Unfeminized (real) men do not undermine their own gender or sell their boys down the river!

Feminists are taking men for granted, betting that men won't voice their inner objections to radical feminism and its male-bashing and questionable agenda, but men WILL get their fill and it is our aim to speed up that process!
We are antifeminists because feminism destroys families...and no excuse will do! The stable, traditional family is more important than any and all other things combined, feelings included,... and it's shortsighted destruction is responsible for a disproportionate share of the chaos we now find "normal".
Just because women have vaginas doesn’t mean men can’t have brains that work, have wit, and don’t agree with all that feminists want. Loving women does not require us to agree with feminists.
Feminism is the unnatural, senseless, idealistic illusion that special preferential treatment (SPT) for females yields equality with males. Yet the truth is that the very need for SPT actually proves the exact opposite!
What kind of strong, proud, real man lets his love chemistry and the "manhood" image overpower his mental (smart) chemistry? Doesn't the inner voice of a real man say, "Sure, I love sex, women, their charms, etc, but I am not going to be stupid about it!" A modern real man finds the courage to make sure women don't own him.
Feminism is the idea that men must abandon the traditional family so to revolve everything around the special "needs" of women, and with women, well, also revolving everything around themselves with no equal reciprocation of responsibility and accountability... and if it takes it, to hell with the men and kids!
Antifeminism is not about "hate" but it does expect people to be more honest than they are usually willing to be---especially about women.
Political-correctness is fine for all, except women---since that is where feminists (socialism) will hide hoping to censor actually-correct men and women.
Welcome to MOTIVATEMEN where we do NOT hate women, just hate male irresponsibility! For more on the essence of what we are about, please read our "about" page, (top right).
Our target audiences are weakened, feminized males and strong, proud males who already agree with us and hopefully will help us motivate other men to become mentally male again.
Telling the uncomfortable, inconvenient truth does NOT mean one is filled with meanness, disrespect, or hate, but it surely does instill those qualities towards the ones telling it. PEOPLE HATE THE TRUTH. Many of you will hate us, but deep down you know we are right...yes, you do!
We have the courage and the spine to not lie to women, about women, or for women. If the truth about nature and its deliberate, natural discrimination that best benefits our species scares them, hurts their feelings, confuses them, or incites fury, we can't help it, but we, as men, refuse to lie to them via SPT. Often confused with "respecting" women, SPT stems from over-competing for females, their affections, or at least to stay in their good graces. When members of a society need to be lied to like this, it is undeniably sick.
Change cannot happen until we figure out what is wrong. MOTIVATEMEN (and others) have done that. So now what is stopping us? Men themselves?!

Feminists are winning! They are winning…. not because men are always wrong….not because men suddenly found that feminists are right….  Men are losing because males, once born, are trained (by older males) to place more importance on ….pleasing women/getting the girl…. and “respecting women” which erroneously translates these days to not even being able to tell women the truth anymore…. Men’s egos, reputations and images seem to be the most important thing for men to maintain.   Males "must" fit in with other males or else NEVER be a “man” ….so it is erroneously thought.... since if they don’t fit in, the others will think “horrible” stuff about them, which scares the noncourageous.  Finally, males stupidly cling to thinking that manhood is inescapably tethered (the "hardwiring" excuse/lazy cop-out) to obsessing over women (getting married and having kids----even if it means he has to end up miserable and broke).  The proof is knowing that while indeed having a sexual attraction to females, many men don’t want to do the yellow brick road copycat stuff but do it anyway because they are “supposed” to.  They are afraid of the names they will be called if they don't conform.  They let this fear dominate them...as if it is the most important thing on earth!

No one will ever succeed in getting men to quit loving women----and that is NOT our goal here----regardless of feminist propaganda.  Males and females, evolution/genetically speaking, usually, but not always, have some natural inclinations to gravitate toward one another.  According to natural animal behavior, males are to impregnate females.  However, the remainder of male behaviors learned once born (lying to women about equality issues, overly competing for their affections such as letting women abandon the equality rule when men let women hit them, and “forgetting” that the superior brain capacity yielding advanced thought processes of Homo sapiens means that “uncontrollable hardwiring” is a myth, and other ridiculous customs and rituals males engage in) are TAUGHT to men.  So, in a nutshell, men are losing the gender war because they are trained by older men to lose---all set in motion by the examples men set--- knowingly and unknowingly----as they interact with females----while the boys watch and emulate unknowingly to their own demise. It didn’t used to be that way…before the selfish beast of feminism reared its ugly head…. that is, once life’s survival hardships got easier and women could half-way compete with males.

Not the natural attraction men have for females, but the rest of male mating rituals, MOTIVATEMEN believes is changeable.  It will take a while----a few generations to manifest----but clearly is worth it. We do NOT hate women. NOR ARE WE GAY. We love women and have them in our daily lives both sexually and platonically.  The difference with us is when it comes to women, we look before we leap.   While loving them, we refuse to lower ourselves to letting our love for them actually own, control, and make fools out of us. We control our own destinies. We won’t let our worth be determined by females or by acceptance into male peer-pressured corrals because we determine our own parameters of what it takes to be a man----a real man.

For men to start winning, they are going to have to support change within themselves relative to how they deal and relate to women.  While running history backwards is not possible and not a goal of MOTIVATEMEN, (no, we are not endorsing "caveman days") men are going to have to change back to the masculine way of male thought and perspectives. The men in between then and now, just sort of flopped at being true to themselves and respecting the God-knows-it truth, and having the courage and strength to never give in when it comes to women. It seems like the oldest profession wins again (Adam and Eve, among other things) and men buckled when the first wave of female selfishness and obliviousness took hold publicly.  From here, it will only get much worse.  MOTIVATEMEN is trying to get men to see that they can still love women without selling the farm just to get them to like them back.  That is really all we want here.  Read our site and you will see that we do not stray far from this basic principle.  When men change----finally change---the world will change with it. We hope to have the power, the plan, and the courage to motivate men.  That is our goal.  And our boys badly need us to grow the balls to fight this fight.

Motivatemen–where we say it like it is!


We bet you are wondering why the word “hate” is the very first thing we talk about.  We wish we didn’t have to do this and to be truthful, we don’t. We choose to address the concept of hate because it seems we need to as a method of setting the record straight, to define ourselves instead of leaving that task up to others who would like to stop us as we go about having enough spine to speak the truth as we see it (and substantiate very well), and speak it to both men and women, which we believe is exactly what they are afraid of. They use hate descriptions because they indeed are worried about us for exercising our right to speak, to use our brains that work just fine, and employ the courage to speak out loud relative to the things our wit and intelligence reveals to ourselves—things that we can’t help but see—things we believe most all men (and many women) see but do not have enough gut to stand up and stand out to speak it and especially speak it to women.

Indeed some of you no matter how hard we try, are going to make a severe stretch to try and include us as haters.  There is nothing we can say that will change your minds.  You have your mind made up already even before you know much about us.  You seem to know us better than we know ourselves.   (Just like the feminists, perhaps you know everything, huh?). You want to believe we hate.  You are trying to imagine that we are haters of women. You are resisting your own inner sense of fairness that you would demand be extended to you if you were in the same position.   You refuse to give the benefit of the doubt. You desire to spread false stuff around about us all because you don’t like our message.  You want us forbidden to exercise our rights, so you perpetuate the labels unfairly tagged onto us.  You are transparent. ( read more)


Of course we are going to talk about love.  We will… because we love.  We love this earth, this continent,  this nation, our state, our counties, our streets, our homes, our families, our boys, our girls, and not that all of us are married with kids, (nor do we have to be in order to be a man), but YES—-we love the women!

In the realm of things traditionally female, we love  mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, midwives, neighbors, nurses, teachers and all the women who have made our traditional lives historically better and  more nurturing. The feminine values and influence impacting our lives has been a wholesome and endearing requirement for our lives to have been completed.  Society has been filled with much influence from women that has increased our happiness. We are grateful for traditional women.

Just because we do not espouse the feminists’ synthetic, restructuring plan for everyone everywhere…. with just about everything, does not mean we have disdain for all women.  We, as men (and women) have the right to be selective in the kinds of women we hold as dear to us. We do not  have to accept the dogma that if you really love women, you must let all of them have their way all the time and abandon tradition with no rules and scrutiny applied whatsoever, especially when we can clearly see problems with our society being degraded by changes unnatural and alien to us.

It is not a requirement of men to place the feelings of women as more important than protecting the stability of families, traditions, and basic life stability. We are not required to lose  our senses in order to prove we love women.  Yes, we are allowed to be firm.

While some of you will no doubt go on vindictively and stubbornly (and fearful of the truth we tell) clinging to blaming all our investment here on “hating women,”  the truth is WE LOVE WOMEN.   Just because we do not agree with some of them has nothing to do with our love for them. Our love for them is not daunted by the fact that we do not see eye to eye on feminism. What follows is proof we love them.  read more)


It is NOT correct that we think all women are alike, not any more than we think all men are alike. Thus, the harsh words made here about women in general, do not apply to all women equally.  While definitely applying to the society-destructive, liberal-minded women, our sweeping statements made out of our rightful scrutiny of that gender do not point to women who, of their own volition, commonsense, respect to humanity (including themselves), and decency, refrain from becoming disorderly women.

Surely, there are many women who don’t think that suddenly, in the face of history, that feminists finally found the real truth about everything everywhere for everybody and are thus justified wishing to replace all we know with their synthetic idealistic and radical version.  So, if you are a good woman, (said by your own standards but supported by us) then the content on this website does not apply to you. You should not be offended.  Instead, you should help us any way you can.

This does not mean you may not share some similarities with all women and even liberal women.  The difference is that you have the ability to be more objective and not obsess over yourselves.  You realize you are only a part of the world and it doesn’t and shouldn’t revolve around yourselves. You may see some similarities binding most all women, but you are intelligent and unselfish enough to not let yourselves be blinded by your feelings.

Simply put, you remember that successful living takes unwanted and unpopular sacrifices best suited to be done by opposing genders coming together to LOVINGLY best help preserve stability and our species’ overall success….helping the most people most of the time—-a responsible and admirable pursuit of mankind. We simply can’t help everyone’s feelings; there are GOING to be outliers.

You are the kind of women most all men, deep down, wish for.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  And so will your boys.

Too, it is NOT correct that we think all men are alike.  In fact, that is exactly our point with this website; We KNOW all REAL men are not behavioral and philosophical carbon copies of each other.  Like in women, there are some strands of continuity among males, but hell no, not all men think, relate, behave, and believe just alike— as if one size fits all. read more

We apologize ...

We regret we are not finished writing all points of this site including both inter and intra linking (a very time-consuming teaser). We are mostly working, family, and social people who simply can not devote the numerous hours per day to have it fully completed as of yet, but we are trying and DO complete several various initiatives per month. Visit us again to learn of changes, and completions. Email us if you wish; we might be able to speed things up. Maybe not.
However, we will not apologize for our candor, wit, and courage manifested in our bluntly truthful style. Call us cads if you wish (but be corrected, at least one of us is a female). We are proud to be politically incorrect and believe sexism is natural. Big deal! Sexism is “bad” only if you buy into that sort of thing and let the feminists rewrite the "truth" for you (their version). Sexism has value only if you supply it with meaning. We do not. We will not. It is a word recently created by feminists to censor men so that women will "win"; If men do not let women have their way, feminists erroneously charge men with hatred. MOTIVATEMEN does not fall for that.
We are not literary marvels awaiting our spotlight in the halls of written masterpieces. What we are however, are common Joes (and Jane) who want to communicate effectively on levels that the greater Western and American public can read on, understand, and hopefully be energized.
If you are looking for superbly written literary masterpieces, try reading the books we suggest under our “books” tab, a sub page of our “resources” tab. They are stocked full of unapologetic wit compiled with/by the standards applied to modern writings. We say in more simplistic terms what most of the responsible literature has already stated ... and if you have read the current popular books concerning the plight of males then you already know to be true what we say. Nonetheless, no doubt some desperate truth haters, based on their unwillingness and unhappiness with admitting we are mostly correct will try to summon discredit for our work. All we ask you if you are on the cusp of believing is that you apply your own commonsense and personal experiences, compare it to the OBJECTIVE scientific study of the sexes and you will see for yourself how justified we are----unless you try your darned best not to, which is your own responsibility.
Most of the things we state or imply are so ingrained in common knowledge, repeated all over the internet/media by reputable sites/places, and maintained in serious literary works, that taking up valuable time and space to cite each and every thing we say is unnecessary these days… besides we are not writing a book, YET. If you must have a reference then feel free to look it up for yourself. There is likely more than one proof out there that support what we say is correct. Too, much of it is commonsense stereotyping (not a bad word after all, also look that up for yourself) and in the last decade or so, science is only beginning to solidly, irrefutably, and reproducibly prove what our commonsense knew already to be true all along, especially about sex difference stereotyping in general. It seems the feminists worked sneakily fast to foist their selfish changes before, and to avoid these truths coming out----which would have stifled their attempts to reorganize everything around their enormously idealistic synthetic replacement scheme. Too bad men haven’t been motivated... until now… we hope!
Tocqueville gave us this: [If feminism survives], “We will have weak men and disorderly women.” How true this one and many other predictions about the fate of the world under fantasized gender-neutral socialistic feminist rule have turned out to be---uncanny even! Help us alter this state of nihilism and foolishness. Else not just confusion, but chaos is inevitable.
Let us leave you with these words: Andreia and thumos. Both are derived from Greek and are about manliness and the manly spirit so needed in our society these days---by men, of course!
Thank you for your patience and your support. Spread the word. MOTIVATEMEN.com