on him potentially not agreeing with her feminine perspectives….if….she is of that persuasion?

Not if he is clever?  Look, it is women who are being the most selective here.  So if a man learns to work his way around and maneuver through a “sea of rules” that women filled or initiated, then so be it.  (Do you really expect him to just be home and brood alone while clinging to his beliefs?  Get real!)

You’ve heard it: “All’s fair in love and war.”  Men as a whole didn’t invent that cliché-feeling, and perhaps women’s own love-behavior help generate that cliché too.  But a man “has to do what a man has to do.”

As a man enjoying the full implications of manhood, while he does not have to go through women to get it, if he wants to enjoy women, then like all things not landing in our laps, it takes initiative.

Yes, the antifeminist withholds stuff.  Yes, he plays their little “please me first” game.  Yes, he can get horny too.  Yes, he must temporarily perpetuate the prostitution-like practice of “buying it, one way or another” just long enough to satisfy his human needs.  You know, just because he’s an antifeminist, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a right to exist and seek pleasures and happiness.  It is the “other side” here that creates the need for him to dodge being immediately forthright.  He is just playing their game. So, guess what? He is entitled to win, just like any player. This is no more dishonest than non-antifeminist men who have all their own “dishonest” ways to turn women on or convince the females to chose them. So big deal!

As for me, the webmaster, personally, I don’t have women problems .  I partake of consenting women, but I choose to not hang around long enough for them to foist their problems onto me. While I definitely have my eyes open and  dare to see the truth here, I have always had a knack for attracting women, talking with them, dancing with them, and moving on to other levels.  It seems to come natural.  Some of us have it.  (People get me wrong when they assume I don’t like women…wrong indeed! I prove it all the time—-not that I have to!)

But not to worry, males, if you aren’t as “lucky.”  Your lives are just as worthy as those of frequently laid men, for it is not vaginas that add value to your worthiness.  Your worthiness as a man has nothing to do with your love skills, frequency, or success with women.  Nope—not related! Not-even-close!  So why does it even matter? Don’t beat yourself up over not being a Casanova!

There are so many things out there in the world that men can partake of and really enjoy besides only women.  Not every last thing he does has to be done in the company of or otherwise through, around, or with women.  In fact, women aren’t needed at all, unless one wants children…. (And now with 3rd party surrogate mothers, foster care, big brothers, and adoptions, men are no longer riveted to women….with their demanding, selfish antics….just to have children….although studies do show that children are better in every way if they have both parents involved in their daily lives). (link coming soon)

You know what I mean here? (wink, wink)  Oh yeah!  Perhaps not ideal for all males, but a man, yes a real man, can live completely without women clogging up his life—absolutely!  Or, this hands-on-himself practice may help him “fill in” between times, (wink-wink…and you can think of any woman you want…for as long or short as you like!!) Look on the bright side, see how much time, money, effort, and grief you’ll save in order to do other things besides having to laboriously please women just to get to the right base.  Virtually all men do it, at least occasionally.  We hear, in between times, married men do it a lot more than they are comfortable letting others know (due to their  macho-ego-competitiveness-image hype they are taught to feel). But big deal! It’s natural.  And it works! Taking hold of oneself works, and is guaranteed disease-free and hassle-free.

Anyway, men who are firm with women, who refuse to lie to them (except when he is playing her “please me first”  game with her), and who have the courage to scrutinize them, can get laid too.  As noted first, they do it the same way all men do. We just thought you  might have wanted some juicy elaboration.

Satisfied?   Trust us….all antifeminist males are not celibates—although we could be….and still be real men.

Coming soon!

Coming soon in the future: On the right side of every page, (where this is written) we have dedicated the space to connecting our website with the world by posting pictures, articles, relevant examples found from places besides our minds, external (inter-) links with sites outside our own and so forth. While we have used the remaining spaces on most of our pages to illustrate how we feel, think, know, and hope---all derived from our understanding, wit, insight, knowledge, daily lives, commonsense, experiences with women, and all backed up by many years of reading, thinking, compiling, editing, and organization, we also want to include "other" sources as direct proof to the material we post on this site. We have read extensively, thought deeply, studied research, and tried to involve ourselves in a well-read manner about the subject of the gender war. We are not merely strongly opinionated coupled with courage. The courage and opinion parts are both combined with an undeniable immersing into the issues with feminism and its shortsighted plan to overhaul everything everywhere for everybody---like it or not! It takes a lot of time to develop a website like this and is perhaps the reason there aren't many out there who go to this extent to try and help men and boys. We apologize for the wait on substantiation, but we wanted to get on the net, to have our debut, to begin helping men and boys help themselves in a world where they are expected to cave in to the whims of females even to the point of ultimate demise. We have obtained our information for this site by exploring, reading, analyzing, and organizing. Like most people, we didn't go around all the time documenting most things we have read and learned from. Who has the time for that in their daily lives? But now that we are starting and pledge to maintain this revolutionary site, we are dedicated to gong back to cite, reference, link, and otherwise prove how we have arrived at the conclusions presented herein. Give us time. There is a lot of work to be done. We WILL accomplish this. Each week, with the exception of vacations, and stuff like that, you will see the evidence and proof we speak of here. Tune back in routinely, scan our site, compare it to the month before, you'll see---WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT SUPPORTING EVERYTHING WE POST ON OUR SITE. We will not let you down. Thank you.