How is it that some people think the scrutiny of female behavior is off-limits? Aren't men "supposed" to try and live with those creatures most all their lives? Does it really make sense to not analyze the behavior of the gender one is likely going to coexist with? (Duh!) If wrong, why then are feminists, claiming on behalf of all women (not true) scrutinizing males? Such "horrible" "hate-filled" action should be off limits! If you only remember one thing, remember this: it is not hate behavior for men to care enough about the world, tradition, familial stability, and species success that they show the courage to publicly critique women.


abuse4 This may be a simulation but there ARE many studies that prove women initiate as much violence in domestic situations as do men.  If women do not want to be hit, and to be respected, then isn't it about time they display the EQUAL maturity and EQUAL self-control expected of males to set the example of respect by not using impulsive, falsely-justified violence to control or punish their domestic partners, (excluding true self-defense of course---which doesn't include hurting her feelings)? When are men going to make women really be equal? When are men going to quit lying to women about this? BY THE WAY, IF ALL THE MAN ABOVE DID TO HER WAS SAY SOMETHING SHE DIDN'T LIKE HEARING, HE DOES HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND HIMSELF--the same thing afforded her. Uncomfortable? Sure! But that is equality.


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General discussion and overview

Just because women have vaginas doesn’t mean men can’t have brains that work well and display wit. While women have some of the best stuff on earth and are darn well worth defending (when they deserve it), by definition, defending the world itself from the femi-socialist takeover is of far greater importance to real men.

Thanks for checking us out. We are a group of men and women who are dedicated to helping men and traditional families in these feminist-abused times in which there is an all-out assault on families, males (men and boys), overall masculinity, the historical traditional male perspective, and the future of males in general.

The feminist world expects males to basically apologize for being male.…to downplay the natural powers of males.  All the natural chemistry and hormones rushing through our male bodies are to be ignored, beat down, trashed, and blamed so that males can make way to empower females despite them having the similar but opposite chemistry in their bodies.

Males are expected to ignore ourselves and ignore nature by accepting the feminists’ concocted synthetic replacement scheme to superimpose nature…. which was cleverly devised by feminists so that females can be superior ( have their way all the time).  This manipulation of the bar (so that females can actually compete somewhat) is disguised as equality and forced down the throats of males (and uninterested females) everywhere.  They call it equality, but it stinks of everything but.

This stilted façade in which males must look the other way and  pretend not to notice the obvious daily inequalities, extend a plethora of special preferential treatments (SPT) for females and basically lie to them so to keep in their good graces, is the root enabler of the mayhem. Indeed, the male machine has been weakened. Nature is being replaced. As a result, societies are unraveling but disguised as evolving in the name of “progress.” For males, there seems to be no choice but to go along with all this selfish-derived chaos.   A “real man” must be politically correct…..

However, there is hope for males. Since 1990, the men’s movement is underway (Robert Bly’s “Iron John” a book by a man and for men).  The movement promises to bring things back into focus and away from the shortsighted and selfish feminists’ tunnelvision.

Despite the men’s movement being censored by socialistic, truth-hating liberals in the main mass media outlets, hundreds of web sites (the internet is our last hope) dedicated to helping men in various ways are in full swing, many with a legislative, activist agenda and with growing power, intending to restore the balance, sanity, and stability to our world.

We here at MOTIVATEMEN encourage all males to check out these sites, support them well, and tell their friends about them.  Time is of the essence.  We are at the eleventh hour.  We must act strongly, bluntly-truthful, thoroughly, and timely, for we may never get this chance to defend ourselves again. Indeed, stewing in the pots of feminist kitchens are cleverly devised and misleading plans to help eradicate men’s movement websites in the name of “women fear them”, they “hurt” women, and they spread “hate” ….accusations patently untrue about most of them and especially untrue about MOTIVATEMEN.

MOTIVATEMEN, may be bluntly truthful despite how it might inconvenience the slow-braishwashing feminists, but we denounce hatred, attempt to hurt no one, and the only thing to fear from us is the truth we say…that apparently makes the feminists squirm.

At MOTIVATEMEN we are empowered to help men in a way that may seem extraordinary but is actually not as radical as it may at first seem. We believe that other men’s movement  (MM) sites are helping and have their purposes.  We support them all…. unless they obvioulsy are filled with hatred (some of what those questionable sites say is true, but we denounce their hatred when it occurs—which is by far a miniscule representataion of men’s sites overall).

However, we believe their way of fighting is not enough—- as evidenced by seeing the chaos foisted onto us all by unchecked and unbridled feminists in power.  Men’s stagnant refusal to change how they perceive and deal with women in a world that has changed around them before their very eyes (“real men” still…according to “manhood rules” “have” to get them a permanent woman in order to be a “man. ” This is the ultimate undermining that causes males to “have” to accept feminism) is by far the main culprit as to why the world is far worse off now than it was a few decades ago.

More acute measures must be examined and implemented by men if we are going to get at the root cause of why men are letting so much destruction overrun them and change the futures of upcoming males beyond a point of no return.

What we are talking about here is men’s “hardwiring.”  While absolutely  not wishing to “rewire” males to the point of them not liking females and make females the “enemy” (which is impossible—–and absurd!…but just watch how the feminists, scared of the truth we tell, will claim that as our purpose—just watch them!), we believe it is time males bravely take another look at how we are (post-birth) raised and conditioned to foolishly, over-trustingly, and blindly accept to revolve our entire lives around females (and whatever they want)—else be deemed worthless and “less manly”.

While men will always love women for natural reasons, we are tasked with the awesome challenge of balancing our desires with commonsense responsibility and the courage to hold women accountable for their wrong doings. We are faced with the task of reorganizing our perceptions of what it takes for a male “to become a man” and be perceived as one.

As men, we are obligated to protect our boys’ masculine futures. We must shake off our cowardice and learn to fight. We here at MOTIVATEMEN believe that this can be done since genetics, while of course, affecting our affinity for females, can’t possibly logically have a role in our post-birth relations with females…ie…how we  overcompete for their good graces.

We firmly believe in ourselves and believe that normally-adjusted and  straight men can still love women intensely while simultaneously resisting the dangers of letting feminists dismantle and redefine OUR masculinity—a fear of feminists that is second only to that of the natural truth itself.

It will take time, but it is possible. We are already grossly behind and need to waste not another minute spinning our wheels over women the current way we have been doing. Males have lost so much power (the glue of sanity), natural power that they are entitled to have and enjoy, that if we continue like we are now, it will surely soon be illegal to behave masculine at all.

We at MOTIVATEMEN are single, divorced, and married men (and women) who all think similar despite our different life paths. We are a group of people who are dedicated in our own way to sharing our stories and giving our energies to help males retain some power in a feminists-misguided world. We are regular men (and women) who do not subscribe to the worn-out, stagnant rules imposed upon males since the dawn of civilization.

Times have changed, so must men. What was essential to manhood in yesteryear now has been hijacked, turned, and used against males—-to require males to accept radical feminism in the name of “being a man” and politically-“correct”, even though it means we have to quit caring about preserving the world—-what used to be, ironically, the quintessential super-manly expectation. Then,  you weren’t a man without it! Now, foolishly if you believe as the liberal feminists want, you’re not a man unless you contribute to the destruction!

Men, knowing you hate to oppose and argue with women, the time has nonetheless come for you to prove you are man enough to not succumb to the frills of pleasing females (and satisfaction of your egos and public images) over the task of protecting the world—-before it is gone.

Change is on the horizon for males as a group. And men, it is up to us (and you) if the change is pro-male —or not! Men, as a group, it is passed time to get politically motivated for the sake of men and boys and to save masculinity. Mainly, for about the last half century, men have pathetically allowed our society to be morphed by the destructive, ideological, selfish, changes foisted on everyone everywhere mostly by masculine, envious, feminist, control-freak women who seek to annihilate their archenemy: truthful, natural  masculinity in males.

Now that the feminist equality façade had fallen away exposing their subversive, ultimate intentions of emasculating the world against its will, providing superiority for women—-in full view of nearly every man in the developed world—-we here do not see how an adult male can opt out of vigorously defending men, maleness, masculinity, manhood, boys, and the traditional masculine perspective and still call themselves men—-real men! A REAL man would never allow the very foundation and principles of having a masculine perspective to be eroded, falsely-chastised, and replaced by the synthetic, fraudulent, feminized, short-sighted, misguided, destructive chaos now being forced onto all of us by some of the most mean-spiritedness and male-hating bunch of misfit women ever to poison the face of this Earth.

We are at a cusp in time—a threshold—an edge!   If we, as real men, don’t take a united stand now—-and a big one—to stave off the continued destruction of what has taken millennia to build, then relatively speaking, in an historical blink of an eye, we will witness “empowered” women abuse their ill-gotten power to dismantle everything masculine (except for the women who illustrate pseudo-masculine traits….as only real masculinity will be done away with. When women act falsely masculine, it is fine with the feminists liberals. It’s when real masculinity from males enters the picture that feminists start to whimper and cry foul even though masculinity in males is a natural occurrence—or at least used to be—as it is being wiped out by rapidly induced brainwashing techniques).

Some feminist are angry they weren’t born male—the gender every society knows to be naturally powerful and dominant.  No matter how hard they try, they can never be men so they seek to change what it is to be a man. Rewriting the rules for manhood is their way of lowering the bar for themselves. This way, what they can never attain doesn’t look so grand and desirable after all.  And if envious feminists can’t have it, then the men can’t either since it will be destroyed. This is how their warped minds figure “justice.” The truth is all around you folks.  Don’t take our word for it. Go out and look! It is right in front of you….everywhere!

Other feminists, not angry for being female, but angry at males—as if there is a conspiracy against women perpetuated by organized male efforts—-seek to morph males into compliant puppets so they can control them better and once out of their way, have their way with the world.

The feminist movement is in a sense, an example of when selfish, supposedly-know-it-all, control-freak women obtain power. The very things we have seen come out of the feminist camp (especially of late) is a macrocosm of how individual women often think—-exactly why so many people—-men and women (normal women, that is) of yesteryear were so opposed to providing women with power.  Knowing the ways of women well, perhaps was the reason so many were opposed to providing them with the means to act out their destructive selfishness (perpetuated by their distorting, irrational feelings) that is by engraved and irrefutable definition—anti-family and anti-male.  No way around it!

Normal men and women knew better than to unleash the possibility of letting female selfishness infiltrate, infect, and indoctrinate. So why did they allow so much to happen?

Actually, one of the vehicles for feminists success is that of a democracy.  Other forms of government aren’t conducive to allowing female disorderliness. Democracy is. Democracy is wonderful but when contaminated and exploited, it can be devastating.  That is what has happened. Once the democratic principles  that applied to men (and benefited women, children, families indirectly) were invaded by misfit women, and assisted by weak, traitorous  men who apparently were either scared of and intimidated by women or were brainwashed into submission—-or both—-then the dominoes started to fall.

Another vehicle that has facilitated the perpetuation of the feminist destruction is that of the industrial revolution (IR).  Once industry and technology made it easier and actually possible for women to work outside the home, little by little, women obtained power in one way or another.  The problem with this is in the way feminists have exercised the power granted them.

Nothing wrong with them having power, per se. It is when they predictably and inevitably were to use it wrongly—-selfishly misguided by envy—-that the destructive forces of feminism manifested into our everyday lives—-namely in ripping to shreds the concept of  family—-another archenemy of feminism since it is hoisted by men and the male perspective (along with normal women’s intentions as well. If you are a normal woman, you are an enemy of feminists).

The industrial revolution fostered another change in our society that had far-reaching, profound implications.  Before the revolution, men worked at the home doing things that generally were too hard for the women to do as proficiently.

Think about it.  How could a yesteryear family survived if the mothers left the children with the stay-at-home fathers so that the women could motivate beast of burdens to plow fields all day, only then, to spend several hours blacksmithing horseshoes for their horses?  (No wonder men seemed to have what some envious, but oblivious women called “special privileges?”  If they literally worked their guts out doing things several times as heavy and difficult compared to the women, then don’t you think the men deserved some credit and a few perks?  Of course they did!)

Before the IR, the fathers and sons worked close and taught the boys everything they knew.  This interaction put father and son and other males together—-sometimes murderously close together—-and sealed the behavioral bonds responsible for each new generation to learn the ways men were to behave, think, protect, earn, fend, and so on.  With the advent of IR, with jobs for men outside the home, boys were left with the women while the men went off to work.  This devastated the bond between the males, often with boys growing up disconnected from their teachers—-the older men whom they were supposed to learn from.

No doubt, certain feminist misfits took advantage of this distance between males and exploited it.  Still, other women, normal as they were, innocently found themselves interacting with boys (as teacher). This is the beginning of the mass feminization of males—-a chaotic, synthetic overhaul of the minds of males to be, think, play, work, and sympathize as the selfish feminists and unsuspecting normal women see fit.

Finally, still another avenue in which feminists have made immeasurable “gains” is that of their biology.  Men are suckers for the female biology.  They do not have to be, but they claim a helplessness, hardwiring  cop-out when it comes to staving-off the urgings of the groin and loin. Many believe that this third mechanism (mental weakness) that has always presented itself while in fact the other two vehicles (democracy and the IR) were recently introduced to the equation, is what has been the most empowered force enabling so much change against nature.

The other it can be argued were “inevitable” results of progress in society, technology, and innovation.  But it is this third one: men’s “hard-wiring” weakness, stilted up and amplified by macho-ego behavior, peer and societal pressure, and perpetuated by men’s own stubborn refusal to change, that is in focus.

The others we can’t really do anything about.  But this last one, we can.

Not to be confused with the “end to men liking women,” but far from it, men need to realize there is a better way to live besides putting women front-center focus: trying to get, keep, and please women (in so many ways).  There is a right way and a wrong way to view and have women in our lives.

Men must jump in the fight and help reshape the concept of manhood so that it reflects what males need (Duuuh,  it does belong to males, no?) or it will be dominated and eventually destroyed by the envious other side!

It is very unmanly to let feminists  redo, reshape, and redefine what it is to be a man. But that is exactly what is happening. Defining manhood is a task for real men and real (unfeminized) men only (else, why not let men define modern womanhood? See there?!!). This weak-kneed allowance is where men have exhibited their most shameful behavior since the gender war was foisted on everyone by misfit feminists.

Facilitated by and confused with “respecting women,” (as if we still are living in the 1950’s and the terrible destructive 1960’s behavioral waves and revolutions never happened—-largely orchestrated by unruly women) men as a whole, refusing to change themselves into what modern times for men really need,  have persistently let women run over them.

While some men have been visibly involved with countering destructive feminism and other selfishness, what has been seen so far is dwarfed by what the feminists are doing—-so much to the point that any opposition to feminists is basically token.  To make matters worse, men ignore female injustices, refuse to hold them equally accountable and place women on pedestals. Men do this in hopes of staying in their good graces, in hopes of being viewed more favorably by women overall.


Enough of this apathy assisted by the senseless and obsolete, wheel-spinning desire to stay on women’s good side or maintain their good graces. Staying trapped in a time-warped wish-land is counterproductive for men. Pleasing women should not be the main focus of life for modern males.  As the world changes, men need to change with it. That is what we hope to accomplish with this website.

Masculine, unfeminized men have a right to exist and have a natural right to resist being changed. Real men know this and will defend it to the hilt. More than anything else, we here at this site hope to motivate men to stand up like real men and defend the very concept of what it is to be a man—-as defined by masculine males—not feminized males, feminists, or women!

Not always, but as you probably will be able to tell by reading our site, sure, we here at MOTIVATEMEN are angry at times—-who wouldn’t be if they had their world yanked out from under them?… and not so much by feminists’  “power” but mostly assisted by weakened men who allowed it?! Because we understand the obvious handicap of self-oblivious, selfish nature of women in general, (not all women) we are not as angry with women for what they have done as we are with men—-for what they have not done or for what they have allowed.

We have a right to be upset at these changes.  We were sold down the river by weak men of yesteryear over–eager to please females instead of tenaciously fighting for men and boys and for the preservation of families and the sanity of all, and what it meant to be masculine, and especially for their defenseless boy’s futures.

Regardless of what the misguided feminists will try their darned best to cram into your heads about us, we do not hate the women in our lives. But we do strongly dislike the feminist hijacking enabled by weak men. And we aren’t afraid to let it show!

We are going to fight for what we know to be right. Are you courageous enough to help restore, defend, and preserve masculinity and stand up for families and for  the boys who are counting on you to help shape and maintain their futures?!

It is time to prove it.  Men, things have CHANGED…we must change with it!  Or else…….

Back to top

Sure, we at MOTIVATEMEN are long-winded…because there is so much to address in this enormous arena due to our predecessors not establishing correct priorities and changes for men and how they perceived women. However, here, we cut to the chase.  If you want more, you’ll just have to read our site.
The essence of MOTIVATEMEN:
Wouldn’t it be a terrible world where men made females do all the really hard, dangerous, and super-physical work, expected females to protect them, to die in wars for them while the men stayed home side, wanting to run everything, seeking females only when they wanted a baby----a baby in which they could kill if they chose----or take all for themselves?
Hummm. Let’s see.…just the reverse!
The females: want men do the hard, dangerous, and super-physical work, (and want the men to settle for the same pay as females get.…and without any males complaining over gender comparisons like women get to do persistently. Even with truly egalitarian jobs, women aren’t present as much, plus overall and on average, work less physically hard when they are there). They want men to protect them (even when men see clear reasons not to), to fight and die for them in wars while the women stay home side complaining about how unfair everything is...and against them, and seek men only when they want babies----a) that millions of them DO kill, b) or that millions DO hog all for themselves, and c) while men provide finance----all three sanctioned by the femi-biased and bullied courts, while males watching on, complain but have not the courage to mass-organize and fight what they know in their hearts to be wrong.
According to the rules of responsibility and millennia-respected until recently, if it is “their bodies” when things stand to gain, then isn’t is theirs when it’s a loss? As a weapon, claiming men "hate" women, they’ll actually hate men for expecting women to be that fair----that equal. They expect men to help them live up to the high standards of equality while also lying and pretending for them and lying to them.
Even though a two-party endeavor is the only procreation system we have and thus naturally belongs to everyone (including the babies too), according to feminists, a) it belongs only to women who can choose to discard a human, (which if reversed, women would never tolerate), b) men are wrong for wanting some control, and c) but women are right that men should be financially responsible----if----she lets it live.
While everything sacrificially expected of women in yesteryear wasn’t fair, (neither was sacrificial, hard work/life and early death fair for men), men never did to women what women are doing to men and babies----and wasting no time, attacking from every conceivable angle----did to men and boys as soon as they got the power!! (This was, by the way, predicted by the “women-hating” naysayers of yesteryear.  We were warned by the smart and insightful!)
The “equality” we have foisted onto us all, men and women alike, is not true; Ignoring fact and truth, clinging to feelings (distorting), it is a lie…. told by feminists to women and allowed by men, but in which the men (and women) who fall for it are their own worst enemy!
So, if there is “hate” going on, just who is it that is doing the hating? Some women get mad at men for scrutinizing females just to make sure equality----not superiority----for women is what feminists have in their sights. Even though feminists despise the natural truth, we must always keep this truth in perspective. Our futures depend on it!
The new face of challenge and the new shape of courage for males is for them to, in mass unison, grow the guts to do----short of violence----whatever actions and internal self-changes are required to ensure that the femi-socialist takeover isn’t successful----which threatens to replace stability and reality with its drastically radical synthetic wish list as the feminists experiment with our futures, obliterating the truth as nature prescribed, and with drool flowing, eradicating every trace of masculinity in its obsessed, envious, and horribly misguided path.
Being a man never was glamorous….and the women, if made to endure TRUE 50/50 EQUALITY, will finally know that beyond all shadows of doubt! This solid and heavy irrefutable truth will "slap" their faces harder than any man ever has----ever could----not even all men combined…!!
Being a man is more than inserting a penis into females; That, while optional to being a "man" is generally called being "male." Being a man is also more than providing for and protecting females.  Being a “man” is mental, involving a lot more work and responsibility than just revolving everything around what women want. Manhood shouldn’t be worn on our sleeves, thus mocked and controlled so easily, our manliness shouldn't be gauged by the perceived attraction to females, our worth shouldn’t be deferred to women, and there is more than “one size fits all” to becoming a man. Manhood is not group-owned and belongs to each male individual as he sees fit. “Inescapable hardwiring” is a myth and an excuse! Genetics plays a preliminary role, but our actual women-relating behavior is taught to us by existing men and their examples after birth---meaning it CAN be changed!
And it should be changed, given the exploitation of it by feminists and often women in general.
Real men are to protect the world from those who would destroy it. But instead, they, despite claiming to be unfeminized real men, still over-obsess and over-compete for females----even the ugly and abusive ones (inside and out)----to the destructive point of undermining their own gender and selling their boys’ masculine futures down the river, and do so walking off with pathetic, crap-eating grins. There is no greater traitor to the human species! A real and main enemy of real men are weakened, feminized men.
When men finally catch up and grow the spine to change, the world changes too…. OR….they can continue to cling to losing and pretend there is something noble about being so-called politically correct for women, naively overprotective of disorderly, punitive, and provocative women, and downright non-courageous relative to letting women slide on equality requirements.
It is time men fight back, to resist caving in to the feelings and persuasive powers of women----not to abandon them, but to protect them----from dangers that many women are too selfish and oblivious to see.…the mere, starting proof being the familial chaos resulting from handing the lawmaking and policy reigns to unchaperoned socialists----meaning the feminists and other liberals.
Welcome to MOTIVATEMEN. Motivating men----not to “hate women,” (regardless of the exaggerating rhetoric spewing vomit-style from feminist mouths)----but motivate to fight so to protect----to protect the world.  Remember that duty….the one where men would GIVE ALL to ensure things didn’t unravel? Well, that duty hasn’t gone anywhere! Having been feminized and turned into customers, what IS missing, are the real men willing to retain the courage to remember this manly requirement that used to be a staple for any male claiming manhood----manhood that males of yesteryear let feminists hijack for today.
Look men! While we ARE saying do NOT change your degree of love for women, but in a broad overall sense, make sure your brains are engaged when competing for, chasing, and winning women over. If you do this correctly, with your true brains (and respect for traditional masculine views) intact, it will change the things you tolerate when it comes to females' behavior. This will improve your position. What could possibly be wrong with making improvements? WHAT!??
If our predecessors hadn't allowed all this feminist mayhem to manifest and become deeply entrenched, then we would not be faced with making these hard changes within ourselves now. But, given the lack of stamina our forefathers displayed, we have no choice left in order to win a few things for ourselves----if we are going to derail this one-way train from changing everything to revolve around and ensuring female superiority. And we had better grow this courage FAST!
Let the immature control-freaks call us names that are obviously way off base and transparently intended to get us to comply with their wheel-spinning stagnancy----that is inherently designed to let radical feminists win. Let them mock us for our courage to be different enough to help ourselves and change our destinies to that of empowered men (no longer obsessed with avoiding women's punitive wrath for us not seeing everything their way). They settled for towing the line, (the unofficial, often unspoken women-treating, "manhood rules" that was supposedly so unchangeable, aka, the sacred men-"must"-do's). When they are broke and estranged from their kids (that supposedly defined a "being a man"), mired up in self-pity, self-induced misery, are emasculated----surrounded by the feminist-minded constraints they helped place in position----then look over at us and see our happiness (obtained alternatively), our empowerment, our ability to prove we were right and are living far better male lives (given the dominated emasculated alternative), then their mockery will turn to tears. It will be their own fault for refusing to change.
And yes, having been hyper-feminized, they will cry more!
In a nutshell, don't make the mistake of having to look back and wish that you hadn't allowed yourselves and your boys to be swayed to the feminized changeover now underway. Be proud you stood your matter what it cost you! Your heroic and sacrificial efforts will pay off for yourselves and for your boys
We can all see the huge numbers of websites that show males complaining about how all the femi-changes are plain wrong for sanity. So, pass them standing still and mired up in making sure they fit in as a priority. Don't merely complain, but have the guts to help start changes in male minds and attitudes toward the things they will tolerate with women. Become motivated...dare to change! It, being very different than the token fighting men have shown thus far, is where all the answers lie. Take this action!
You definitely know that many of the femi-induced changes made to our society have not been fair, equal, and correct for men and boys. Every day, you see the turmoil and chaos arising from letting oblivious women have their way with our society. You see the wrongs happening and eroding the capitalism and freedom for males (and females too for that matter). So, where is the nobility? Where is the courage to fight for what is right?
If you can't manage to muster the courage to help reverse some of the horrible changes done to men and boys, then can you at least have the guts to require TRUE EQUALITY----something far better than the pathetic equality facade we have now that depends upon SPT for women so they can feel and men can pretend (wink, wink) that women are equal. Make them be truly equal with no preferences, exceptions, help, or lies---PERIOD!
You can start by holding them accountable----just as equally accountable as men are. What could possibly be wrong with pushing the truth?
What!? You say, if you help instill this badly needed change in male attitudes, that you will not get laid as much?!! If so, in saying that, you have reduced and degraded manhood and all that it that of orgasms and your egos! Get over it! Be a man! Don't cheat yourself and cheat all males like that. And, NO, you do NOT speak for all men! Laugh now, have your sexual ooh's and aah's now, but you will weep later. Mark that word!
Join us…help us motivate men to become mentally male again! Once all the dust is settled and the femi-hype banished into its rightful place, all we men want is natural, responsibility and sacrifice-driven, commonsense stability that, while not feeling as good for either gender, works BEST for our species----helping most of the people most of the time.
Refusing to let feminists have their way is not to hate women. While we believe we are the hated, WE HATE NO ONE!
So… males?  Do you still own your own balls?  Well, it is time to prove it----not with your biceps and tempers, or your egos, or your father-induced (and taught) discontentedness with male smartness and optional independence----but with your brains….prove male brains are worth the taxonomical status Homo sapiens enjoy.
Male power.  Was that just a fluke? Did males lose their bearings, fall apart, and turn yellow when the femi-socialist beast reared its ugly head? Let's see.…like it or not....hate us or not.... but what is the definition of a coward?
Step up to the plate and knock one out for the boys----you know----your own legacy, and simultaneously, the foundation for theirs! Our boys deserve NOT to be cheated out of their masculine futures. They should have to apologize to NO ONE for being male! Males owe women NOTHING; Nature is the "culprit"---IF--- there has to be blame. Males are not responsible for nature's discrimination between the female--male mind and bodies!
The real proof of equality between the genders is for both men and women to be able to handle correctly the sacrifices that nature's decision to make us very different requires.
This is the essence of MOTIVATEMEN.